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Aiden’s nursery!

I haven’t done a lot of wall decor yet, but I’m planning on adding photos and such later!

He hasn’t slept in his room yet, he’s been sleeping in our room in the bassinet part of his Pack-N-Play.

Now if only our room could stay this clean everyday! 😛

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

❤ Alicia



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Birth story part 2

…continued from previous post….

There I was slowly progressing yet still not progressing fast enough. The emotions in the room were so intense, I had two doctors, one midwife and my nurse all in the room checking the monitors throughout every single contraction. Everyone was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop…

My husband was right by my side the whole time holding my hand telling me that everything would work out that I had done great so far and that hopefully soon we would meet our sweet little boy.

Though he was so sweet and endearing throughout all of this, all that I really focused on was the faces of each of the doctors and midwife who were monitoring us. I could see it plain as day, there was clearly not denying it…The doctor finally looked over to me and said that something wasn’t right and he did not like the look of the way things were going. I was finally about a 6-7 cm but Baby A’s head was still too high which he said could mean issues with the cord…

It was already almost 10PM… it had been 15 hours since my water had broken and though I made some progress the doctor did not like the way baby’s heart rate kept dropping so with that he finally made a decision…I was going to have to have a C-section.

Nurses filled my room and began prepping me for the operating room. I remember signing paper work and thinking “this can’t be happening” but it clearly was. As much as I wanted to cry about the situation, I had to remind myself that all that mattered was the safety of my sweet baby. During this time, my husband reminded me that Baby A would indeed been born on March 1, like I had always imagined.

After being prepped to go, I was rolled into a bright room where I was hit with an overwhelming rush of emotions….I think I started to have a small anxiety attack because I was feeling so many different things all at once and I wasn’t sure I could handle it all. Not only did I feel nauseous, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, like I had a ton of bricks on my chest. (I distinctly remember telling the anesthesiologist this and he said that that feeling was normal and would go away shortly.) I must note that the anestheisologist was wonderful, he was so kind and kept me very informed throughout the whole process. Thankfully after being prepped, my husband was able to come into the room and though I felt a little less fearful, I was still in complete disbelief about everything. I seriously never imagined this scenerio and still could not believe that this was really happening to me. I was really going to have a C-section.

I remember hearing different people talk and just felt completely awake yet completely muddled with reality all at the same time.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the doctor tell my husband “Do you want to see your baby being born?” and without hesitation he stood up and looked over the curtain. That’s when I felt a lot of pressure and heard everyone scurrying about. Upon pulling out the baby from my tummy, the doctor confirmed what he had initially suspected was the reason for the baby’s issue with the pitocin….the cord was  in fact wrapped around his neck.

(My hubsand was very skeptical when the doctor had previously mentioned the possible issue with the cord while just reviewing my contractions but was in complete amazement when he found out that the doctor really knew what was wrong and acted completely accordingly. We are both so thankful for the doctor’s great wisdom and feel completely blessed that everything turned out alright.)

I couldn’t believe it. He was here! 🙂 My sweet little blessing had been born, though not how I ever expected, he was here and everything was ok. Then I heard him cry and it really hit me!…I was a mommy!

My husband then came over to me with the nurses who held my sweet baby and let me hold him skin to skin on my chest. He was beautiful! I looked at him and could not believe my eyes…I immediately saw my grandmother. It must have been the light raditating off of him and the glow that surround his body that made me immediatly think of her and all I could do was smile because he was perfect.

