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Happy birthday darling!

To the love of my life, may God shower his blessings on you and fill your day with endless happiness and love. Happy Birthday Darling! ❤




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Take Time Tuesday {#2}


Take Time Tuesday brought to us by the lovely Katie!!

This week I’m grateful for…

yummy eats

20130327-080924.jpgOvernight oats in jar with strawberries and bananas

20130327-080932.jpgchicken pita with carving board chicken, cheese, greens (spinach & romaine lettuce), hummus, greek yogurt & guacamole, green bell pepper.

20130327-080939.jpga cute Easter Bunny and an even more precious little man who was completely mesmerized by him.

20130327-081019.jpgA’s face lit up when he saw the Easter Bunny walk over to him and was completely overjoyed when he shook his hand and sat in his lap. ❤ The photos taken by the photographer captured him smiling  and I was absolutely esctatic. I didn’t think he would cry, but I had no idea he’d LOVE the Easter Bunny as much as he did; I seriously think he could have sat there for hours.

I’m also thankful for finding the perfect DIY project, one we’ve been eager to tackle.


20130327-081200.jpg{this is the before photo, can’t wait to complete it and show you what it looks like after}

Lastly, I am grateful for my hubby who is not only handsome and smart but also very skillful and handy. There is nothing more attractive than a guy who confidently tackles any project placed in front of him. ❤

Happy Tuesday friends!

What are you thankful for?

❤ Alicia


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Marvelous Monday {#3} & bunny lovin’

Happy {Marvelous} Monday Friends (Thanks Katie for hosting)!! ❤


We had a fabulous weekend especially since my little man finally started to feel much better! 🙂 A happy, healthy baby makes for a happy & blessed mommy! ❤

We hung out with our sweet friends all weekend and even strolled the mall some to let the babies practice walking. By the end of the day A was a mall walking pro & shopping expert. 😉

We had initially planned on just taking them to the kid’s play area, but quickly realized that our brave little 1 year olds wouldn’t stand a chance there since it was full of walkers, runners, and super hyperactive kiddos of ALL ages. :-/ So instead, we just let the two babes walk around the not-so-crowded area of the mall.

A LOVED it! He walked all over the place…he even walked himself into ONE store in particular….BUILD-A-BEAR! 🙂 It was too funny, of all the stores to choose from..(thanks GG for introducing him to the world of Build-A-Bear workshop!) He merrily walked around the store looking around and observing everything and then immediately went straight for a shelf of mini stuffed animals, grabbed a tye-dye bunny and walked off.

After walking around some more with his little bunny in hand, he headed straight for the EXIT…..(the entire time he was walking, the hubby and I were 3 feet or so away from him at all times) so we stopped him and proceeded to put the bunny back on the shelf before we left. As we attempted to grab the bunny from him….he SCREAMED! After a few seconds of embarressment, we tried it again. AGAIN he SCREAMED! After exchanging several confused looks at one another, the hubby and I laughed and tried it one more time. Sure enough, he screamed and began to whine some and then proceeded to walk around again like a big boy or better yet, a little man on a mission!

While all of this was going on the workers at Build-A-Bear laughed and said he was so cute. Finally, after several minutes of trying to redirect A, the hubby just figured it would be easier to just purchase the bunny so we could leave.

And just like we realized: A had us wrapped around his little finger.

Before leaving, we asked A to choose the bunny he wanted and after showing him a brown one (instead of the tye-dye one) he immediately grabbed it and joyfully walked out of the store like a champ, leaving daddy in charge of paying for it. 😉 Thanks dad!

bunny bunny

BAB Aiden

A bunny loving

Aiden bunny

Apparently, throwing a tantrum works…just ask our little Mr.

Score: Aiden 1 Mommy & Daddy 0

Afterwards the hubby and I spoke about it and agreed we couldn’t let him do this on a regular basis, obviously. Though it was CUTE this time around, we know we need to be more stern in the future. We both also just laughed about it because it was TOTALLY UNEXPECTED! How on earth did he KNOW to do that? It just further verifies the fact that KIDS ARE JUST SOOOOO SMART.

Honestly, I’m just happy to see that he’s feeling so much better. Fit or no fit, it was great to see him walking around exploring his surroundings. 🙂

Oh & I just had to share this one too..

