What We’re Reading {& Re-Reading!}

At the beginning of the year I had vowed that I would read to my little munchkin a variety of books weekly. I decided to choose 2-3 new books each week to introduce to him a variety as well as  further enhance his exposure to different books with the hope that he would, not only gain the benefits from reading, but also learn to love a diversity of books.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Everything was going great, each week we’d go to the library and pick out new books for him. He loved the Llama Llama series and many others, remember? I figured that by reading a different set of books to him over the course of a week would allow me to decide which books he LOVED so that I could eventually buy them for him for our own at home collection.


{He’s always been a reader 🙂 I can’t believe he was ever this little!<3}

Again, things were going great until we came across one book in particular:


He LOVED IT. He LOVED it so much that, he didn’t want to read anything else. Anytime I’d try to read a different book , he’d push it away or simply turn away from it and grab the Olivia book instead. We kept trying new books but would always end up reading his favorite. We know it word for word now, and even A knows its by heart and repeats specific words to us. I think it is so cute that he actually laughs at the funny parts of the text and sometimes even says the word BEFORE we read it. He’s also learned the word “three” because that’s how many books Olivia gets to read before bed. We also tell him “are you ready for your ‘you know what’?” at nap time { “you know what= a nap”} and he immediately shakes his head NO, every single time because of course Olivia “is not at all sleepy!” 😉

So just when I thought his obsession with Olivia would never end he found new favorite book. 😀

He is now currently loving…*drum roll please*


 The Pigeon Loves Things that Go! by Mo Willems.

Of course stemming from my educational background,  when I read I’m trying to make it as animated and enjoyable as possible and guess what…it WORKED! After the first read, as I animated “Choo-Choo, Pigeon Express coming through!” he laughed and immediately began copying me. I then had to read it 20 more times and he did the “choo-choo” part himself.  Now every night we read 1 different/new book, the Mo Willems book and end with Olivia.



We’re still trying to read a variety of books but he doesn’t take as much interest in  them or sometimes will only listen to portions of them, so we’re sticking to what he loves and just hoping he’ll continue to pick new favorites here and there.

What are YOUR favorite children’s books?

What are your children’s favorite books?

❤ Alicia



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4 responses to “What We’re Reading {& Re-Reading!}

  1. I love that he is such a little reader! That is such a good thing to instill early 🙂

  2. I love love love that you’re inspiring reading. 🙂 Your son is adorable and I absolutely adore Olivia, great choice!

  3. I’ve heard Olivia is a huge hit with several of my friends’ kids, but I haven’t heard of the pigeon one! I need to check that out. 🙂

  4. That’s so awesome. Isn’t it hilarious how strong minded he is, and knows exactly what he wants? And how he can just latch on to something like that? I love that he enjoys reading time. I don’t know if I ever had a favourite book before I could read for myself. I just remember really enjoying the time my dad spent reading to me before bed. I really liked the Golden Ages series of books though. I had the whole set one time ago, before a destructive younger brother came on the scene. Haha.

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