Baby Aiden not only has his great-grandmother in heaven above watching over him, but also my beautiful cousin Natalie with whom he now shares a birthday with. ❤ I always told myself that Natalie (who I admired like a sister) would be my “spirtual doula” and help me throughout my labor spirtually. I truly felt that she was there with me throughout it all. It’s even more special that Aiden was born on her birthday. Two beautiful people born on the 1st of March. ❤

Though both my husband and I were completely shocked that he was a mere 5 lbs 6 oz, Mr. Aiden, though little bitty, radiated an immense amount of love. He was also completely alert and wide-eyed after being born; it was as though he was taking everything in and it was so sweet to see him so calm, so happy and so completely beautiful. He truly is perfect and we are completely blessed and blissful. ❤

Welcome Baby Aiden 🙂 my life never really began until I held you in my arms. XOXO Mommy


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Birth Story part 1

February 29

I was NOT feeling like myself at all, I was extra tired and I noticed lower abdominal cramping and a pain in my back. I decided to take it easy that day and not walk/workout because I was simply too exhausted to handle it. So after cleaning the kitchen I decided to take a nice warm bath. With that I noticed the back pain subsided but the stomach cramps were still present so I decided to be a complete bum and relax in bed the rest of the afternoon. I read my book and completely relaxed with a slight hope that these pains were an early sign of labor. By this time I was SOOO anxious, especially since I was already past my due date, but wasn’t going to let it get to me because I knew it wouldn’t happen if I kept anticipating it. Needless to say, I was very ready for labor to get here so I could meet my sweet little blessing. However, nothing happened besides the occasional cramping here and there throughout the rest of the evening. I figured if it was anything, it had to be false labor. With no sign of any progress, I went to bed without any anticipation of what would happen the following day….(So much for a leap year baby..lol)

March 1

I slept well throughout the night and woke up that morning feeling the same as every other morning. I got up and began watching the news while snacking on cereal because I had to get ready for my prenatal appointment at 8am. I was super bummed that I was having to attend this appointment after all, but it was alright, I was hoping to get some information from the doctor on my progress. While sitting down on the couch I felt it….a warm trickle of water in my shorts….I immediately told myself “No way!” and sure enough I went to the bathroom and noticed a small amount of fluid there. I told myself again “This can’t be what I think it is….” So with that I continued to watch the news and…..it happened AGAIN!…..at 7:13 am exactly I noticed the small trickle again and couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself “Ok this could really be it! My water is breaking!” So I decided to go upstairs and let my husband know and sure enough while walking up the stairs more and more fluid kept leaking out. 😀 I was SOOO EXCITED, yet completely calm all at the same time! 🙂 I went into the bedroom and told hubby, “I think my water just broke!” He immediately jumped out of bed (more alert than I have ever seen him) and said “Ok! Let’s get things ready to go.” He began gathering our items for the hospital and such while I checked to make sure we had everything we needed. I could tell he was nervous because from upstairs I heard him spill Lexie’s food all over the kitchen floor. 😛

At 8 am, instead of heading to my doctor’s appointment we were headed to the hospital. I called my parents to let them know the news and immediately upong answering my little sister said “No baby yet?!” and with an overwhelming joy I told her “Maybe baby..” and she responded with “What?! Really?! Baby!?” It was the cutest thing ever. I proceeded to tell my parents what had happened and how we were on our way to the hospital. They were in complete shock and were absolutely estatic. 😀

Upon arriving at the hospital I was checked to make sure my water had broken and the doctor immediately confirmed it and said I was 3 cm dilated! 🙂 I couldn’t believe it, I was sure that I was barely at a 1 if even. Then with a bit of confusion, my husband asked the doctor “So what does this mean? Are we staying or are we going?” and the doctor responded “Yes sir, ya’ll are definitely staying.” I couldn’t help but smile because in that moment I knew, that it was really happening…I was in LABOR! 😀 We waited a little bit for the paper work to be done and we  were then escorted to our delivery room where I was hooked up to the machines and Baby A and I were monitored.

