The not-so-smooth smoothie queen

Can you believe it’s MAY already!?!? Are you ready for SUMMER yet!? I know I sure am!


One of my favorite things about the warmer weather is…fresh berries, cold refreshing drinks, and SMOOTHIES!!


I do have to confess one thing though…

I’m the worst smoothie maker. :-/ No joke!

20130502-100043.jpg{one sad smoothie}

I’ve tried and tried on several occasions but I just can’t make them as tasty, delicious and absolutely wonderful as I would like/hope they would be. I guess my issue is that I love to just throw things into the blender with the hope that the combo is as lovely as I envision….however half of time they are beautiful in color and totally lacking in taste! 😦 So the whole “winging-it” when making smoothies clearly does NOT work for me.

While I lack smoothie making skills….I have to say my husband is quite the opposite and is officially the *SMOOTHIE KING* of the casa!! He whips up an ever-so-delicious green smoothie! ❤


20130502-100031.jpg{Smoothie for TWO please!!}

Even my little picky munchkin LOVES the smoothie king’s green smoothie!! 😉




So since I’m clearly one who needs to follow a smoothie recipe step-by-step, I’ve been looking for new smoothie recipes online and came across a few that look pretty tasty! {Now if only I can make them taste as good as they look! lol}


{I’ve never made a smoothie with green tea, but it sounds yummy!!}

Healthy Smoothie Recipes via FitSugar

What are your FAVORITE smoothie recipes? Do you stick to measurements or just “wing-it”?

❤ Alicia



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17 responses to “The not-so-smooth smoothie queen

  1. Ginger

    We never have berries available in the house they are eaten raw before they go into the fridge. In my casa, we make agua fresca.

  2. I love my smoothies, especially the past few weeks! I have been on a smoothie kick, baby g loves them! I usually just mix together a frozen fruit mix, protein powder, raw oats, stevia, almond milk, and sometimes spinach to make a yum smoothie!! Glad your husband is a smoothie king! I need to teach Mike how to make my smoothies so he can make for me when baby arrives and I have no time!

    Happy Thursday! ❤

    Oh your son is so cute, just have to say again!

  3. I love that your little one loves green smoothies too! That’s great! I haven’t had great luck with just “winging it” when it comes to making a smoothie for the first time, but once I’ve made the same recipe a couple of times it’s easy to just guesstimate how much of what should go in it because I’ve done it so many times. 🙂

    • I think that’s my issue-I just want to guesstimate ALL the time…but my guesstimations are always off. 😛 I need more practice!! 🙂

  4. Oh goodness! I definitely can never make my food look as tasty as online haha. Smoothies are just so totally yummy 🙂 At least one of the family members makes an “A-approved” smoothie, right?! Just make him make them all of the time! Fair enough in my opinion!

  5. Smoothies can be hard!! It’s often a hit or miss. I love this recipe, though! 1 frozen banana, 1 T. nut butter, 3/4 o a cup to1 cup almondmilk, handful spinach. So creamy!

  6. I think the key is balancing the fruit with the veggies. Haha.

    I often make them with mostly fruit, a serving of yogurt, and a carrot. Oh, and every smoothie has a banana! I haven’t gotten into the green drinks yet.

  7. We love smoothies in our house too. I haven’t ventured to adding spinach in yet. But I am going to this week, I simple need to get some spinach from the grocery store. 🙂 I have read one of the best fruits to add into a spinach smoothie is blueberries.

  8. I honestly do not have a favorite smoothie recipe. I’ve made so many different kinds (feel free to check out some of the ones I have on my pg) that I just can’t narrow it down, Ha Ha!

    p.s. your little one is adorable ❤

  9. I tried to make a milkshake (oops, not healthy) the other day without a recipe and it was TERRIBLE!! My husband could not understand what I did to it since there are just a few ingredients. We threw it out. So you aren’t the only one!!

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