Take Time Tuesday {#6}

take-time-tuesdayThankful for…

20130514-152943.jpgmy loves

20130514-152953.jpga yummy mother’s day lunch

20130514-153153.jpgsweet cards

20130514-153028.jpgfilled with silly & sweet notes!

20130514-153013.jpgan AWESOME package from Green Fork-N-Spoon that I won in a giveaway! {thanks, Sunnie hosting!}

20130514-152959.jpga super scrumptious lunch

20130514-153004.jpgthis little ham ❤


this tasty, successfully made (YAY!), smoothie! {Strawberries, Mango, Banana, Coconut Milk, 1 scoop protein= SOOO GOOD & perfectly textured like a MiLKShaKe!!}

Happy Tuesday friends! What are you thankful for lately!?

❤ Alicia




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12 responses to “Take Time Tuesday {#6}

  1. Look at that boy’s smile!!! He is too freaking adorable!! Happy first Mothers Day dear 🙂

  2. Awww…. he gets cuter every time I see a picture!!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day Momma and thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh my goodness your little man is a doll! How adorable! Looks like a great Mother’s Day and there are many more to come!

  4. Yayy I’m so glad you love it! That cashew butter is my all time fave. Hope you had a great day!

  5. You little one is so sweet. Happy belated Mother’s Day!! I am so happy you had a wonderful day.

    That package looks amazing. Lots of good stuff in there. 🙂

  6. Alicia,
    Where are so happy that you are enjoying your snack box, it looks like you had a wonderful Mothers Day. You have such a beautiful family, happy belated Mothers Day!

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