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Keeping busy

This is totally how I’m feeling:

Discouragement has definitely started to settle in…not so much so to completely CONSUME me but it has started to take a toll on me to a small extent. I’m beginning to worry if I’m going to go way past my due date which could lead to me having to be induced and thus leads to a whole other set of worries. :-/ I know I need to stay *POSTIVE* and I constantly remind myself that it’s all in God’s hand and that when little man is ready, he’ll come out! 🙂 Though I will say it’s soooo tough to hold in my excitement with each lingering day that passes. I seriously thought yesterday could have been the “the big day” because I was feeling all sorts of aches and pains throughout the afternoon, but during the night I felt absolutely NOTHING…in fact I woke up feeling just fine. While I’m dreading this waiting part, I often remind myself to just relax and enjoy this time as much as possible but it’s just SOO hard when I’m eager to see his sweet little face already!

{Thought this was TOO CUTE not to share}

& No, it hasn’t come down to this yet,…but maybe…lol jk


But this is very true:

{& I’m totally LOVING it! I’m truly blessed with such a loving family…they can’t wait to get that phone call!}


To keep myself busy I decided to get in an early workout….but after 20 mins into it I totally wasn’t feeling it at all. 😦 My body was saying “You’re hungry, it’s almost lunchtime, go get food and take it easy!” After ignoring the message a couple of times I finally just decided to *listen to my body* for once and took it easy instead.

So instead, I decided to…..

Paint my nails…AGAIN! haha {TWICE in less than a week?… That’s when you KNOW I’m bored.}

{Pretty in PINK!}

Since Baby A is contining to bake, I decided to do some baking myself…

{Mini Banana nut muffins<3}

Topped with some lovely Peanut Butter & they are AMAZINGLY delicous!! 🙂

& There is nothing like some Jason Mraz to cheer up my discouraged spirits and help me get my bake on!

Baby A was enjoying the music as well and loves to ninja kick to the melody!

Can’t forget to mention the lovely breakfast I ate this morning…

{Amazing is a complete understand in deed! I ❤ Kashi!!! This combo has become one of my favorites & I’m not even a cereal-kinda gal.} {Kashi Cinnamon Harvert + Kellogs FiberPlus Cinnamon Oat Crunch+Unsweetened Almond Milk+Fruit= SOOOOOOO GOOD!}

I’ve also been drinking some Raspberry Leaf tea…

Read below for details from AmericanPregnancy.org

Are the herbal teas called “Pregnancy Teas” safe to drink?

There are a number of teas labeled as “Pregnancy Teas” or herbs such as red raspberry leaf that are in teas, that are considered to be good for pregnancy. Many midwives and professionals who work with herbs believe that the regular consumption of these teas may help prevent pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, preterm labor, prolonged labor, and postpartum hemorrhage.  Get your tea here.

Medical studies have shown that red raspberry leaf can be consumed safely during pregnancy and can decrease the length of labor and decrease the number of interventions used such as artificial rupture of membranes (AROM), assisted delivery, and cesarean delivery.1 Red raspberry leaf also seems to help prevent pregnancies from pre-or post-term gestation (delivering too early or too late).

Herbs Used in Teas

The following are common ingredients you may find in herbal teas. Note that some have a questionable safety rating. The safety ratings given here are from the Natural Medicines Database. More extensive research and discussions with your health care provider will help you make the decision about what herbs are safe for you to use in teas.

  • Red Raspberry Leaf (Likely Safe) – Rich in iron, this herb has helped tone the uterus, increase milk production, decrease nausea, and ease labor pains.  Many of the “Pregnancy Teas” commonly contain red raspberry leaf to help promote uterine health during pregnancy. There is some controversy about whether this should be used throughout pregnancy or just in the second and third trimester, so many health care providers remain cautious and only recommend using it after the first trimester.

    I know some people say it’ll help induce labor, but I’m just using it to help all of the above reasons…who doesn’t wanna ease labor pains if possible? 🙂 So I say get your tea on! 😉

    {Loving my Valentine’s Day mug…it’s STILL February so I can STILL use it without feeling like a dork! 😉 lol }

    What are some of your favorite Teas!?!