After being on the monitors for a little while I noticed my contractions started to become more prevalent. I even thought to myself, “this isn’t so bad, maybe I can do this, especially if I’m already dialated 3 cm!” My nurses were absolutely darling, they were so nice and made me feel great throughout the whole process. After feeling stronger contractions in my back, I asked the nurse if I was able to get up and walk around a bit, with the hope of helping me progress faster and to alleviate the back pain I was feeling. Thankfully, she let me get off the machines and walk around. Sadly, as soon as I was up and moving, my contractions didn’t feel as strong, and instead seemed to lessen in strength. After 45 minutes of walking, I was hooked up to the monitors again, only to find out that my contractions had slowed down and spread apart. The doctor also mentioned to me that pitcocin might be considered if I need helped getting my contractions closer together. Though I wasn’t too fond of the idea of using pitocin, I knew I didn’t have much a choice if it really came down it. After being monitored for abour 2 hours and no great change in my contractions, the doctor suggested intervening with a bit of pitocin to get things going. My nurse specially said “thing are going to get real here in a minute.” The nurses also told me that whenever I wanted the epidural, they’d go ahead and set that up for me. At this point, I was still feeling really good. My contractions had increased in pain but weren’t completely unbearable. (Again I thought “Hey! this isn’t that bad!”) But then an hour after the pitocin began things really did “real” and the pain was INTENSE. After several painful contractions and wanting to curse on the top of my lungs, I asked for epidural. I had always known I would most likely ask for it, even though I wanted to see how long I could go without it, so it wasn’t too big of a surprise. The pain was so intense that I had forgotten everything they had taught me in the birthing classes on how to breathe and I could not focus properly throughout them. I loved the fact that my husband kept telling me that he felt I could handle it without the epideral but he understood and supported my decision to get the pain reliever. He was very encouraging and positive and I loved his faith in me. I also knew that I still has a good amount of progression to make and the pain would only intensify so the epideral was much needed.

Though a bit shaky and nervous, the epideral was administered and the pain slowly went away. Things were good! Or so I thought. The nurses kept coming into my room and asking me to switch positions, so I went from one side to my back, to the other side several times. At first I didn’t understand the reason for this, until the doctor came in and said that he was going to take me off the pitocin because the baby wasn’t liking it. I was checked and still hadn’t made ANY progress. :-/ So, the nurses continued to monitor my contractions on their own without the pitocin to see if that would work better. Another 2 hours passed and the doctor checked me again…still NO progress…again my contractions weren’t staying close together like they should. With this, they decided to try the pitocin again to see if this time things could progress better…maybe the second time is a charm?

During all of this, my nurses kept telling me to rest because I would need all the energy I had when it came time to push. Though I tried to sleep some, I just couldn’t because I was so anxious to know if I was progressing at all. I had already been checked twice without making any progess and I needed to know if things were ok and my body was cooperating well with everything.

By the next time I was due to be checked, the doctors and nurses had changed shifts and I had a new doctor who would me monitoring my progres. I was not too happy about this, but I couldn’t help the situation. I felt comfortable with the previous doctor (heck, he had checked me 3 times already!) but by this time I also kept thinking to myself that all that mattered was the safety of Baby A.

Again, while on the pitocin, I was told to switch positions on several occasions and when the new doctor checked me, he said I was still at a 3-4. 😦

Two cycles of pitocin and no progress…and even worse baby A was again not liking the pitocin at all.

By this point, I was tired, hungry, and completely let down by the fact that I wasn’t progressing like I should be. Though no one had said anything yet, I knew that we were running out of time and an alternative birth plan could be in the future. Complete sadness, frustration and dissaspointment had hit me by this point. I kept thinking to myself “my water broke, so my body must be ready for labor” yet it wasn’t cooperating like it should and I began to feel like an absolute failure. 😦

Then the on-call midwife came in to check me since she had been on-call with my first doctor and would be a better judge of my progress. After checking me, I could read it by the look on her face….I was barely a 4, maybe a 5, but being that it was already 9 PM, I was still not progressing fast enough. Shortly after, the midwife returned with another doctor who wanted to check my status and monitor my contractions first hand. He saw that with every contraction, baby’s heart rate dipped slightly and once again confirmed that this wasn’t a good sign. He also checked me himself and reaffirmed the fact that even though I had progressed to a 6, I wasn’t progressing fast enough and with each stronger contraction, the baby’s heart rate continued to drop. He said he would give me a few more contractions to see if things changed otherwise another birth plan would be taken….


