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Take Time Tuesday {#7}

Take Time Tuesday, thanks Katie for hosting!

Due to the recent events in Oklahoma, many emotions have flustered my mind and I have to say that I’m so thankful for the ability to communicate with family back home via technology.


It is undoubtly very difficult being away from home, though it is part of the military lifestyle we’ve adapted to,  it’s extremely tough nonetheless. I personally find it especially difficult being away from loved ones during the holidays and even more so during times of tragedy and devastation. Moments of such as these make me want to run to those that I love and hug them endlessly. Tragedies remind me just how precious life is and how I must cherish and embrace every moment of it. Sadly, it is impossible to predict such events from occurring nor can I rush home every time they do occur, though I wish it were possible to do both. While nothing compares to the warmth of a hug/embrace from my family members, it is nice to connect with them through various modes of technology, via text, photo sharing and video chat.A and mommy


We typically video chat once a day, at least, with my parents. We chat so often that it has become part of our daily routine and A lights up when he hears the sound of a video call coming in. 🙂 I feel that this (amazing!!) technology has completely changed my little man’s relationship with his grandparents/aunts & uncles and I am ever so thankful for it, because it is such a joy to see him interact with them, whether he’s showing off, doing tricks and simply talking to them. While it might sound very shallow, (I swear it isn’t),  I honestly cannot fathom living without the wonderful technologies of today. Granted, I’m not saying it would be impossible, I’m just plainly acknowledging that A would have a completely different relationship with our families without video chats/skype; therefore I’m forever grateful for having access to these simple yet wonderful technologies that have enabled us to stay connected amongst the many miles of distance between us. ❤

Plus, I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t want to chat with this little ham?!

carter HAM


Love this! SO true:

video chat

Again, sending my thoughts & prayers to Oklahoma.

pray ok

❤ Alicia



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Take Time Tuesday {#6}

take-time-tuesdayThankful for…

20130514-152943.jpgmy loves

20130514-152953.jpga yummy mother’s day lunch

20130514-153153.jpgsweet cards

20130514-153028.jpgfilled with silly & sweet notes!

20130514-153013.jpgan AWESOME package from Green Fork-N-Spoon that I won in a giveaway! {thanks, Sunnie hosting!}

20130514-152959.jpga super scrumptious lunch

20130514-153004.jpgthis little ham ❤


this tasty, successfully made (YAY!), smoothie! {Strawberries, Mango, Banana, Coconut Milk, 1 scoop protein= SOOO GOOD & perfectly textured like a MiLKShaKe!!}

Happy Tuesday friends! What are you thankful for lately!?

❤ Alicia



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Take Time Tuesday {#5}

Thanks to Katie for another Take Time Tuesday! 🙂


This week I’m thankful for my awesome, sweet, caring, and always inspiring and motivating hubby. ❤

Jage birthday

Not only is he a caring, loving and genuinely sweet person, he’s a fantastic daddy and super sweet husband! I especially adore the fact that he gets ME and all the things I’m completely and entirely passionate about. I especially love that he always motivates me and always allows me to take the time I need for myself.

20130430-222916.jpgLast night, I was exhausted and decided to skip out on my evening cardio. I had literally just decided to take it easy and slack off, even though I knew  I would feel better if I ran. I simply had no desire and no motivation whatsoever. Then my husband says, “hey babe, go for a run, I’ll keep an eye on A”  Instantly, those few words did it. It was nothing big, no glorious speech or motivational spiel, just a simple: “do what you gotta do for YOU” kind of thing.

I went from ZERO motivation to a TON with just that little boost and best part of all? I had an AWESOME  one of my BEST cardio workouts yet! Talk about a win-win in everybodys book! 🙂 And I would not have done it without *MY LOVE*.

family 2012

So thank you babe, for always loving me despite all of my imperfections. Thanks for always acknowledging and accepting all of the quirky fitness and health related ideas, trends and foods that I’m ever so passionate about and for always inspiring me to BEST that I can be! ❤ Most importantly, thanks for being *YOU* and loving ME. ❤

❤  Alicia


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MiMM #2


Marvelous in my Monday {Brought to us by the super sweet and lovely Katie!} for me has to be the fact that…

While I’ve felt absolutely AWFUL with a severe headache and other nasty symptoms since yesterday, it’s truly amazing how wonderful it is to have a guy take care of me and my sweet little baby.

A and Daddy
J & A


Seeing him bathe, feed, change A non-stop since yesterday is seriously the most endearing thing EVER.