SO fluffy

{“it SO FLUFFY!!!” Despicable Me}

Besides this weekend being completely wonderful, this week is absolutely MARVELOUS because it is *SPRING BREAK*!!! 😀 Timing wise, it couldn’t be any better!! 🙂

This week I’m planning on:

Doing lots of Spring cleaning

Meal planning/menu planning

Working on A’s photo books/scrapbook

Reading for fun


oh & studying for my last teacher exam

🙂 Talk about a fun-filled week!! Hope you guys have a great one as well!



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A week of FIRSTS…

Just when I think I’m getting into a regular routine and plan on blogging more…BAM! something else pops up…..thus is life though right!?

So this past week has been a surprisingly fun, joyous and absolutely CRAZY and a bit hectic…but hey! we’re surviving!! (insert *I’m a survivor* song here! lol)

1. A sweet someone (A’s Momo) surprised us on Thursday night, flying in from TX just in time for little man’s birthday! 😀  It was TOTALLY unexpected; we are usually the ones doing the surprises, but this time we were the ones completely dumbfounded when we saw her at the front door.


2. My little baby turned *1* on Friday and we had his sweet birthday party on Saturday! 😀 (More birthday pics to come!)


3. Following his birthday party, little man got sick and when I say sick, I mean really sick! 😦 He ran a fever (for the first time ever) causing us to make a trip to the ER. 😦

4. It actually *SNOWED* but enjoying it was the last thing on our minds. Aiden didn’t care much for the snow the last time we got a brief dusting, so I figured this weeks snow wouldn’t be very impressive to him either, plus we were NOT willing to risk him getting even more sick, so the winter wonderland was no big deal in our casa.

IMG_3690{Jan 23 Snow}

5. After many doses of children’s tylenol and motrin, my little love bug’s fever subsided, BUT then he got this random RASH all over his body. Again, I FREAKED OUT and we rushed to the ER once again. Thankfully, they said it was just a side effect of the fever and should go away in a couple of days. (which it slowly is, thank goodness!) {first time parent over reaction  maybe!?….YOU BET!}

6. Mommy’s homework was been placed on the back burner since my little munchkin has been a nursing & snuggle bunny all week long, and you know what?….I’m not even phased by it. Baby comes first! School work will eventually get done.

7. I love love love breastfeeding; I’ve had my ups and downs with it, but I swear the ups have completely outweighed the downs and this week further enhances my adoration for it. I’ve nursed A more these last couple of days than I have in months. The only thing that would soothe him was me nursing him and with that, I’d nurse him at little ache and cry all day and all night. Although, I felt as though I was nursing a newborn, I loved that I could make him feel a bit better. ❤

8. And lastly, on a sweet note, yesterday was the first time I’ve had blue bell ice cream here in VA! 😀 The commissary nearby has started to carry BLUE BELL and a friend dropped some off to us last night!! 🙂 Blue bell makes me happy!

BB ice cream


P.s. Blue bell makes EVERYTHING better!

Now that my little honey bunny is feeling better, this mommy has to get back on her school work. Happy FRIDAY!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! ❤

❤ Alicia


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A @ 11 months!

Ok ok, so this post is just about 4 weeks late and all, since my little booger will be *1* tomorrow!! But hey, better late then never!  😉

I seriously believe this month has flown by, although they all seemed to pass very quickly this one was by far the fastest, or perhaps it was just me being in mommy denial that my baby is no longer a baby but more and more like a toddler.

Since about 10.5 months he started standing up for long periods of time, obviously at first it was just a few seconds, but they were some long seconds and we immediately noticed he had some amazing balance. Then two weeks later, exactly at 11 months, he started to take one or two steps….then within a week he was taking 4-5 steps and sure enough you can guess it, another week later, he’s taking 7-8 steps! By 11.5 months he was WALKING from one side of the room to the other and has yet to STOP. 🙂 I honestly never imagined him walking, he was always (and still is) so tiny and I could not comprehend the thought of my baby being mobile. Well it happened and I BELIEVE IT NOW; he’s a walker! For the first few days, when he really got the hang of it, it’s all he wanted to do, just walk walk walk. Of course, now that he’s had so much practice he still loves it but has also enjoys playing and getting into stuff just as much.