    Since yesterday was a holiday, it was nice to hang out at the casa and have a movie day with the hubby <3. Today, on the other hand, I could tell he was nervous about me being at home when it’s so close to my due date…but he needs not to worry because I’ve got someone furry keeping an eye on me..

    {My watch cat. He’s on labor alert apparently and won’t let me leave his sight. 😛 lol}

    Well I’m going to read some and enjoy a mini muffin while I wait on my Love Muffin to get home from work.

    Have a great day friends!

    ❤ Alicia





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36 weeks!

(Sorry I’m been totally MIA lately friends, but I’ve just been busy prepping for baby getting and taking a long relaxing break from blogging. But I’m back and hoping to post more frequently and look forward to catching up with all of you.<3)

(source: TheBump.com)

Feeling: Good!! Anxious and excited all at the same time.  Physically-I occasionally have lower back/pelvic pain but it comes and goes sporadically.  Less and less heartburn(YAY!)-for a while there I was getting it after pretty much anything and everything I ate. Emotionally-Good as well, but starting to get super nervous too. I tell my hubby it’s been “easy” being pregnant thus far, thankfully I’ve had a relatively nice pregnancy and now that it’s so close to his arrival I’m feeling anxious because I’m beginning to worry about all the do’s and don’ts of parenthood. What if I’m not a good mom? What if I can’t tell why he’s crying? What if I have trouble breastfeeding? You name it, I’ve been thinking it and it is really starting to worry me, especially since I won’t have my mom close by to help me out throughout this new beginning.

Exercise: Consistently moving, like I said before I think this has definitely helped alleviate the aching pain in lower back. I’m not doing intervals as much anymore but I am continuing to walk my little heart out and do small weight sessions here and there.

Cravings/Indulgences: Just like in my first trimester, while walking around IKEA I got a huge craving for a cinnamon roll and I devoured it with great joy. I also bought a couple of them for my pregger pal too since she LOVES cinnamon rolls, particularly those from Cinnabon. Oranges have come and gone, now it’s bananas, peanut butter, and *GRAPES*. I feel like my normal taste buds have finally returned and I’m loving all the things I loved prior to being pregnant, with the exception of spicy stuff because I’ve apparently inherited a great love for all foods, salsas, and dips that are flaming hot during my pregnancy! Little man takes after his momma’s side of the family. 😉

Changes: I think my belly has dropped, I asked hubby what he thought be he can’t tell the difference. I’m also warmer than usual, my hands and feet were always freezing, even up until a few weeks ago but now I feel like I’m burning up all the time. Hot flashes? Yep you betcha. Oh & remember the stretchy pants?…yep I have a couple of them that are my FAVORITE and all I want to do is wear them 24/7 along with all my other yoga workout clothes. I do have a few pairs of maternity jeans/pants but they just aren’t as comfy & at this point I’m all about *comfort*.

Doctors notes: 36 week check up was really good. My doctor said my weight gain was perfect and baby seemed to be doing really well. My next check up is scheduled in two weeks. I was a bit disappointed because I was ready for the WEEKLY checkups already…lol I’m just sooo excited that I can’t help it.

Baby stuff bought: ALL sorts of goodies, wipes, diapers, onesies, bath tub, blankets galore…. 😀 We also got the glider, which we totally LOVE (I’ll post pics later).  There are a couple of things we need to get, but since he’ll be sleeping in a bassinet in our room, those things can hold off a bit still.

What I’m loving: Baby A is moving A LOT!! I’m loving every bit of it and can’t help but smile and stare at my belly every single second of the day.

My pregger pal who is/was two weeks ahead of me had her baby this past week and words cannot describe how happy I am for her and her hubby. 😀 Her little girl is precious and though I was a bit nervous at first, I think I was mostly in shock that she was no longer pregnant anymore and she had a NEWBORN in her arms. It was very surreal to see and comprehend the whole thing but once it finally sunk in I feel excited and sooo happy. Holding her sweet baby girl is the sweetest thing ever and I gladly held her during the super bowl and thought she was way more entertaining and eye-catching than all of the super bowl commercials.

