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Motivational Monday!






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words of wisdom!






20130530-150057.jpg❤ Alicia



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Take Time Tuesday {#3}


Today I’m thankful for having the ability to run. As simple as that may sound, it’s really true. With this new Spring weather approaching, I’m eager to get outside more, embrace the beauty of nature, and get my RUN ON!


Naturally, I’m not really a runner. Well what I mean is…I don’t run a billion races, I’ve never completed a “training plan” for an upcoming race, nor have I ran more than 5 miles all at once. Yes, at times my lack of “running proof & experience” gets to me, but in the end I’m just grateful that-

1. I ran, whether it be 1 mile or 5 miles, I’m just thankful I DID IT.

2. When I run, again whether it be 1 mile or 5 miles, my body, mind, and soul are HAPPY.

When I actually think about it, regardless of the fact that I’ve only actually ran two 5K’s in my entire life, I’m most grateful that I have the ability to run, whenever I please. I have no illness, sickness or disability that prevents me from embarking on this mind, body and soul cleanse.

What makes me even more happy about running is the fact that even though I know I’m not a pro, I experience the same feelings and emotions about running as others more seasoned runners do. That anticipation, dislike and anxiety BEFORE a run, ALL runners feel from time to time, along with the glorious cleansing, joyful post-run HIGH that makes you feel like you can achieve anything-I get that & I love it.


This is why at the end of the day, whether or not I’ve had I a fabulous, easy run (which I had yesterday) or a mediocre, so-so run (like I had today), I’m THANKFUL that I completed it, making me a runner, regardless of anything else.

Here are some inspiring posts from some lovely friends about running!

How to push through a long run

Each Run

So tell me…what do you love most about running??

❤ Alicia


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2012 Goal Review

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! ❤ Here we are at the start of the New YEAR..YAY!! 2012 was not only the BEST year for me but also the FASTEST year ever to fly by. *Time FLYS when you’re having FUN!*

So even though I already posted my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions, I figured I would go back and see how 2012 was  for more inspiration in this upcoming year.

My goals for 2012 were:

*Love Family*-I believe I did a fairly good job expressing my love and admiration for my amazing and always loving and caring family, especially via social media, however I would like to write more notes, and send random cards and gifts of gratitude this year too just to show them how much they truly mean to me. ❤

love notes


*Relax*-Relax….pfffff! This was most definitely easier said than done….but atleast I TRIED. I think it’s hard to relax with a new baby along with the fact that I am a complete worry-wart. But that’s ok, I think relaxing will be much easier this time around for sure now that I’ve a taste of parenthood as well as the experience of balancing it out with grad school.

*Life-long friends*-This is one I am SOOO HAPPY about! I can honestly say that in 2012 I made some awesome, amazing, wonderfully sweet life-long friends that I truly count on through thick and thin! ❤ I just LOVE how neat is it that certain people cross our paths in life and leave a lasting impression on us forever. These people are truly such blessings, I would seriously not know what to do without them! ❤ ❤

Love you Jenny & Betty!!




*Shop smarter*– I think we totally rocked this one, we definitely got some great steals on baby items and learned how to not go over the top with baby purchases. I do still think we should focus on budgeting a bit more this year, which is why it’s part of my resolutions list of 2013.

*Enjoy/Embrace change*-This one I think I handled partially. I definitely learned to embrace the change from being a wife to a mommy…however I don’t think I’ve managed both equally. What I mean is, since the moment A was born I become completely immersed in being a mommy and have neglected being an awesome wifey as well. I think this year I need to also focus on making special date nights with the hubby too so that he doesn’t feel like I’ve abandoned him throughout this amazing yet exhausting and beautiful journey known as parenting.

*Live Fit*-I’m a health nut, while I’m not tracking calories on my calorie counter like I used to, I do believe I make good fit choices throughout the year. I do however feel I should continue this throughout the new year and expand my knowledge of what living fit for me is. There’s always room for improvement! 😉

*Smile more*-Of course I smiled more this year….along with bunches of laughs, and some tears throughout this new adventure in mommyhood. 🙂

*Be a good mom*-Whenever I was pregnant, people would tell me “OMG! You are going to be a GREAT mom!!” and I would think to myself….”how do they know this?!” “do I look like a great mom? What if I MESS UP?!?” I constantly worried about not being *good enough* and worried if my maternal instincts would really magically appear….and I’m not saying I deserve the *MOM OF THE YEAR* award, but I do think I’ve done a fairly awesome job at becoming a mommy! Plus, its only the BEST feeling in the world loving on this little adorable man!

loving you

As far as my fitness goals:

*Eat more Veggies*-I ate a good amount of veggies but always feel there is no such thing as TOO MANY Veggies. So I’ll be definitely trying to incorporate more into my meals again this year.

*Focus on good food*-I would again classify this as eating clean or otherwise known as choosing healthy food options. Again, this is on my 2013 list of things to do. Yet again, there is always room for improvement!!

*Work it out*-I worked it out as often as possible……or so I believe. So maybe I could have done a few more miles here and there and taken a workout class more times that I did, BUT I struggled with the mommy-guilt of leaving my new sweet little blessing at home while I shaked my boo-tay. This year though, I plan on really getting into a workout routine since my little man is becoming more and more independent by the minute and I feel he and daddy are bonding more and more each day and can handle mommy doing her thang for 1 and half or so. 🙂

*Run a 5k*-This one I failed at completely. :-/ but that’s ok…it was a worthy goal but I was just simply too busy with school and mommyhood to really get into running again.

*Drink more water*-Throughout the year I drank and drank and drank water like it was going outta style, especially since everyone told me is was GREAT for my milk supply! 🙂 However lately, I’ve been slacking on the H2O and want to again focus on drinking plenty of it this year as well.

