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Marvelous Monday {# 7}

Hey there! I’ve got to be honest, lately I’ve wanted to blog but we’ve just been so busy enjoying summer, meeting new friends and hanging out with old ones that the time to sit down and write just hasn’t been there. As much as I wish I could be more regular about blogging, I’m ok with it  just being a thing I can do for fun ,whenever I like. My only hope is that you’ll enjoy the snippets of random stuff I jot down here on the bloggy when I do make time for it! If not, I’m okay with that too. 🙂 So cheers to fun randomness and oh yes, another Marvelous Monday!! ❤


This weekend was pretty low key with some cleaning and lots of family time. ❤ (Weekends like this are my favorite!!)

Marvelous to me is…being completely lazy and watching cheap movies from Redbox.

movies(Neither was what we expected but both were equally entertaining.)

Marvelous is…a sweaty, post-workout smile along with a cutie who napped in his room like a big boy!


Marvelous is…Enjoying some sweet Sunday snuggles with these too adorable guys!


Marvelous is…swooning over these juicy peaches from the Farmer’s Market.


Marvelous is…playing with this handsome guy, who lately has been making lots of smoothies and even makes the smoothie sound (=his interpretation sound of a blender).


Marvelous is…lounging poolside with a darling friend of mine. ❤


Oh yes, and Marvelous is…adding new lipstick to my ever-growing collection.

20130715-110135.jpg{I’m obsessed!!! Must have ALL THE COLORS! LOL}

Marvelous is…creating this tasty summer sandwich:


{smoked gouda, fresh sliced tomato sprinkled with a dash of salt & pepper, avocado and mayo…SOOO GOOD!!)

Marvelous is…receiving these beauties from a sweet gal pal:

20130715-110145.jpg{YAY for beautiful birthday flowers!}

Lastly, Marvelous is…

My birthday (today)!!!! 😀 And..

20130715-105200.jpgAll the sweet birthday messages/photo collages from family and friends! ❤ ❤


Although I’m a year older today, I’ve gotta say I feel no older than *23*!! That’s *my number*… I’ll forever be *TWENTY-THREE*!! 😉

Hope your Monday is Marvelous too!

❤ Alicia



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Marvelous Monday {#6}

Happy MONDAY friends, Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Besides the fact that it flew by, ours was pretty  low-key and relaxing. We did do a couple of little things around the house that made the weekend extra fun, thus making it spectacularly marvelous on this Monday, if I do say so myself! Thanks Katie for hosting another Marvelous in My Monday!


Marvelous is…20130330-224754.jpg

I good ole’ cup of coffee…without it, I’d DIE! Not really, but…yeah REALLY it’s a must.

Marvelous is…juneThe entire month of *JUNE* because we have a special holiday along with a certain  someone’s birthday AND a lovely anniversary to celebrate!!! Lots of cake, cards and XOXO’s this month.

Marvelous is…20130603-215913.jpg

A handy man! He’s so much like my Dad, always involved is projects around the house. ❤

Marvelous is…20130603-215937.jpg

my mini herb garden. Ok, I know it’s not a real garden, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve never had a plant of any sort (crazy! I know), but I’m hoping to have inherited my Dad’s green thumb. *fingers crossed*

20130603-220004.jpgI LOVE cooking with fresh herbs but I hate that I when I buy a bushel from the store I only use it sparingly and the rest goes to waste. With fresh herbs on hand I feel that I will 1. only use what I need and 2. be MORE inclined to use fresh herbs on a regular basis. Anyhoo, wish me luck, I might need it…

Marvelous is…20130603-220011.jpgthis little cutie patootie who always wants to touch the “ball” at Target!

Marvelous is…

20130603-215928.jpga Sunday Funday at Home Depot with my *15 month* old little darling.

