One sweet blessing

It all started on July 2, 2011 @ 7:30 am…

I woke up anxious to do a pregnancy test and get the results back because I was clearly a week late, (which had to stand for something right?). I was honestly a bit hesitant to be so eager because the previous month of dealing with a late period and several negative test results turned out to be a not so fun. I honestly thought to myself: “It will most likely be negative, so be prepared to go back to sleep and continue dreaming about being poolside with the fam.” Half asleep I tinkled on the pregnancy test stick and sat hopelessly wondering if the baby dancing had indeed worked or if I was putting too much stress on myself for things to happen so quickly. After three seemingly endless minutes, I grabbed the little stick and unbelievably saw two little pink lines. In that moment all I could do was smile from ear to ear. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought to myself: “You are going to be a mommy!!!” Words cannot express the joy that I felt in that instant. I immediately went to the room to wake up JJ and let him about the news. Half asleep he looked up at me and saw me smiling from ear to ear, as I told him I was PREGNANT!!! 😀

It as if he had been summoned by an alarm on the ship, he immediately woke up and gave me a huge hug and told me he couldn’t believe it. As I sat next to him on the bed it hit me…like wave raging from a storm a huge feeling of hunger. There was no anticipating it, it just hit me and within seconds my tummy was roaring with frustration. So in order to calm the lion in my tummy, we decided to get breakfast. After dressing in a hurry and discussing breakfast plans, my stomach told me there is no waiting time available and the message was clear…”FOOD NOW!!”

So on to Starbucks we went, I got my favorite breakfast and my typical grande iced coffee. I devoured the little breakfast wrap with complete satisfaction and my tummy was absolutely delighted! (Apparently happy baby=happy mommy) My classic iced coffee however did not taste so fabulous, in fact I noticed that the taste of coffee itself left me feeling quiet icky instead, so after a couple of sips of what was once my favorite iced creation, I was done with it and quickly broke up with my favorite caffeine bestie.

After getting back from what seemed like the best breakfast of my life, the overwhelming excitement enticed me to retest again. (You know just to make sure I was *still* pregnant.) I knew the chemicals were most prevalent early in the morning before eating, but I needed something to reassure my anxiety of the events from earlier.

So off to the potty I went with another stick, hoping it would be a magic one as well. Three minutes later….. ANOTHER set of pink lines appeared. It was REAL!

All I felt afterwards was pure bliss.


One response to “One sweet blessing

  1. GG

    😀 And I’m gonna be a first time Grandma!!!

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