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NYC trip + MiMM #4

Lately I’ve realized how precious life is. Obviously with the two tragedies from last week and other personal instances that have occured recently, I can’t help but feel grounded in the notion that in life every second counts and nothing should be taken for granted.

So after this past week, I’ve realized that I need to embrace, acknowledge and enjoy every moment including all the chaos and the imperfections of life. ❤

life quote


Last weekend we went to NYC! While I was totally stressing out about traveling with a toddler, I have to say it was 100% BETTER than I anticpated, in fact it was pretty stinkin’ AWESOME. A did absolutely wonderful and was a complete traveling champ. 🙂 It made us realize we need to get out MORE!

central park zoo



A Elmo{Elmo kept him happy during the early mornings in our hotel room}

One of my favorite parts of our trip was the bus tours we took, lots to see in a short amount of time! l would definitely recommend them to everyone, especially those with little ones!

IMG_4467 IMG_4471

IMG_4613 IMG_4623

All A wanted to do was walk around like a big boy and say hi to everyone. He definitely got tons of attention from others visitors as well, but can you blame them?…who wouldn’t smile at this sweet little face!?!

Despite all my worries about the trip, we had tons of fun with our little man and some great friends. ❤ Lots of exploring, sight-seeing, getting lost, and tons & tons of walking with a baby in the Boba carrier (mommy definitely got a full body workout!) but it was SO SO worth it!

Along with last weekend being wonderful, this weekend ended nicely as well, making today extra marvelous!


Marvelous in My Monday, thanks to the lovely Katie! ❤

Yesterday, I entered to win a free photo session with the girl who took our 2012 family Christmas photos &


All credit due to family & friends who voted for me via FB! ❤

So sometime soon I’ll hopefully getting some photos of my little man! ❤ Especially now that he’s rocking his boy haircut! 😉

To top things off last night, I ended it with a much-needed, mind-clearing, sweat-drenching interval run on the treadmill. I hadn’t ran but maybe ONCE all week and felt frustrated that I wasn’t keeping up with my workout schedule. I tend to stress over the smallest things, including the pressure of working out regularly, especially since I read tons of blogs where mommy’s are getting their sweat on a daily basis, typically in the early mornings. I sometimes feel like I’m not as commited to fitness as I should or would like to be when I compare myself to others, but after yesterdays run, which I completed promptly at 10 pm on the dot, I thought to myself “WHO CARES!?”

I realized I’ve got to do what works best for ME and if that means working out at night, so be it. I also realized that the comparision trap in ugly and I’ve got to stopping subjecting myself to it.

& of course after that intense, yet joyful run…I was in a complete state of peace-my mind, body and soul were in complete and pure state of bliss.


After yesterday’s cleansing run, I’m so ready for this week!

Happy {Marvelous} Monday friends & also


earth day2

❤ Alicia



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Take Time Tuesday {#3}


Today I’m thankful for having the ability to run. As simple as that may sound, it’s really true. With this new Spring weather approaching, I’m eager to get outside more, embrace the beauty of nature, and get my RUN ON!


Naturally, I’m not really a runner. Well what I mean is…I don’t run a billion races, I’ve never completed a “training plan” for an upcoming race, nor have I ran more than 5 miles all at once. Yes, at times my lack of “running proof & experience” gets to me, but in the end I’m just grateful that-

1. I ran, whether it be 1 mile or 5 miles, I’m just thankful I DID IT.

2. When I run, again whether it be 1 mile or 5 miles, my body, mind, and soul are HAPPY.

When I actually think about it, regardless of the fact that I’ve only actually ran two 5K’s in my entire life, I’m most grateful that I have the ability to run, whenever I please. I have no illness, sickness or disability that prevents me from embarking on this mind, body and soul cleanse.

What makes me even more happy about running is the fact that even though I know I’m not a pro, I experience the same feelings and emotions about running as others more seasoned runners do. That anticipation, dislike and anxiety BEFORE a run, ALL runners feel from time to time, along with the glorious cleansing, joyful post-run HIGH that makes you feel like you can achieve anything-I get that & I love it.


This is why at the end of the day, whether or not I’ve had I a fabulous, easy run (which I had yesterday) or a mediocre, so-so run (like I had today), I’m THANKFUL that I completed it, making me a runner, regardless of anything else.

Here are some inspiring posts from some lovely friends about running!

How to push through a long run

Each Run

So tell me…what do you love most about running??

❤ Alicia


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