Marvelous is…20130603-215921.jpgA killer full-body kettlebell workout thanks to Giselle! ❤ I was in NO MOOD to workout, until I came across this workout via Pinterest and decided to give it a go. Though  it kicked my booty, it felt SOOO GOOD! #justdoit

Marvelous is…

getting lots of laughs from “Penelope” played by Kristen Wiig. I know a few real life Penelope’s who are totally hilarious. 😛

Welp, that’s all folks, hope your Monday is a Marvelous one as well!

So tell me…what was MARVELOUS about your weekend?! AND Got any herb plant/gardening tips for me! SEND them to me! 🙂 

❤ Alicia


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words of wisdom!






20130530-150057.jpg❤ Alicia



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NYC trip + MiMM #4

Lately I’ve realized how precious life is. Obviously with the two tragedies from last week and other personal instances that have occured recently, I can’t help but feel grounded in the notion that in life every second counts and nothing should be taken for granted.

So after this past week, I’ve realized that I need to embrace, acknowledge and enjoy every moment including all the chaos and the imperfections of life. ❤

life quote


Last weekend we went to NYC! While I was totally stressing out about traveling with a toddler, I have to say it was 100% BETTER than I anticpated, in fact it was pretty stinkin’ AWESOME. A did absolutely wonderful and was a complete traveling champ. 🙂 It made us realize we need to get out MORE!

central park zoo



A Elmo{Elmo kept him happy during the early mornings in our hotel room}

One of my favorite parts of our trip was the bus tours we took, lots to see in a short amount of time! l would definitely recommend them to everyone, especially those with little ones!

IMG_4467 IMG_4471

IMG_4613 IMG_4623

All A wanted to do was walk around like a big boy and say hi to everyone. He definitely got tons of attention from others visitors as well, but can you blame them?…who wouldn’t smile at this sweet little face!?!

Despite all my worries about the trip, we had tons of fun with our little man and some great friends. ❤ Lots of exploring, sight-seeing, getting lost, and tons & tons of walking with a baby in the Boba carrier (mommy definitely got a full body workout!) but it was SO SO worth it!

Along with last weekend being wonderful, this weekend ended nicely as well, making today extra marvelous!


Marvelous in My Monday, thanks to the lovely Katie! ❤

Yesterday, I entered to win a free photo session with the girl who took our 2012 family Christmas photos &


All credit due to family & friends who voted for me via FB! ❤

So sometime soon I’ll hopefully getting some photos of my little man! ❤ Especially now that he’s rocking his boy haircut! 😉

To top things off last night, I ended it with a much-needed, mind-clearing, sweat-drenching interval run on the treadmill. I hadn’t ran but maybe ONCE all week and felt frustrated that I wasn’t keeping up with my workout schedule. I tend to stress over the smallest things, including the pressure of working out regularly, especially since I read tons of blogs where mommy’s are getting their sweat on a daily basis, typically in the early mornings. I sometimes feel like I’m not as commited to fitness as I should or would like to be when I compare myself to others, but after yesterdays run, which I completed promptly at 10 pm on the dot, I thought to myself “WHO CARES!?”

I realized I’ve got to do what works best for ME and if that means working out at night, so be it. I also realized that the comparision trap in ugly and I’ve got to stopping subjecting myself to it.

& of course after that intense, yet joyful run…I was in a complete state of peace-my mind, body and soul were in complete and pure state of bliss.


After yesterday’s cleansing run, I’m so ready for this week!

Happy {Marvelous} Monday friends & also


earth day2

❤ Alicia


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Take Time Tuesday

A sweet friend of mine, Katie who blogs at Life Half Full, decided to create a weekly link up for us to acknowledge all the wonderful things we are grateful for. It’s all about having an optimistic attitude, being thankful for one’s blessings and basically seeing the glass as half full! ❤


So today, I’m taking the time to *SMELL THE ROSES* and think about a few things that I am super grateful for!

