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Marvelous Monday

Today is not only a *Marvelous Monday* because we had an awesome weekend, but most importantly because it is CHRISTmas Eve! ❤ So I decided to participate in my sweet friend Katie’s MIMM, {for the first time!!}


On Friday we hosted GAME NIGHT at our house and it was SUPER FUN! The babies got to play while us adults shared some great laughs while playing Pictionary. We also munched on some PIZZA….and someone else joined in on the fun as well…PIZZA

He totally LOVED it and kept grunting at us to give him more! 🙂

Since we stayed up til 3:30 AM (WHAT!?!…I know!!) We ended up having a LAZY Saturday and took a marvelous 2 hour nap!

We also received our lovely Christmas photos on Saturday and I LOVE THEM ALL! I’m finding it very hard to choice which one(s) to use for our holiday card this year..(YES! I’m behind sending out my cards this year but I couldn’t help it. Better late then never?! ;-))

This weekend I also got in a nice 3 mile run!! A FULL NONSTOP 3 miler!! 😀 I was very proud of myself because I haven’t ran that far in a while, since way before baby. I’m thinking about adding this to my New Year’s resolution so that I can start running again on a more regular basis. (I would love to run a 5 & 10K this upcoming year!)

Sunday I baked more cowboy cookies! Including a new-to-me recipe of Mexican Wedding Cookies that are full of powdery goodness 😉 cookies M

This weekend I also finished another DIY wreath! 😀 I had initially make this one…

wreathI wanted to add a personal touch to one so I decided to make this one:

F wreath

Though it may not be perfect, and I haven’t finished decorating it, I really like it and think it came our pretty darn cute if I say so myself!

Today we are going to just enjoy this MARVELOUS day with our sweet friends and this adorable little Santa baby…santa baby

Hope your Christmas Eve is MARVELOUS friends!! ❤ Alicia



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oh yes! :-)

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Way back in Texas…

Hi friends! 🙂 Sorry we’ve been MIA lately…we recently got back from visiting our families in TEXAS<3! Transitioning from our vacation schedule to our home schedule required a little work but thankfully we’re getting the hang of things again. On top of that, little man and I recently caught a nasty cold, so along with unpacking and getting back into the swing of things, we’re not feeling so hot these days. 😦 Regardless, I’ve finally made some time to blog, and hope to catch ya’ll up on a few things and contine to blog more regularly. *fingers crossed*

As expected my little love muffin LOVED being in Texas…tons of loving from everyone back home. There pretty much was not a second that we wasn’t in someone’s arms being held or loved on. 🙂

At the airport Aiden was greeted with his new pal Monkey that his GG and Popo got for him.

He totally LOVES him.

The person that was the MOST excited to see baby Aiden was his Popo (grandpa). Needless to say it was love at first sight for both.

He also had lots of loving and bonding time with his GG (grandma) as well. She taught him patty cakes and other fun songs which ultimately helped him become more aware of his little hands. 🙂

Aiden also got to enjoy Popo and GG’s pool…so there was lots of fun in the sun while in Texas!

He loved putting his feet in the water and cooling off in the hot Texas heat.

He also met a new friend..little miss Sofia. They were both real quick to latch arms together…

Ladies man in deed! 😉

In Texas we also discovered our hands!!…and how tasty they are! 🙂

{sooo yummy!}

We were sooo busy in Texas meeting the fam, attending uncle Bubba’s graduation, planning Aiden & Sofia’s baptism, going to our first baseball game, visiting sweet friends and other fun things that the 3 weeks we were there FLEW BY soo fast.


{Congrats Vince! We’re so proud of you!}

{Baby Sofia & Baby Aiden’s baptism}

{Aiden & Miss Susie<3}

Now that we are back home we’ve been….



loving on Aunt Mia

and being a full-time cute-asaurus

Hope you guys are doing wonderful and have an outstanding weekend!

Lots of love,

Alicia & Baby Aiden


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too much fun…


So today was an off the schedule kinda day since I had an ultrasound appointment this morning. But I must say…

TOTALLY WORTH IT! The images I got back from the ultrasound were *AMAZING*!! 😀 (Will post them tomorrow!)