Looking back on my goals I have to say I’m pretty proud of all that I accomplished and feel that each year will bring on new challenges and hopefully new obstacles that I’ll proudly dominate! 😀 So CHEERS to 2013 my friends, lets make it the best one yet!! 😀

❤ Alicia

P.s. Don’t forget to get your READ ON and read to your sweet little ones!! I’ve already picked out a few awesome books for the upcoming weeks that I cannot wait to share with you! 😀 Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been reading to your babies as well! ❤


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New Year’s Inspiration

Hey all! Happy 2012!!! Hope you all had a fab NYE! We hung out with friends and had a blasty! Instead of doing the whole new year’s resolution thing, I decided to make goals for myself for 2012 with the help of an Inspiration board. I decided to make TWO, one for my general overall health and the other for specifically for physical health and workout motivation. I’m a VISUAL learner and seeing images helps me make greater connections to their meaning, so the inspiration board is definitely fitting for me.

Here is my first one:

*Love Family*-I want to really focus this year on expressing to my loved ones how much they mean to me and how wonderful they are to have in my life. We tend to forget to express ourselves with the craziness of everyday life, therefore I feel it’s so vital to tell those you love just how much of a blessing they are to you!

*Relax*-I guess this is a funny one considering hubby and I will be embarking on one of the greatest transitions in our lives (God-willing). However, I do tend to over-react, over-analyze things to the extreme and WORRY A LOT, though I know this is not likely to change, I do have to remind myself to just RELAX sometimes, BREATHE and take it easy instead of getting too upset and worked up about it.

*Life-long friends*-Since we are so far from home, friends are seriously like family, therefore I want to make sure I’m being the best type of friend I can be so that I can create long lasting friendships.

*Shop smarter*-New baby=New expenses and therefore BETTER BUDGETING! We have developed a budget plan and decided we need to stick to it and manage our money more precisely. (Geez, growing up stinks sometimes…:-P haha)

*Enjoy/Embrace change*-I know every aspect our lives will CHANGE and sometimes I don’t handle change all that well (who does honestly?) so instead of getting upset or frustrated by all the new changes that will likely occur this year, I want to learn to EMBRACE, ENJOY and CHERISH every ounce of all of these changes. I’ve got tons of worries/what-if’s going through my head, “Will I be a good mom?” “Will I know what to do when this happens?” “Will breastfeeding be as horrific as people make it out to be??” “Will my marriage stay strong throughout all of these changes?” Instead of overly worrying about them, I’m going to try to RELAX more and EMBRACE it and most importantly *HAVE FAITH* throughout it all.

*Live Fit*-Along with all the changes, I do hope to maintain my healthy and fit lifestyle. I know my workouts will be different, scheduled around baby and if Working out has always been a big stress reliever for me, it allows me to clear my head and relax when things get to be too much. It’s my “me time” & although that lovely “me time” will likely be spared A LOT with parenthood, I would like to motivate myself to try to squeeze in fitness whenever possible. Creativity may become a major factor in order for this to happen, but I’m READY and WILLING to do all that is possible to maintain a FIT lifestyle.

*Smile more*-No matter what challenges and hardships we are faced with, a lot of us (me especially) tend to dwell on all the NEGATIVE and forget about all the wonderful postive aspects of our lives. Therefore, I’m really going to try to be more optimistic and SMILE more. When you smile, it makes others smile! Sooo show those pearly whites my friends! 😉

*Be a good mom*-If there were a book on it, I’d READ IT, but sadly there is not. (Or there is and I don’t know about it, so please fill me in ASAP! lol ) But I do want to inspire myself to be the best mom that I can be. I know perfection is impossible and I also know that I’m going to make mistakes, several mistakes here and there, but regardless I want to be a mommy with 110% of my ability. As an athlete in school I always strived to work hard and give 110% into my sport so that I could be better and improve with each practice. I think the same lies with all things in life, the more effort you put in the more output you will receive. Though I know with motherhood, some things will work and others will not and nothing is really to be expected besides the fact that you should probably just expect But I do want to be as loving as possible to my little guy and give my ALL 110%. I think that constitutes being a good mom…don’t you?

Here is my fitness inspiration board:

*Eat more Veggies*-No real explanation needed just that I want to incorporate more GREENS into my diet so that I am able to better nourish myself and baby.

*Focus on good food*-Especially after all the sweets from the holidays our bodies need good food to fuel us throughout our busy days, therefore I want to incorporate CLEAN eating and snacking to help detox those holiday sweets and again better nourish my body.

*Work it out*-Though pregnancy has drastically changed my workout routine, I’ve make adjustments as needed here and there but I do want to continue to “work it out” for both me and baby, especially afterwards to help me attain my pre-baby body.

*Run a 5k*-I’ve ran them before and LOVE them, but have never really stayed involved in races. I hope that starting off small will help ease myself back into working out and also allow me to work my way up, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to eventually run a marathon! 😀

*Drink more water*-I drink a good amount now, but with the less room in my belly it’s hard to guzzle down a lot of water, but I’m trying to remind myself that HYDRATION is a key part of being fit and living a healthy lifestyle, which is why I added H2O to my board.

I zoomed in on some of my favorite parts of the board:

I ❤ Jennie Finch and think she’s not only BEAUTIFUL, but also very inspirational. This quote says it all by reminding us that seeking PERFECTION isn’t important. Perfection is impossible, but happiness is totally attainable and worth it!!

I also love Sofia Vergara and that she embraces her body and it’s amazing curves. YAY for the girls with REAL BODIES full of curves!!

Well that’s all my friends, hope you like my Inspiration board because I sure do! 😀 HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY NEW *YOU* whatever goals, resolutions you may have! In 2012, NOTHING is impossible!! ❤



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