1. I’m THANKFUL that I completed the last of three mandatory state exams that I’m required to take in order to attain my teaching certificate!! 😀 I was on full study mode all weekend (well maybe not ALL weekend long, but a majority of it! 😉 and all day Monday as well. The anxiety of this last exam was driving me insane and even though I don’t know my final score yet, I’m just thankful that I did it. Now, all I need to do is relax and wait (anxiously) on the results.

study stuff{study stuff. let’s hope I don’t need to review these babies again soon! *fingers crossed*}

2. I’m grateful that my hubby was able to take time off from his busy schedule to watch the our little man while mommy took her big exam. I’m a SUPER NERVOUS test taker and adding the fact that I would have to be away from my little cutie for 3 hours + FREAKS ME OUT even more, so it really helped that my hubby totally understands this and arranged it so he was able to go with me to entertain our little man at stores nearby, while I took the exam, so that I could see them both immediately afterwards. 🙂 Seriously, what could be better after taking an extensive exam, that warps your brain til your practically brain-dead, than seeing your two favorite boys the second you walk out of the building?? ❤ I am blessed. 

my boys{my boys! ❤ <3}

3. I’m also super thankful for the words of encouragement from my momma! ❤ There is nothing better than seeing that others are proud of you!

4. Lastly, to complete my day of joyfulness, I’m thankful for knowing a fantastic hairstylist. One who knows how to give you just the right hair fix when your at that point where you just want to chop it all off! 😉 I desperately needed a trim and have been meaning to get my hair done for the longest time but could never make time for myself, until today (also another thanks to my love). I called and was immediately seen which was awesome! I was in and out in a a quick minute and now my hair feels bouncy, more lively and super soft! *ahhh* pure joy!

hair things{happy hair=happy mommy!}

{p.s. I’m not big on selfies, clearly you can see I’m a shy gal! ;-)}

Oh & of course my stylist gave me a great product recommendation, without hassling me to get it (you know, kinda like a car salesman who insists you need it NOW!), which is always an extra plus in my book!

hair recommendations{So with that, I’ll willingly keeping my eye out for products of Mr. Paul Mitchell for my crazy curly, frizzy yet lusciously layered locks! 🙂 She said this is a great product for all hair types, especially those like me who want more moisture for their little frizzies!}

One last thing….I’m thankful for Elmo, particulary cute videos like these that my little man absolutely adores:

What have you been grateful/thankful for lately??

Hope your Tuesday was a great one! 🙂

❤ Alicia


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worries and stress…welcome to the beginning of parenthood!

The fears of parenthood are only BEGINNING.

I recently had an extra ultrasound appointment because there was some clarifications that the doctor wanted to make regarding baby’s progress. At first, when I got the news that this extra prodedure needed to be done I was BEYOND upset. I was confused and worried about all the possible outcomes. (hence the previous post about “worries and what ifs”) I never realized how I could go from being OVER JOYED one moment to being MORTIFIED the next. I took the info from the doctor hard because I couldn’t help but wonder and worry if everything was ok. It was then that it hit me that: I’m not going to be first to experience this, nor am I going to be the last. I also realized that the EXACT moment I got pregnant, my life would FOREVER change. I would not longer be worried solely about myself and my husband (and our adorable furbabies), I would now be challenged with the worries of MOTHERHOOD. Wow! Talk about a lot to endure at once. Through prayer and talking about the situation with my sweet mother, I was able to feel a bit less tense about the upcoming ultrasound test day. Thankfully, all came out looking good! There is no way of explaining the sigh of relief I got afterwards and how THANKFUL and BLESSED I felt. After reflecting upon it, I realized, right now baby is in my tummy all safe and sound, what happens when baby is walking and crawling? Or when my little one tries to be independent and runs away from me in the store? :-O Even more scary, what happens with I’m asked by my child to spend the night at a friends house, who’s parent’s I don’t even know? *STRESS OVERLOAD* While I know I’ll be dealing with the terrible two’s before this happens, it just goes to show that I will worry FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE because that’s part of parenting. So with my hubby by my side and the support of my lovely family & the love from our gracious God, I know no matter what challenges or worries come my way, I’ll be able to face them because that’s what parents do.