Hiccups-Baby A gets hiccups pretty much daily and it’s seriously the cutest thing ever. Feeling them is the one thing but seeing them is even more amazing. ❤ I’m sooo in love with him already it’s insane.

Reading other blogger’s birth stories/mama tips. I must say nothing is more helpful than getting real life info from women who are going through this transition as well. Though everyone’s experience is so different, it’s so nice to read things that make you feel more at ease with things like labor, breastfeeding, and the ooey gooey-ness that baby classes don’t always cover in depth.

Fun stuff:      36 week baby class & tour of the hospital (check!)

Baby Boot Camp (check!)

Hanging out at much as possible with fellow pregger pals (check!)

First visitors to the new casa (check!)

So far, no more baby classes….CRAZY!! Now it’s just a matter of playing the waiting game…. 😀

Guessing game:

My family & friends have put in their guestimations of baby’s date of arrival and I think it’s just so fun to see what dates they’ve picked.

My brother Daniel: Feb. 8 (tomorrow? Ha! Yes, because it’s his *2 month anniversary* with his gf….LOL)

My sis Mia: Feb. 28th (my due date)

Mom-Feb. 20th

Dad-Feb 21st

Gal Pal & the newbie Mommy- Feb. 20th

Hubby-no idea

Me-I still think he’s gonna make us wait til March, so I’m thinking the first week in March sometime.

 Got any predictions?? Feel free to add them, I’m loving all the guesses. 

{36 weeks & the day my friend’s little girl was born<3}

{Another 36 weeks pic, taken later during the week}


{sweet onesies}

{Baby Boot Camp [34 weeks] Real men wear empathy bellies!}

{Diaper changing practice…yeah buddy!}

{realizing the pretend baby has “real” fake baby poop…not so fun…LOL}

{Belly loving from my snuggle bunny Lucas}

{Lex not so into her brother’s hat…lol But still looking adorable as always!}

{33 week & 36 week belly comparision<3}

Oh & please disregard my frizzy hair-thanks pregnancy hormones.. 😛

P.S. TODAY!!! I’m actually *37 weeks* 😀 Wowza! **Full term happy dance**

Have a great week friends!




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20 weeks!

Today we are *20 weeks*!!! 😀

I cannot believe we are already HALF WAY there! We are constantly filled with joy and excitement with each passing week, but this one is definitely extremely exciting! I actually got a bit teary eyed the other day just thinking about how fast time goes by. I was very sappy the rest of the evening just thinking about it. Thankfully, hubby distracted me with a movie! 🙂 A good movie always does the trick!

How I’m feeling: Good! Not as many headaches that’s for sure. More tired than usual, if I don’t go to sleep early, I cannot wake up early at all, but if I’m in bed at a decent hour, I’m an early bird. Apparently I definitely need my full 8 hours.

Cravings: None in particular….I just notice that my taste buds are different. I think baby is definitely using daddy’s taste buds and choosing some daddy’s favorites over mommy’s. 😛 One randome food I REALLY enjoyed eating baked chicken wings that hubby cooked. They were super spicy and super delicous! I wasn’t eating as many meat products prior to the bun being in the oven, but NOW I want meat…chicken inparticularly.

Food that I REALLY want but can’t have: Runny eggs…lol no joke! Over easy, runny eggs with toast. Sadly, the thought of salmonella freaks me out too much for me to chance it. Deli meats….I miss regular cold sandwiches. & Sushi!!! 🙂 I told my mom the other day that I have decided that I’m going to eat runny eggs for breakfast, deli meat sandwiches for lunch and SUSHI for dinner for the first TWO weeks post baby. 😛 lol Right now they all sound fabulous, but I’m sure later my taste buds will change again. But this experience it totally worth it!!

Changes: -All of my bras are continuing to feel uncomfortable, but I have yet to buy any new ones. But I’m loving the fact that I’ve got *cleavage* without the use of a pushup bra! 😉 oh la la! hehe (TMI sorry, but it’s the truth!)

