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Insanity inspired workout

I recently tried INSANITY and even though I was very intimidated by the sheer name of it…I actually really liked it!

20130606-210713.jpg{After completing INSANITY for the *first* time!! He kept imitating different moves we did & made it look so easy! <3}

What I liked most about it was that it requires no equipment (at least the workout I did didn’t) and that it  allows one to work at their own pace. I honestly thought it was going to be drill sargent style “do 100 push ups, followed by 1000 situps…etc” but it wasn’t like that at all. I’m NOT to say it wasn’t HARD, because it definitely was, but it was also very doable. Granted, I only did ONE day of it, from that little glimpse, I could definitely see myself continuing on with the program.

So in light of my new found love for quick, HIIT style workouts, I did these two videos from Fitsugar consecutively and felt like I had just completed a workout with Shaun T.

1. 10-minute total body workout

2. 10-minute full body workout with Holly Perkins

My workout: Video 1, Video 2, Video 1, Video 2, Video 1

(After the first video, I skipped the warm ups and just completed actual exercises)

by my last set of burpees, I was every ounce of me felt like JELLO!! 🙂

Speaking of burpees…I actually did them for the FIRST time (I know..who am I!?) a few days ago thanks to this workout. They totaly STINK but are totally worth every aching second of torment.

burpeesEnough said.

Now that I’ve gotten a small taste of INSANITY, I find it less intimidating and could even see myself trying and actually *enjoying* Crossfit workouts, burpees and all! 😉

Obviously I’ve been obsessed with trying new workout styles and had to share this article with you guys on Tabata style training.

Lastly, I can’t forget my team:


Have you ever tried INSANITY or Crossfit?

Are you watching the NBA Finals!?

❤ Alicia



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New Year’s Resolutions!!

It’s hard to believe we’ll be say goodbye to 2012 and HELLO 2013!!!



I must say, 2012 has been one of the greatest years of my life, if not THE  ABSOLUTE BEST! ❤

movie with mommy

With each new year I promise myself to live a healthier, more active lifestyle, especially after indulging all on the Thanksgiving-Christmas goodies! ❤ This year, while I do plan on focusing on maintaining a healthier lifestyle (physically), I also want to acknowledge and improve my mental and emotional health. I want to STRESS LESS and be more mentally fit. So my New Year’s resolutions are:

1. Eat Clean, less processed junk with some necessary indulgences {like fro-yo} from time to time.



2. Create a workout plan and STICK TO IT! Including getting back into the gym to lift weights again! 😀



3.Be smart with our finances & SAVE SAVE SAVE!

4. READ MORE, watch TV less.

5. READ to Aiden. I want to start a weekly reading link up. I want to focus on making time for reading to our babies, no matter what age they are, ALL children benefit from read alouds, even 18 year-olds! 😉 For this I want to choose one or two NEW books a week and read them to A throughout the week. (One week you may be able to read the book 4 times and the next only 2 but that’s ok, ANY rereading of the text is GREAT!!) So over the course of a year, your child will be exposed to atleast 52 NEW PIECES OF LITERATURE!!! 😀 I hope to read your comments on the new books that you are reading with the little ones you love. When I was preggers, the hubby would always read Dr. Seuss’ Fox in Socks to my belly and baby A would always kick around and I swear to this day, he LOVES that book and will literally sit still when it is read to him! ❤ {P.s. OBVIOUSLY, you can tell I’m an education major and LOVE all things related to education…hope you don’t mind my passion for education pouring out of me here on the bloggy)

keep calm and read


6. Create better meal plans and experiment with NEW recipes!

7. Pray MORE. 


8. Love more! ❤ Send sweet notes to those I love; smile more; see the positive in all things instead of dwelling on the negative. Basically just do anything that I can to LOVE OTHERS MORE!



In January I’ll be taking two new grad classes and though it’ll be tough to follow all of these resolutions, I feel that by sticking to them, I will overall be a better, healthier, happier ME!! 

Do you every have New Year’s Resolutions??! If so what are some of yours?

❤ Alicia

Awesome links for reading:

Benefits of Reading

Sciene Daily article


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Zumba-love& Baby steps

The day of my 6 week post-baby check up, after getting the clear to workout, I hit the ground running by joining my gal pal at a Zumba class. I instantly fell in love with Zumba all over again, even though my legs were like noodles and my hips completely forgot how to shake it. 😛


One thing I noticed was that my stamina was super low; it was as though I had forgotten how to breathe during a workout. I could tell that my body would need some time to start up again and I couldn’t just push myself over the top during workouts like I did before.