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*Aiden Carter*

Born on March 1, 2012 @10:38 pm weighing 5 lbs 6 oz.

Being a mommy is a FULL time job and I’m totally LOVING it!! More updated posts to come, including Mr. Aiden’s birth story! 🙂



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*38 weeks* <3

Feeling: Great! I was actually expecting to be totally exhausted and worn out but I’m surprisingly feeling pretty stinking awesome right now. Physically-Feeling good as well. The soreness in my hips/pelvic area comes and goes, though it is uncomfortable at times, it’s nothing too horrific or anything. I’ve definitely noticed more “lightening bolt” feelings and braxton hicks here and there but nothing too off the wall. The other day I got one pretty intense “lightening bolt” that hit me and I jumped up from the couch because it totally caught me off guard. After I described what it was like to the hubby he couldn’t help but laugh. 😛 Everyday now he’ll ask if I’ve felt anymore “lightening bolts down there.” haha Emotionally-I’m feeling really good; I’ve been chatting with my friend who recently had her little girl and she’s totally helped ease my worries and fears. I swear she’s like my labor preparation coach-I’m so lucky to have her help me throughout all of this. I’m definitely past the *FEAR* stages, I think it hit me a few weeks ago and now even though I’m still fearful (who isn’t honestly?) I’m starting to feel so much more confident and READY. I’m PUMPED! I know it’s gonna be hard, tough, agonizing, overwhelming, emotional, every bit of everything I have and have not felt in my life but I am sooo ready for it all. 🙂 I’m looking at it like a marathon that I have to endure and I’m so ready to reach the finish line.

Exercise: Continuing to exercise daily, some days more than others. Lately I’ve had a burst of extra energy when it comes to my workouts, I’ve been doing more walk/jog intervals while on the treadmill and let me tell ya it feels SOOO GOOD to get a good sweat on! 😀 I do monitor my heart rate though just to make sure I’m not overdoing it. 🙂

Cravings/Indulgences: Totally craving tons of FRUIT: Pineapple & Grapes in particularly. 🙂 No major indulgences, just enjoying all my regular foods and one additional oldie…I started drinking skim milk again…I hadn’t drank REAL milk since a while before I got preggers. I had just stopped drinking it altogether and sinply chose other milk subsitutes. This past trimester I had a huge urgency to drink a nice cold glass of milk and though it surprised me a bit, I totally indulged & it was….really good. Maybe my body was craving/wanting more calcium??

 Changes: No major changes minus the fact that I feel as though he has definitely DROPPED and I feel as though I can move around much better and TUMS is no longer my bestie. *WAHOO!!*

Doctors notes: Everything looks great! Baby A is HEAD DOWN!! 😀 I’m soooo happy that he is in the right position and ready to go! 🙂 My weight gain is just right and little man is measuring just right as well, so now it’s just time to continue to let him bake.

Baby stuff bought: The swing and bouncy came in last week and now we’re pretty much set! 🙂 Just a few things here and there but nothing major.

What I’m loving: I’m totally loving all the love and affection I’ve been receiving from my family, friends and sweet hubby. ❤ My parents call me every morning to *check in* on us, which is so sweet. Hubby does the same thing every morning via email, the first thing he asks is “how are you feeling today?” 🙂 Which just makes me feel so loved and cared for. My little furbabies have also been on the lookout lately too-they follow me EVERYWHERE and keep a close eye on me. I swear they talk to one another and are saying “She’s bound to pop any day now, so keep a close watch on her” 😛 hehe

I’m also loving the waiting part, though at times it keeps me up late a night because I’m soooo anxious and excited to meet our little guy, at the same time I feel totally BLISSFUL for everything thus far. I’ve realized we’ve got to cherish every moment of every day because it’s only going to continue to change as the days pass by. I’ve just been feeling an extra special connection to my husband lately that is sooo amazing and wonderful. I’m just thankful for everything and hopeful and excited for the future. ❤

Fun stuff: No more baby classes at all, now it’s just the two of us playing the waiting game! 😀  I can’t believe there are only *12 days* til my due date!! 😀

Predictions: Hubby says Feb. 23…..I still say the 1st of March…we will seeee!!