This month A:

has sprouted another tooth! (This makes it the FIRST tooth on top!)

loves playing with everything that isn’t a toy! (mommy’s sunglasses and purse, daddy’s homework, the remote, mommy’s phone, the folded laundry, the cabinets…etc. etc.) So you know baby gates have popped up everywhere now, we are at a total of 4 so far, looking at adding another.. (talk about stylish!! ;-P)

prefers to drink out of everyone else’s cup; his favorite is any pink straw cup that belongs to his friend Maya.

loves to make noise, bang toys together, bang on the table or the baby gate with whatever object he has in his hands.

likes to throw anything and everything down the stairs by fitting it through the slits in the baby gate.

loves to throw in general and he’s got a pretty nice arm on him! (future baseball pitcher or footbal QB!?! Maybe..)

loves bath time, especially when he can get ahold of the rinse cup. He often times tries to pour water OUT of the tub…(guess it’s time to reread the No No Yes Yes book.)

loves being in the car and being told we are going “bye bye!”

LOVES to dance; anytime he hears music he shakes his booty!

has started to sign more, and signs: “book,” “more” “all done” and “leche.” The other day at the store he was happily eating a cookie while sitting in the cart and after he finished it he looked at me and signed “all done,” I, of course, was ecstatic and praised him for it!

has started to screech and scream more in an attempt to tell us what he wants. Usually he wants a drink or more of what he’s eating so I’m having to remind him to “use his words” and sign to us. Today, I asked him “What do you want? Would you like *more*?” as I signed the sign for “more” and sure enough he simply responded with the sign for “more”. 😀

Favorite time of day: definitely the morning and when daddy gets home from work!

Favorite book: Olivia

Favorite character: Elmo

Speaking of Elmo, his new favorite thing to do is play with this really cute Elmo app. He seriously knows how to navigate it already…(maybe just by chance) but it keeps him occupied and it totally works!! 😀 I usually use it when he’s ultra fussy in the car, or when we are out and about and he wants to be held or is screaming for something…like a balloon. At this point it’s all about redirecting his attention and Elmo is my go-to helper! 🙂

Food wise: He loves bread, blueberries, pears, peaches, MANDARIN ORANGES, avocado, apple sauce, cheese, yogurt, eggs, green smoothies, black beans, pancakes, cottage cheese, pasta, salmon, peas and carrots.

He dislikes kiwi, apples (I think because they aren’t soft enough yet.) and broccoli :-/ but we’re working on the greens.

He likes the carrier and loves to nurse in it when we’re out & about. I swear he nurses 10 times longer than usual when we are in public! lol Thankfully, I’ve finally gotten over my fear of breastfeeding in public! 🙂

He also loves balloons & bubbles and playing with Maya’s toys (his are apparently lame I

One of my favorite moments from this month would definitely have to be seeing him walk & also seeing him  light up when he sees one of us and rushes towards us.

I also love seeing him dance when music comes on or when we say “shake it baby!” 😀

Aiden 11 months IMG_3697 IMG_3706 IMG_3708

IMG_3719 IMG_3740 IMG_3744 IMG_3754

“A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men. “-Martin Fraquhar Tupper

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.” -Robert Munsch


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Marvelous Monday

Today is not only a *Marvelous Monday* because we had an awesome weekend, but most importantly because it is CHRISTmas Eve! ❤ So I decided to participate in my sweet friend Katie’s MIMM, {for the first time!!}


On Friday we hosted GAME NIGHT at our house and it was SUPER FUN! The babies got to play while us adults shared some great laughs while playing Pictionary. We also munched on some PIZZA….and someone else joined in on the fun as well…PIZZA

He totally LOVED it and kept grunting at us to give him more! 🙂

Since we stayed up til 3:30 AM (WHAT!?!…I know!!) We ended up having a LAZY Saturday and took a marvelous 2 hour nap!