The hardest thing about getting back into the workout groove for me was letting go of being on mommy duty and just working out for ME without feeling guilty. Working out has always been a big stress reliever and a mind clearing therapy for me. I’d go to the gym when I was upset, stressed, overwhelmed, or flat out furious. Sweating helped me release all of those worries and I could breathe yet again and go on happily with my day 100% better. But now as a mommy, I couldn’t help but feel like I was being selfish for taking time for myself when I had a newborn baby to look after. It got so bad that I would find any little excuse to not go to the gym, so that I didn’t have to worry about being away from my little guy while there. With that I started to workout at home, though I still felt a bit worried, I knew I needed to have my time and also let Daddy bond with Aiden. This totally worked at first, but the minute I’d hear the slightest cry, my focus would break and I’d run upstairs to make sure everything was ok. :-/

Thankfully with practice it got better and eventually I  just had to learn to let daddy handle things during this time. I will say that being 10 seconds away from baby instead of 15-20 mins is much much more relieving for me. (It’s all about baby steps!)

Zumba and weights were all that I stuck to in the beginning. I kept telling myself I wanted to start running but the minute I’d see the treadmill, I’d shiver with fear. I don’t know why because before I was preggers the treadmill was my best friend. Each day, I’d tell myself “I’m going to run today!!” Then I’d put my shoes on and go downstairs….and then I’d think “Nah! I’ll Zumba instead…”


Finally, I worked up the courage and I did it! I blared the Fit Radio app and jumped on the treadmill without hesitation. I didn’t run 5 miles, nor did I run super fast. I simply did an interval walk/run jog for 30 mins and it was GREAT yet super super TOUGH. I literally felt like I had 10000 bricks on my chest the whole time, it was as though my lungs were having trouble opening and letting the air in. WEIRD! Guess they haven’t had to open up that much in a while…??

In all actuality, it wasn’t bad at all. All that I needed was that first step and though it was tough, I got that post-workout high that I love which remined me of how much I enjoy running and how the hard work pays off. Plus with good music anything is possible! 😉

{Love FitRadio!}

{hello old friend!}

Speaking of music, I totally have to create a new workout playlist. I swear every playlist that I have holds sooo many memories and I can pinpoint where I was and how I felt during the workouts. This new one will have to be my *new mommy playlist!* ;-D

What’s your favorite workout? Cardio or Weights? 

Favorite workout song right now?

❤ Alicia


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favorite workouts+motivation

Yesterday at the gym I couldn’t help but think to myself how fabulous it feels to change up the workout routine and keep it exciting. I think many people get confused when they notice they no longer see results after training with the same routine over and over again. If there is one thing for sure, it is that: variety is always better. Having a variety of workouts not only gives your body the physical differentiation it needs, it also gives your brain a change as well. I know for me the same workout over and over again gets old and  becomes soooo boring. Each time I continue to do that workout I notice myself putting LESS effort into it because it is flat out boring and has completely lost my interest. Therefore, in order to keep from wasting 3o minutes of your time just going through the motions, make a change and be spontaneous with your routine!! 😀 I’m telling ya, FUN workouts=GREATER results and we all know that GREATER results=A HAPPIER YOU!!!

Some of my FAVORITE cardio workouts:

Music Intervals: Put your iPod on and GO! (Whether it be Running/Jogging/Walking) As each song changes, you change what your doing. If your walking, start to jog. If your jogging, pick up the pace and run a bit faster. Or change the incline-walk at a low incline for the first song, then go to a higher incline for the next song. As each songs changes, you change and repeat. Do this for as long as you like, 20 mins, 30 mins. However long you would normally do a cardio workout.

Track Intervals: At the track, (or even on a treadmill that measures distance on a track outline) jog the straight way of the track and run the curves. If you can, do a run/sprint version of this, go for it!! The point is to add intervals by changing your pace and getting your heart rate up by using the curves and straightways of the track to pace you. Remember 4 laps= 1 miles so push yourself to do whatever you are capable of doing.

1:2 Sprint Interval: Sprint for 1 minute, then recover/slow jog for 2 minutes. Then REPEAT: 1 minute sprint then 2 minute recover. Do each 1:2 Interval 10 times= 30 minutes of a killer workout!! 😉

HIIT workout:(similar to the above workout, just with a shorter sprint time!)

Time Intensity/Speed Perceived Exertion
5 min. Warm up at an easy-moderate pace 4-5
5 min. Baseline: Increase speed gradually to a comfortable, moderate pace 5
30 seconds Sprint all out as fast as you can 9
4.5 min Reduce speed to a comfortable pace to fully recover 4-5
30 seconds Sprint all out as fast as you can 9
4.5 min Reduce speed to a comfortable pace to fully recover 4-5
30 seconds Sprint all out as fast as you can 9
4.5 min Reduce speed to a comfortable pace to fully recover 4-5
30 seconds Sprint all out as fast as you can 9
4.5 min Cool down at an easy pace 3-4
Total : 30 Minutes

(HIIT source)

Lastly, anything Zumba related! Whether a DVD or a live class, GO FOR IT! I promise no one is watching or critiquing you-SO HAVE FUN AND SHAKE IT!!!!




I am always eager to find new fabulous workout routines, whether cardio or weights based. So what are some of your favorite workouts??



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