{38 weeks on Valentine’s Day<3}

{“Baby got FRONT!” as my little sis would say!}

{Valentines Day 2012 <3}

{Belly photo fun}

{Baby A lovin'<3}

{<3 Belly belly}

{napkin love notes <3}

{the doc said he his head looked “perfect” 🙂 <3}

Welp, that’s all folks! Hope you have a fabulous day!

❤ Alicia


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36 weeks!

(Sorry I’m been totally MIA lately friends, but I’ve just been busy prepping for baby getting and taking a long relaxing break from blogging. But I’m back and hoping to post more frequently and look forward to catching up with all of you.<3)

(source: TheBump.com)

Feeling: Good!! Anxious and excited all at the same time.  Physically-I occasionally have lower back/pelvic pain but it comes and goes sporadically.  Less and less heartburn(YAY!)-for a while there I was getting it after pretty much anything and everything I ate. Emotionally-Good as well, but starting to get super nervous too. I tell my hubby it’s been “easy” being pregnant thus far, thankfully I’ve had a relatively nice pregnancy and now that it’s so close to his arrival I’m feeling anxious because I’m beginning to worry about all the do’s and don’ts of parenthood. What if I’m not a good mom? What if I can’t tell why he’s crying? What if I have trouble breastfeeding? You name it, I’ve been thinking it and it is really starting to worry me, especially since I won’t have my mom close by to help me out throughout this new beginning.

Exercise: Consistently moving, like I said before I think this has definitely helped alleviate the aching pain in lower back. I’m not doing intervals as much anymore but I am continuing to walk my little heart out and do small weight sessions here and there.

Cravings/Indulgences: Just like in my first trimester, while walking around IKEA I got a huge craving for a cinnamon roll and I devoured it with great joy. I also bought a couple of them for my pregger pal too since she LOVES cinnamon rolls, particularly those from Cinnabon. Oranges have come and gone, now it’s bananas, peanut butter, and *GRAPES*. I feel like my normal taste buds have finally returned and I’m loving all the things I loved prior to being pregnant, with the exception of spicy stuff because I’ve apparently inherited a great love for all foods, salsas, and dips that are flaming hot during my pregnancy! Little man takes after his momma’s side of the family. 😉

Changes: I think my belly has dropped, I asked hubby what he thought be he can’t tell the difference. I’m also warmer than usual, my hands and feet were always freezing, even up until a few weeks ago but now I feel like I’m burning up all the time. Hot flashes? Yep you betcha. Oh & remember the stretchy pants?…yep I have a couple of them that are my FAVORITE and all I want to do is wear them 24/7 along with all my other yoga workout clothes. I do have a few pairs of maternity jeans/pants but they just aren’t as comfy & at this point I’m all about *comfort*.

Doctors notes: 36 week check up was really good. My doctor said my weight gain was perfect and baby seemed to be doing really well. My next check up is scheduled in two weeks. I was a bit disappointed because I was ready for the WEEKLY checkups already…lol I’m just sooo excited that I can’t help it.

Baby stuff bought: ALL sorts of goodies, wipes, diapers, onesies, bath tub, blankets galore…. 😀 We also got the glider, which we totally LOVE (I’ll post pics later).  There are a couple of things we need to get, but since he’ll be sleeping in a bassinet in our room, those things can hold off a bit still.

What I’m loving: Baby A is moving A LOT!! I’m loving every bit of it and can’t help but smile and stare at my belly every single second of the day.