After shopping at the grocery store and getting lunch I came home to begin this week’s homework…NOT!

Instead I got engulfed in *PINNING* on Pinterest. :-O You got it, I was rusty with it at first since I just got into the pinterest craze but now I’m totally ADDICTED!! 😀

Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…lol 😛 Not when I *should* be doing homework…oh Grad school, I hate you sometimes! hehe jk 😉

anyhoo, here are some of my faves:

{LOVE these for *Baby A*}


{For us girls who rock the JLo bootay! ;-)}


{Hook ‘Em Horns baby!}


{Gotta get this cute hat for my love bunny!}


{kitty cat YOGA!}


Aren’t they all just ADORABLE!?!?!

This girl is *HOOKED* without a doubt!

Now if only I could just get back to studying….(psst. is it December 10th yet??…Soo ready for Christmas break!!)

Anyways, if it’s not Pinterest, or FB distracting me it’s….

these two adorable furry faces:

{My sweet Lexie<3}


{My snuggle bunny Lucas}

Aren’t they just dolls!? 🙂 ❤ them!!

Hope ya’ll have a great night!




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Fun filled Tuesday!


We had our third appointment with the doctor. I still cannot get over hearing baby’s sweet heartbeat. The doctor pointed out that unlike her (lazy) twins (she said it, not, our baby was FULLY active and moving around like crazy! 😀 I almost wanted to snatch the little heart rate measuring gadget so that I could listen to baby all the time. [insert evil laugh here.] 😛


Afterwards, we went to Target because we ALWAYS go to Target for something or another. We also always go in looking for one thing and come out with a billion other things….


I love that there is a Panera next to our Target so I got to sip on this lovely creation: *Chi Tea* while browsing through unnecessary yet awesome sale items. 😛 hehe

Came home to do an awesome arm routine that totally kicked my preggers bootay! 🙂

While working out I jammed out to booty shaking music and loved every second of it! Music is definitely a motivator for me!!! My faves: Don Omar & Wisin y Yandel are always blaring on my iPod.


Afterwards, I decided that I’m loving my new workout partner…Hello bump!

Then the day concluded with a fabulous Naan pizza!!!!



Hubby likes his with mushrooms and lots of cheese (he totally a cheesy-kinda guy!)

I on the other hand, wanted to change it up a bit and try something totally new. So I created a pesto-alfredo chicken & spinach pizza! I was easy on the alfredo and it turned out WONDERFUL!! The combo of pesto and alfredo was divine!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take step-by-step pics of the process, but I’m sure I’ll be making it again soon and will definitely post the recipe because it’s super easy to make and tastes heavenly!

The day concluded with dinner a movie with this handsome sweetheart! 🙂 [this one of my favorite pics of us!!]

Hope you had a GREAT day, ours was definitely a fab one for sure! 😉

❤ Alicia


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The Boys of Fall

So being a TEXAS girl there is NO DOUBT that I LOVE FOOTBALL!! Especially coming from such a small town in Texas, football is everything…I repeat, EVERYTHING!! There is something so thrilling about watching this game and feeling the excitement it encompasses. The energy of the roaring crowd, the cheerleaders cheering and the fabulous band along with the Boys of Fall create an atmosphere of competitive and emotional exhilaration. 🙂

Well today, even though I’m far from home, I proudly wear purple & gold to represent my loyalty to this wonderful game and show the great pride I have for my hometown and most importantly my two younger brothers, Vincent & Daniel. Go Vince #73!!!! I ❤ the band! Go Daniel!

This song is so fitting, and makes me smile every time I watch it:

So, on Friday’s you’ll see me rocking these fabulous colors:

But on Saturday’s I’ll be in the lovely BURNT ORANGE…

And on Sunday, yep you bet, I’ll be wearing that sweet ROYAL BLUE.

Needless to say, my fashion during football season every weekend will without a doubt consist of the colors of my favorite teams. Now I may not be a fashionista by any means, but I think those colors suit me well. 😉

I think this can be applied to all aspects of life…so remember:

”It’s not whether you get knocked down;
 it’s whether you get back up.”
-Vince Lombardi


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