-Mood swings…from happy one minute to sad and sulky the next.

-Definite bump formation! 😀 I think I’m past the point of looking like I’m just rocking the muffin top…which really excites me!

-Strong nails still and thick hair! Woo hoooo!!!

-My pants no longer button up, so I’m using the belly band 100% now. Thank goodness for yoga pants! 😉 Every time I think of yoga pants I think of “stretchy pants,” which reminds me of….

{Sometimes when you pregnant, you wear “stretchy pants”…it’s for fun} 😛

{The first time I saw this movie, I didn’t think it was funny one bit, but the second time I rolled on the ground laughing…lol it’s that type of humor that takes a while to sink in for me…hubby on the other hand thought it was funniest movie ever from the minute it started! lol}

Baby items bought: A cute set of onesies! 😀 & a room decor wall art. 😀 {I’ll post pics later…}

Special events so far: The start of FOOTBALL season! Baby is already cheering for mommy’s favorite teams.

Upcoming events: The gender reveal party with the family<3!!!

We’ve totally been slacking on the baby purchases and such but we’ve decided to wait until we knew the baby’s sex before we really tackle the baby shopping list. (We’ve known for a couple of weeks..but we haven’t shared it with anyone but my parents!! 😀 Let me just say that keeping it a secret has been super tough!)

I’ve started to look at nursery ideas but none have really stuck out, we have an idea of what we would like to do, but we have yet to agree on any room themes.

Same goes for names….we have several name ideas but none that we both love. I have my favorites and he has his but neither of us can agree with the others.

Can you tell we are total opposites? 😛 But we make it work! 😉

I’ll post pics tomorrow!! 🙂 Hope you have a great night!

(source) {I love this pic & had to share it!}


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Let me spell it out for ya…

Telling the familia! 🙂

July 11, 2011

We were so anxious to tell the family about our exciting news. Everyone had been teasing us for the longest time that we needed to have a baby; we would always shrugged it off because we knew we’d be ready when the time was right. We never really told anyone that we were going to start “trying” except for my mom because I tell her EVERYTHING! (We’re just so close like that! 😉 plus, I’m not good a keeping secrets either! Hehe) So to keep this exciting announcement was super tough. My mom knew the stats of us trying and one day over the phone asked me if my period had come that month and if I had tested yet. Thankfully, my gracious husband prepped me for this ordeal and coached me perfectly onhow to lie not tell the truth. (LOL) So I smoothly told her I got my period and there was no luck that month, even though secretly I was dying to scream: YESSSS!! I’m PREGNANT!!! We didn’t want to tell everyone yet until we had it had been made official at the doctors office so the day we had our first appointment was the day we decided to spill the beans and inform the family. We strategized it perfectly, gathering both our families together to share this special moment. We decided to be creative with the announcement and bought wooden letters colored in soft baby themed colors to spell out the word BABY F. Since we weren’t sure of the sex, we figured it would be fitting to use the letter of our last name at the end. We put one letter in a gift bag and gave each pair a bag after dinner. My parents, his parents, his older sister and hubby, his younger sister, and my younger two brothers all got a gift bag. Everyone looked so confused and surprised as they all joked around about it being someone’s birthday but they didn’t know whom exactly. So we had planned to have a fabulous speech prior to them opening the bags, but our nerves got the best of us and instead just a few special words were said as then we told them to go ahead and open their bags. Immediately after the first letter was taken out my dad yells “They’re having a baby!!” 😀 It was the cutest thing ever. Everyone else was still processing the “gift” in the bag and then finally an overwhelming conclusion was drawn as the message hit everyone else all at one. My mom was ecstatic and a bit uncertain; she immediately looked at me and said “Are you really pregnant?” with great big tears in her eyes. Seeing the emotion, I began crying as I shook my head to confirm it for her. We embraced and she held me close with so much joy and excitement. 🙂 Afterward the initial shock and excitement wore off, we spent the next hour answering questions and clarifying every detail that we knew so far. It truly was one of the most exciting moments of our lives!


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