My pregger pal who is/was two weeks ahead of me had her baby this past week and words cannot describe how happy I am for her and her hubby. 😀 Her little girl is precious and though I was a bit nervous at first, I think I was mostly in shock that she was no longer pregnant anymore and she had a NEWBORN in her arms. It was very surreal to see and comprehend the whole thing but once it finally sunk in I feel excited and sooo happy. Holding her sweet baby girl is the sweetest thing ever and I gladly held her during the super bowl and thought she was way more entertaining and eye-catching than all of the super bowl commercials.

Hiccups-Baby A gets hiccups pretty much daily and it’s seriously the cutest thing ever. Feeling them is the one thing but seeing them is even more amazing. ❤ I’m sooo in love with him already it’s insane.

Reading other blogger’s birth stories/mama tips. I must say nothing is more helpful than getting real life info from women who are going through this transition as well. Though everyone’s experience is so different, it’s so nice to read things that make you feel more at ease with things like labor, breastfeeding, and the ooey gooey-ness that baby classes don’t always cover in depth.

Fun stuff:      36 week baby class & tour of the hospital (check!)

Baby Boot Camp (check!)

Hanging out at much as possible with fellow pregger pals (check!)

First visitors to the new casa (check!)

So far, no more baby classes….CRAZY!! Now it’s just a matter of playing the waiting game…. 😀

Guessing game:

My family & friends have put in their guestimations of baby’s date of arrival and I think it’s just so fun to see what dates they’ve picked.

My brother Daniel: Feb. 8 (tomorrow? Ha! Yes, because it’s his *2 month anniversary* with his gf….LOL)

My sis Mia: Feb. 28th (my due date)

Mom-Feb. 20th

Dad-Feb 21st

Gal Pal & the newbie Mommy- Feb. 20th

Hubby-no idea

Me-I still think he’s gonna make us wait til March, so I’m thinking the first week in March sometime.

 Got any predictions?? Feel free to add them, I’m loving all the guesses. 

{36 weeks & the day my friend’s little girl was born<3}

{Another 36 weeks pic, taken later during the week}


{sweet onesies}

{Baby Boot Camp [34 weeks] Real men wear empathy bellies!}

{Diaper changing practice…yeah buddy!}

{realizing the pretend baby has “real” fake baby poop…not so fun…LOL}

{Belly loving from my snuggle bunny Lucas}

{Lex not so into her brother’s hat…lol But still looking adorable as always!}

{33 week & 36 week belly comparision<3}

Oh & please disregard my frizzy hair-thanks pregnancy hormones.. 😛

P.S. TODAY!!! I’m actually *37 weeks* 😀 Wowza! **Full term happy dance**

Have a great week friends!




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32 weeks!

Stats: By now, your baby weighs 3.75 pounds (a large jicama) and is about 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in your uterus. You’re gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of that goes right to your baby. In fact, she’ll gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb. She now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz). Her skin is becoming soft and smooth as she plumps up in preparation for birth. (Baby Center)


How I’m feeling: GREAT!! 🙂 Each day, I tell you I’m more and more amazed with my body’s changes. I’ve honestly never felt more happy & confident with myself! Thankfully, the heartburn has subsided drastically; I only get it occasionally now so Tums is now just my part-time bestie. 😉 One thing I have noticed is that when I lay on my side, I feel a huge tug on my belly, as if the baby shifts and is pulling in the opposite direction. (talk about being VERY uncomfortable) While sleeping, my huge snoogle pillow comes in handy when this happens, but when sitting or lying on the couch, I have accommodate my belly appropriately to keep this from occurring. I’ve also noticed that I get tired more easily, so occasional naps are always in session to help me get through the day.