We also received our lovely Christmas photos on Saturday and I LOVE THEM ALL! I’m finding it very hard to choice which one(s) to use for our holiday card this year..(YES! I’m behind sending out my cards this year but I couldn’t help it. Better late then never?! ;-))

This weekend I also got in a nice 3 mile run!! A FULL NONSTOP 3 miler!! 😀 I was very proud of myself because I haven’t ran that far in a while, since way before baby. I’m thinking about adding this to my New Year’s resolution so that I can start running again on a more regular basis. (I would love to run a 5 & 10K this upcoming year!)

Sunday I baked more cowboy cookies! Including a new-to-me recipe of Mexican Wedding Cookies that are full of powdery goodness 😉 cookies M

This weekend I also finished another DIY wreath! 😀 I had initially make this one…

wreathI wanted to add a personal touch to one so I decided to make this one:

F wreath

Though it may not be perfect, and I haven’t finished decorating it, I really like it and think it came our pretty darn cute if I say so myself!

Today we are going to just enjoy this MARVELOUS day with our sweet friends and this adorable little Santa baby…santa baby

Hope your Christmas Eve is MARVELOUS friends!! ❤ Alicia


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8 months

8 months….(almost *9* already too…) Ahhh! Where has the time gone??

My little 8 month old…

became very independent while visiting family at home he…

-went on his first trip without Mom, with his grandma and grandpa and did GREAT (even though Mom missed him like crazy,I was glad she could do some homework while he was out & about!)

-learned to sit up in the bath tub all by himself with a bit of assistance of course

-learned to say “bye-bye” with his hands which was SOOO CUTE! My dad told him “Let’s go bye-bye baby!” and A looked at him eagerly and waved “bye-bye”

-learned to DRIVE 😉 thanks to his Popo for teaching him to it’s done

-ate tons of yummy foods, including, rice, beans, ice cream, pie……

-was spoiled rotten with lots of toys, goodies, and attention 24/7… how could anyone resist a sweet face like his? 🙂

-got his first pair COWBOY BOOTS

-went to see a bunch of cute little baby goats

-watched his aunt Mia play volleyball every weekend

-also got to experience his first at home band concert by his aunt Mia on the clarinet and his uncle Danny on the trombone. Needless to say, A was super shocked when he heard them playing their tunes.

-starting to become an expert at using his little pinchers to pick up foods

-he mostly enjoyed all the loving and affection he got from EVERY ONE in the family! ❤

When we got back home he…

-began turning over more often, mostly from back to tummy (which he hated to be on) in an attempt to reach for toys

-started turning 360 degrees when on his tummy

-started throwing things; anything and everything he can grab, toys, his paci, rings,bouncy balls

-started to move from a seated position to his hands and knees

-rocks back and forth while on hands and knees and looks as though he is going to crawl, but then decides at the last moment to sit right back down. (SOO cute to watch)

-after a while of rocking back and forth, and sitting back down, he finally got the courage to just dive forward only to land on his tummy!

-since visiting the family and seeing many other faces he has become more aware of others and even allows new people to hold him without getting upset the moment Mommy walks out of the room.

-he is completely aware of his little furbaby siblings and loves to see them run around the house, it totally cracks him up.

-enjoys going to the library and is always such a good boy

-became a little pumpkin, literally..(see photo below)

-was a MONKEY for Halloween and enjoyed seeing all the kiddos trick-or-treating

-has definitely LEARNED the “bye-bye” day I tried to put him in his crib for a nap and he cried the entire 10 mins…so being the mom that I am the fact that I cannot stand to hear him cry (yes I know many of you are shaking your heads at me…but hey this is my parenting style..), I proceeded to pick him up. As soon as I held him in his arms, he smiled, rubbed his face in my shoulder with glee, then turned to his crib and waved “bye-bye” then smothered his face in my shoulder once again and smiled the biggest smile in the world. ❤

{At his first LH Football game!}{Rocking his personalized hat that his GG made him}


{He slept throughout the entire football game. 🙂 Guess it was too boring for him?}

{Using those pinchers!}


{Getting lots of lovin’ from his big sister Lex}


{All about those hands!}

{Bundled up for the cold VA winter!}


{Halloween, our little GREAT PUMPKIN}



{His first Halloween, my wittle monkey boy!}

He seriously melts my heart all the time with the smallest things he does, he’s such a smart little cookie, I cannot kiss him and love him enough, it drives me bonkers! ❤


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