It is funny because I’ve always referred to myself as a “furbaby mommy”, as in I’m “Lucas & Lexie’s mommy” but the thought of being a REAL mommy is surreal and exciting all at once! I seriously can’t believe it and I look forward to hearing that sweet name come from my child’s lips someday (God willing). 😀

I am so lucky to surrounded by such an amazing and supportive group of family and friends, I can honestly say there is nothing more beautiful in life than having such wonderful blessings! I know that baby will definitely be LOVED by many sweet family members and friends for sure. I whisper to him/her at night “Even though you aren’t here yet, you are LOVED by SO MANY already!!”

The love has been shared already because Baby got his/her first CROSSWORD PUZZLE!! I got it in the mail from a close friend of the family, she is such a doll and used to make these for *ME* when I was kid. I LOVED them and always looked forward to getting mail from her because she was AWESOME! She always remembered my birthday and would send sweet birthday cards with tons of stickers, crossword puzzle, and $ 🙂 So maybe I was a little *spoiled rotten* but that’s what makes childhood SOOOO much fun! 😉

This is baby’s first anything, which I can’t wait to frame and put in the nursery! (Thanks Susie, you are wonderful!)

{Baby’s first crossword puzzle!!}

[Neutral colored b/c we don’t know what baby’s sex is yet…well ya’ll don’t…but I might! 😉 hehe]

Inspired by:

{My crossword puzzle from Sept. 1996}

Along with being SUPER busy with school, I can’t help but be EXCITED about doing our *Gender Party* with family & friends soon!! We will hopefully being visiting in about 2 weeks and I haven’t done any planning yet besides getting basic ideas…but today I’ve stumbled upon the CUTEST ideas for our party! 😀 😀 😀 I cannot wait!! Hubby doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, but I DOOO!!! I think it’s just one of those things, I wanna enjoy EVERY bit of pregnancy and CELEBRATE each chapter of it with family. The announcement was SOOO much fun and I was so glad we were able to execute it the way we did. I’m definitely looking forward to the gender reveal because I’ve got tons of people anxious to know what team we are on…BLUE or PINK?. 🙂

This is some of what I’ve gathered so far:

Fun Party Idea #1Have a party cake made that is secretly pink or blue inside to reveal the baby’s gender. The most widespread announcement idea (also used by Josh and Anna Duggar), but also a load of fun. Have a family member or friend deliver the sealed envelope to a local baker, where they can secretly create a color-tinted cake, covered in neutral frosting, to be cut during the reveal party. As an alternative, cupcakes can be made with pink or blue M&Ms or gumballs baked inside.

Fun Party Idea #2Have attendees cast votes for the baby’s sex during the party, with prizes awarded. Party guests can write their guesses on slips of paper and stick in baskets, baby bottles, or boys and girls shoes. After the reveal, prizes will be awarded to those with the right guess.

Fun Party Idea #3Have party guests choose their ‘side’ or ‘team’ by wearing a pink or blue shirt (or hat). Guests can be asked to make a guess before the party and show up wearing pink or blue, or the party hosts can provide pink or blue socks, hats, armbands or t-shirts for attendees to put on as they come in the door.

Fun Party Idea #4Invite guests to submit a list of potential names for the gender they are guessing. When the sex is revealed, pick one name as baby’s nickname for the party. Alternatively, have guests write their chosen names on stickers and place on Mom’s belly throughout the party.

Fun Party Idea #5Include the gender-reveal as part of a baby shower. Rather than hosting two parties, include the baby’s sex announcement during your baby shower. As well as being an exciting party event, this can ensure that gifts will be of a neutral gender. (no thanks! We like to *PARTY*:-P)

Fun Party Idea #6Have pink or blue helium balloons stuffed in a box, to be opened at the party and reveal the gender. Have a friend or family member visit a party supply store and purchase the appropriate balloons, which are then stuffed into boxes. At a pivotal moment during the party, open the box and let the pink or blue balloons escape and reveal the sex.