Exercise: Since Excercise TV is now extinct (*tear*) I’m no longer able to get my Cardio Kickboxing on :-/ but I’ve been walking daily on the treadmill at a moderate walking speed with a variety of incline settings. I also do some free weights to work my arms and legs (legs mostly) but I haven’t done them as often as I did before I became pregnant. The treadmill along with squats and lunges have been my most dominant workout routine lately. Exercising has definitely helped me with the back pain that I was experiencing earlier in my pregnancy and it has also helped boost my low energy levels which definitely helps me get through the day. The Baby Center app says that exercise=more energy. I didn’t believe this theory until I tried and it really works.

Food Cravings: ANYTHING & EVERYTHING CITRUS related. Oranges/Tangerines/Mandarins have overwhelmed my refrigerator. I cannot get enough of them! Other than that no other major cravings…besides desperately wanting something that I can’t have…….a DRINK!! haha A sangria is totally calling my name!! (& I was NEVER a big drinker before, I suppose it’s the fact that I CAN’T have it that makes me want it sooo darn bad!)

{Ohhh yess!! The best $5.99 I’ve spent in my life!!}

Indulgences: A homemade caramel apple…

{so it’s not a REAL caramel apple, but it tastes just as DELICIOUS!!}

Baby A’s Food Faves: …..Chocolate. 🙂 Sooo weird because I’ve never actually been a big chocolate fan. I would occasionally eat a teeny piece here and there, but I read in a pregnancy magazine that the endorphins in chocolate can help baby be more HAPPY! 😀 So with that piece of advice, I figured I’d give it a try, since hubby (I mean *Santa*) bought be an assortment of Ghirardelli Chocolates for Christmas, which include the milk chocolate & caramel, peppermint bark, and dark chocolate squares. {To be honest, I hadn’t even touched the bag since Christmas, I figured it would last me ALL year and then some since chocolate isn’t my thing, especially DARK chocolate.} Well, I decided to experiment and have a half of a square of the DARK chocolate (since it’s healthy and all and that’s what I’m aiming for) and 10 minutes later…….BABY A was in a kicking frenzy!! 🙂 He apparently REALLY liked it. Funny thing is that hubby and I are not big chocolate fans to begin with, so this is an interesting find. I’ve eaten some of my other favorite candy (in moderation of course) and he never really responded to it like he did with the CHOCOLATE. Needless to say, I’ve now begun to incorporate an 1/2 of a piece of chocolate into my diet daily & he LOVES it!!

So I’ve concluded that he has taken after his choco-holic Auntie Mia! ❤ I’m sure she’ll LOVE him even more now!

{Auntie Mia displaying her LOVE for chocolate, taken a few years ago while visiting Colonial Williamsburg. When we asked her what her favorite part of visiting D.C. was, she’ll tell you it was getting the chocolate bar, no joke. 😛 Thought this was very fitting for the occasion.}

What I’m loving: His movements have definitely become stronger and more distinct. Before I felt tons of kicks and jabs and such but NOW I feel movement all the way across my tummy! 🙂 Watching my belly morph is the cutest thing ever and I can’t get enough of it. It got me thinking the other day how much I’m going to miss all of this. Hubby reassures me that once he’s here I’ll be so happy, I won’t miss being pregnant, but part of me still feels that I might, because it’s been such an amazing and indescribable journey.

Baby Stuff bought: More clothes, blankets, the stroller & his BEDDING!! 😀 Our Christmas gift from my parents was Baby’s A’s bedding and we absolutely LOVE it! 😀 It’s been soooo exciting seeing of all his things in his room and around the house. I absolutely LOVE baby shopping. In every store we go to, we go to the *baby* section FIRST, it’s especially cute when hubby does it. He used to be “Mr. Electronics” and would go to that section first, but other cool things that sparked his interests now.

Upcoming Events: Baby Bootcamp class, Baby class #4 🙂 36 week class & tour of the hospital!


*32 weeks & GROWing*

{The two three of us on Christmas Eve}

Significant growth in the last couple of weeks! 😀

Only a few more weeks to go, it seem SOOO far away yet so close.

❤ Alicia


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