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Motivational Monday!






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Motivational Monday!




❤ Alicia


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motivational monday!



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2012 Goal Review

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! ❤ Here we are at the start of the New YEAR..YAY!! 2012 was not only the BEST year for me but also the FASTEST year ever to fly by. *Time FLYS when you’re having FUN!*

So even though I already posted my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions, I figured I would go back and see how 2012 was  for more inspiration in this upcoming year.

My goals for 2012 were:

*Love Family*-I believe I did a fairly good job expressing my love and admiration for my amazing and always loving and caring family, especially via social media, however I would like to write more notes, and send random cards and gifts of gratitude this year too just to show them how much they truly mean to me. ❤

love notes


*Relax*-Relax….pfffff! This was most definitely easier said than done….but atleast I TRIED. I think it’s hard to relax with a new baby along with the fact that I am a complete worry-wart. But that’s ok, I think relaxing will be much easier this time around for sure now that I’ve a taste of parenthood as well as the experience of balancing it out with grad school.

*Life-long friends*-This is one I am SOOO HAPPY about! I can honestly say that in 2012 I made some awesome, amazing, wonderfully sweet life-long friends that I truly count on through thick and thin! ❤ I just LOVE how neat is it that certain people cross our paths in life and leave a lasting impression on us forever. These people are truly such blessings, I would seriously not know what to do without them! ❤ ❤

Love you Jenny & Betty!!




*Shop smarter*– I think we totally rocked this one, we definitely got some great steals on baby items and learned how to not go over the top with baby purchases. I do still think we should focus on budgeting a bit more this year, which is why it’s part of my resolutions list of 2013.

*Enjoy/Embrace change*-This one I think I handled partially. I definitely learned to embrace the change from being a wife to a mommy…however I don’t think I’ve managed both equally. What I mean is, since the moment A was born I become completely immersed in being a mommy and have neglected being an awesome wifey as well. I think this year I need to also focus on making special date nights with the hubby too so that he doesn’t feel like I’ve abandoned him throughout this amazing yet exhausting and beautiful journey known as parenting.

*Live Fit*-I’m a health nut, while I’m not tracking calories on my calorie counter like I used to, I do believe I make good fit choices throughout the year. I do however feel I should continue this throughout the new year and expand my knowledge of what living fit for me is. There’s always room for improvement! 😉

*Smile more*-Of course I smiled more this year….along with bunches of laughs, and some tears throughout this new adventure in mommyhood. 🙂

*Be a good mom*-Whenever I was pregnant, people would tell me “OMG! You are going to be a GREAT mom!!” and I would think to myself….”how do they know this?!” “do I look like a great mom? What if I MESS UP?!?” I constantly worried about not being *good enough* and worried if my maternal instincts would really magically appear….and I’m not saying I deserve the *MOM OF THE YEAR* award, but I do think I’ve done a fairly awesome job at becoming a mommy! Plus, its only the BEST feeling in the world loving on this little adorable man!

loving you

As far as my fitness goals:

*Eat more Veggies*-I ate a good amount of veggies but always feel there is no such thing as TOO MANY Veggies. So I’ll be definitely trying to incorporate more into my meals again this year.

*Focus on good food*-I would again classify this as eating clean or otherwise known as choosing healthy food options. Again, this is on my 2013 list of things to do. Yet again, there is always room for improvement!!

*Work it out*-I worked it out as often as possible……or so I believe. So maybe I could have done a few more miles here and there and taken a workout class more times that I did, BUT I struggled with the mommy-guilt of leaving my new sweet little blessing at home while I shaked my boo-tay. This year though, I plan on really getting into a workout routine since my little man is becoming more and more independent by the minute and I feel he and daddy are bonding more and more each day and can handle mommy doing her thang for 1 and half or so. 🙂

*Run a 5k*-This one I failed at completely. :-/ but that’s ok…it was a worthy goal but I was just simply too busy with school and mommyhood to really get into running again.

*Drink more water*-Throughout the year I drank and drank and drank water like it was going outta style, especially since everyone told me is was GREAT for my milk supply! 🙂 However lately, I’ve been slacking on the H2O and want to again focus on drinking plenty of it this year as well.

Looking back on my goals I have to say I’m pretty proud of all that I accomplished and feel that each year will bring on new challenges and hopefully new obstacles that I’ll proudly dominate! 😀 So CHEERS to 2013 my friends, lets make it the best one yet!! 😀

❤ Alicia

P.s. Don’t forget to get your READ ON and read to your sweet little ones!! I’ve already picked out a few awesome books for the upcoming weeks that I cannot wait to share with you! 😀 Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been reading to your babies as well! ❤


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Sooo now that school is DONE for the semester! *happy dance*  I’ve finally started to get more into a workout routine which I am totally loving.

One thing that I’ve noticed ALWAYS boost my spirits is *MUSIC*!! While I might be a shy, conservative person…I LOVE me some LOUD, CRAZY, BOOTY-SHAKING, JUMP UP & DOWN MUSIC!! I feel that a workout can totally be made or broken by the extent of its music. I’ve taken some awesome yoga/pilates classes where the music was so invogorating that though I may have at first doubted the intensity of the workout routine itself, it was the music transformed it and made it an exhilaratingly effective workout.



Upon getting my run on the other day, {which might I add, is a work in progress…I’m far from running 5 miles like I used to, but I’m getting there…} I couldn’t help but once again be totally inspired to really challenge myself. There are often times when I physically feel I can’t go farther or push harder, but with the help of a good tune, I end up proving myself wrong and complete that obstacle that my mind felt I wasn’t capable of doing. Though we don’t always believe it, our minds are much more powerful than we think. 🙂

Not only does jamming out to good songs help me get my *sweat on,* I ALWAYS have something playing throughout the day when I’m cleaning and picking up around the house. & YES!! I often randomly pick up my little man and dance around the house with him, which he loves and cries when I go to put him down afterwards. lol

While I’m a passionate country music lover, I must say when it comes to working out and getting motivated, my country tunes don’t always give me that push that I need… so I of course have to rely on my Pop & Latin favorites like J.Lo and Christina….

My NEWEST workout favorite and I think I’d have to say a song that I would say is somewhat of a personal theme of mine would be:

I just feel that whenever I hear this song it completely reminds to forget about what others think or say; life is way to short to dwell on little things that are simply insignificant. Plus, I’m just a huge J.Lo fan! 🙂

My ALL TIME FAVORITE workout song HAS to be:

This has ALWAYS been the most influential workout song for me personally. I think its a total  “thanks” to all who ever criticized my physical abilities back in high school when I wasn’t living an active and healthy lifestyle. This is the song I listened to during my daily workouts when I first began going to the gym and started to live a healthier lifestyle. I feel that without that criticism, I wouldn’t have transformed and become a  real “fighter” for my health.

Though I don’t necessarily listen to them when I’m working out, I turn up the volume to full blast {or as loud as I can depending on what Mr. A is up to ;-)} to Carried Underwood’s Blown Away and Miranda Lambert’s Fastest Girl in Town. What can I say, I’m just a country girl at heart!! ❤ 🙂

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” -Victor Hugo

What are your favorite workout songs or new song(s) in general??! 

❤ Alicia









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motivational monday!


Happy Motivational Monday friends! Link up: Motivational Monday 🙂



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Motivational Monday!!

Motivational Monday inspired by my friend Katie and her Monday Motivation posts! 🙂 Happy Monday, make it fabulous!


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