Fun Party Idea #7Wrap up a pink or blue baby onesie in a gift box, and let the parents open it during the party. Have a trusted friend purchase a onesie that announces the sex, and wrap it up securely in a gift box. Party guests will gather around as the present is opened, making the big announcement!

Fun Party Idea #8For party food and decorations, have an assortment of pink and blue M&Ms, pink and blue soda, pink vs. blue decorations, all neutral yellow and green decorations, or have a “question mark” be the decorating motif.

Fun Party Idea #9Fill a pinata with pink or blue candy. Have party guests take a turn hitting the pinata for a fun activity to see who will reveal the gender.

Fun Party Idea #10Have a florist deliver pink or blue carnations during the party. These should be wrapped up securely to keep the secret, then opened with all the party guests around.

(Party ideas source)

With all of these sweet ideas I am TOTALLY inspired to get my party planning on! 😀

Any ideas or suggestions for the gender party?

❤ Alicia

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HOPE: Have Only Positive Expectations.

How was your weekend??

Mine was pretty fabulous, which was much needed due to a certain event that occurred towards the end of the week. I had a great Friday with my hubby and a sweet friend of mine. There is nothing like surrounding yourself around those who make you HAPPY*! Having a loving and supportive group of family and friends are by far life’s greatest treasures.

(source) {This is definitely one of my favorite quotes!}

Then on Saturday I had a *girl’s day* by spending the day getting pampered with a pedicure and shopping with two lovely ladies! YAY for GIRL’S DAYS!!! We’ve decided that we need to do these things much more often, so I’m totally looking forward to future girlie get togethers! Until baby comes, then it’ll be baby dates! 😀


No football today or yesterday, but my little brother totally ROCKED at his game on Friday. He totally sacked the QB-Woo-hoo!!..that’s my brother! 😉 The *COWBOYS* play tomorrow against the Redskins (BOO!!! *thumbs down*), hoping my boys can pull off another win like last week.

A certain event this week got me thinking how easily things can be shaken and unexpected in life. I know everything happens for a reason, so I got to thinking about how these occurances affect our lives and why they exist. I’m no expert, but I feel that they are sort of like reminders from the good man from upstairs that his presence is always needed throughout our lives. We cannot get wrapped up in our daily lives and neglect to acknowledge him, because if it wasn’t for him, we’d be nothing. I also think that he provides us with these subtle hints to say: “Hello there, don’t forget about me! I know your so independent but you will always need me so don’t forget that even when times are tough, I will be there to carry you through it.” So instead of dwelling on all of the “what if’s” and seeing things “half empty,” I’ve decided to have a little more faith and be optimistic with whatever life brings my way.


Today was just me and my love bunny; we relaxed at home and had a movie date-which we used to do on the regular back at our old place but since moving to our new casa we hadn’t had the opportunity to go as much as we’d like. We had planned on watching “The Lion King” in 3D, but tickets were sold out :-/ so we opted for the Taylor Laughtner movie “Abduction”. It was good, sort of predictable, but good still. I can’t help but still see him as that one famous werewolf man that he his..Mr. Jacob Black from the Twilight series. Speaking of that wonderful series, the one movie that I am totally looking forward to….

Let the countdown begin!! {I’ve already told hubby, I’ll be rocking my bump with all those SCREAMING teeny-bopper girls around me at the theatre, NO DOUBT!! 😛 }

(yahoo source)

Off to enjoy the rest of the evening before bedtime. Thankful for a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to this upcoming week. Hope you all had a nice weekend as well!

What do you do to relax and unwind?

Any other twilight fans our there?

Lots of <3,



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