Even though we may  sometimes drive each other crazy, its moments like these that I look at him and FALL IN LOVE all over again and think to myself, “that’s why I married that man!”

best things are gree



Another side note that has made my day week…I found out my classes don’t start until the 12th when I originally thought they started today. *{sick & sappy} happy dance*

Hate to cut it short but I have a cute little munckin that I have to keep my eye on while daddy is at work for it a bit!  Hope you have a more marvelous monday than I my friends! ❤ Alicia


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*Aiden Carter*

Born on March 1, 2012 @10:38 pm weighing 5 lbs 6 oz.

Being a mommy is a FULL time job and I’m totally LOVING it!! More updated posts to come, including Mr. Aiden’s birth story! 🙂



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What I’m lovin…

This week has been pretty awesome, especially considering it was V-day and it has never really *our holiday,* in fact hubby and I were always on different pages when it came to the 14th of Feb. 😛 Honestly, I didn’t expect or think much of that day this year either because I knew the past ones weren’t a big deal for us. This year however it was simply perfect in the most non-overdramatic romantic kinda way. Hubby had said that he wanted cook dinner for me…which is super sweet but…he doesn’t cook much of anything<unless frozen pizza, baked wings are on the menu ;-)> I’m usually the chef of the casa or we collaborate together sometimes but it’s mostly me doing all the cooking. Anyways he kept asking me what my favorite dinner food was so he could make it and then it hit me….I don’t have a *FAVORITE* food…of course I there are a few things I enjoy but not really anything that I absolutely LOVE and would call my absolute favorite meal of all time. Call me crazy I know, but I’m just an “ehhh…I feel like this today, or nah, maybe this instead.” I do so love BREAKFAST, I definitely think it’s my FAVORITE meal of the day, but to even pinpoint a *favorite breakfast meal* is hard to do as well since I’m always up for something new and keeping a good variety of foods on hand because the same thing over and over again is just NOT my thing. {Hubby can seriously eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY SINGLE DAY OF HIS LIFE  and be completely 11o% content. Not this chick though sorry!} Anyways, back to the story, hubby called me and asked to call the nice family owned Italian restaurant down the street to see what specials they had and what their wait list was and such for dinner. Of course, they were packed…so we decided to go to an earlier dinner at another fancy schmancy italiano restaurant….OLIVE GARDEN. {haha…fancy schmancy, not even but still good italian food to say the least 😉 right?} So with dinner plans, I forced myself outta my comfy workout clothes and put proper going out attire for our V-day dinner.  That’s when it happened…we had the most wonderful, sweet dinner together where we talked, laughed, joked and simply had a great time enjoying each others company  *Just the two of us* <insert the Will Smith classic: Just the Two of Us song> 😛 Now I’m not saying we don’t have nice dinners together at home or at other places, but there was something so easy, so calming and absolutely JOYFUL about that dinner and that EXACT moment. We laughed when we heard little babies crying and toddlers whining to their parents and said that that could be us in the very near future. 🙂 That day definitely made me realize, as I had started to before, that every moment of our lives is so important and one should cherish it whether it be calm and peaceful or hectic and crazy, because life only continues to evolve and you don’t get those special moments back. <insert another song here: Little Moments by Brad Paisley> {I’m a music lover, what can I say?!!}

*ME & YOU* ❤

So while some were either dreading the mushy gushy holiday, others were bragging about the jewelry, candy, and teddy bears they received, I was simply loving the *togetherness* I shared with my sweet hubby!! ❤

Like I said before, I’m not a BIG chocolate fan, my idea of the perfectly sweet gift…….FRUIT!!! 😀 & that’s exactly what I got….a TON of it and I was totally smitten over my Valentine for knowing exactly what would make me the happiest girl in the world.

Talk about a FRUIT FRENZY!! ❤ 😀

I had so much of it, It was popping up everywhere, but hey I’m not complaining 😉

{*Fruity cereal* oh yea!}

& even in a new to me combo…

{apple cinnamon greek yogurt+strawberries & blueberries+SUNFLOWER seed butter=DELICIOUS}

I love yogurt and fruit together but I had never added any type of nut butter to it until I tried it this time and all I can say is:

I’ve TOTALLY been missing out 😀 It was AHH-mazing!! 🙂

With all of this sweet fruit, I had sooo much energy this week that I totally got my workout on!!

{I’ve always LOVED interval workouts but after getting preggers those HIIT workouts sorta flew by the wayside, but with a bit of motivation I was back at it with some major motifications.

I did 30-45 second jog intervals and let me tell you it was AWESOME and I was in a sweating frenzy!! :-D}

My workout motivation totally came from this bad boy app:

{FIT Radio oh how I love thee…especially this DJ’s mix with Pitbull, Shakira, and Don Omar..*LOVE IT*..I totally felt like I could run a marathon with these awesome beats!}

Not only have hubby & I been in a state of pure bliss lately, my two lovely little fur babies have been sooo sweet and cuddly as well.

{My sweet sleeping beauties totally got the memo to: “sleep while they can” before baby gets here! }

With all the awesome DIY nail stuff via Pinterest, I decided to be a little creative myself…

haha so maybe you were expecting something outrageously fab looking…but hey, I like to keep it simple and cute sometimes so there you have it! 😉

Sooo these are all the things I’m LOVIN’ and it’s pretty fitting for this week…now I’m just waiting to meet a certain special someone who’s already captured my heart…

❤ Baby A ❤

Hope ya’ll have a nice weekend friends!

XOXO Alicia


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*38 weeks* <3

Feeling: Great! I was actually expecting to be totally exhausted and worn out but I’m surprisingly feeling pretty stinking awesome right now. Physically-Feeling good as well. The soreness in my hips/pelvic area comes and goes, though it is uncomfortable at times, it’s nothing too horrific or anything. I’ve definitely noticed more “lightening bolt” feelings and braxton hicks here and there but nothing too off the wall. The other day I got one pretty intense “lightening bolt” that hit me and I jumped up from the couch because it totally caught me off guard. After I described what it was like to the hubby he couldn’t help but laugh. 😛 Everyday now he’ll ask if I’ve felt anymore “lightening bolts down there.” haha Emotionally-I’m feeling really good; I’ve been chatting with my friend who recently had her little girl and she’s totally helped ease my worries and fears. I swear she’s like my labor preparation coach-I’m so lucky to have her help me throughout all of this. I’m definitely past the *FEAR* stages, I think it hit me a few weeks ago and now even though I’m still fearful (who isn’t honestly?) I’m starting to feel so much more confident and READY. I’m PUMPED! I know it’s gonna be hard, tough, agonizing, overwhelming, emotional, every bit of everything I have and have not felt in my life but I am sooo ready for it all. 🙂 I’m looking at it like a marathon that I have to endure and I’m so ready to reach the finish line.

Exercise: Continuing to exercise daily, some days more than others. Lately I’ve had a burst of extra energy when it comes to my workouts, I’ve been doing more walk/jog intervals while on the treadmill and let me tell ya it feels SOOO GOOD to get a good sweat on! 😀 I do monitor my heart rate though just to make sure I’m not overdoing it. 🙂

Cravings/Indulgences: Totally craving tons of FRUIT: Pineapple & Grapes in particularly. 🙂 No major indulgences, just enjoying all my regular foods and one additional oldie…I started drinking skim milk again…I hadn’t drank REAL milk since a while before I got preggers. I had just stopped drinking it altogether and sinply chose other milk subsitutes. This past trimester I had a huge urgency to drink a nice cold glass of milk and though it surprised me a bit, I totally indulged & it was….really good. Maybe my body was craving/wanting more calcium??

 Changes: No major changes minus the fact that I feel as though he has definitely DROPPED and I feel as though I can move around much better and TUMS is no longer my bestie. *WAHOO!!*

Doctors notes: Everything looks great! Baby A is HEAD DOWN!! 😀 I’m soooo happy that he is in the right position and ready to go! 🙂 My weight gain is just right and little man is measuring just right as well, so now it’s just time to continue to let him bake.

Baby stuff bought: The swing and bouncy came in last week and now we’re pretty much set! 🙂 Just a few things here and there but nothing major.

What I’m loving: I’m totally loving all the love and affection I’ve been receiving from my family, friends and sweet hubby. ❤ My parents call me every morning to *check in* on us, which is so sweet. Hubby does the same thing every morning via email, the first thing he asks is “how are you feeling today?” 🙂 Which just makes me feel so loved and cared for. My little furbabies have also been on the lookout lately too-they follow me EVERYWHERE and keep a close eye on me. I swear they talk to one another and are saying “She’s bound to pop any day now, so keep a close watch on her” 😛 hehe

I’m also loving the waiting part, though at times it keeps me up late a night because I’m soooo anxious and excited to meet our little guy, at the same time I feel totally BLISSFUL for everything thus far. I’ve realized we’ve got to cherish every moment of every day because it’s only going to continue to change as the days pass by. I’ve just been feeling an extra special connection to my husband lately that is sooo amazing and wonderful. I’m just thankful for everything and hopeful and excited for the future. ❤

Fun stuff: No more baby classes at all, now it’s just the two of us playing the waiting game! 😀  I can’t believe there are only *12 days* til my due date!! 😀

Predictions: Hubby says Feb. 23…..I still say the 1st of March…we will seeee!!

{38 weeks on Valentine’s Day<3}

{“Baby got FRONT!” as my little sis would say!}

{Valentines Day 2012 <3}

{Belly photo fun}

{Baby A lovin'<3}

{<3 Belly belly}

{napkin love notes <3}

{the doc said he his head looked “perfect” 🙂 <3}

Welp, that’s all folks! Hope you have a fabulous day!

❤ Alicia


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