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The not-so-smooth smoothie queen

Can you believe it’s MAY already!?!? Are you ready for SUMMER yet!? I know I sure am!


One of my favorite things about the warmer weather is…fresh berries, cold refreshing drinks, and SMOOTHIES!!


I do have to confess one thing though…

I’m the worst smoothie maker. :-/ No joke!

20130502-100043.jpg{one sad smoothie}

I’ve tried and tried on several occasions but I just can’t make them as tasty, delicious and absolutely wonderful as I would like/hope they would be. I guess my issue is that I love to just throw things into the blender with the hope that the combo is as lovely as I envision….however half of time they are beautiful in color and totally lacking in taste! 😦 So the whole “winging-it” when making smoothies clearly does NOT work for me.

While I lack smoothie making skills….I have to say my husband is quite the opposite and is officially the *SMOOTHIE KING* of the casa!! He whips up an ever-so-delicious green smoothie! ❤


20130502-100031.jpg{Smoothie for TWO please!!}

Even my little picky munchkin LOVES the smoothie king’s green smoothie!! 😉




So since I’m clearly one who needs to follow a smoothie recipe step-by-step, I’ve been looking for new smoothie recipes online and came across a few that look pretty tasty! {Now if only I can make them taste as good as they look! lol}


{I’ve never made a smoothie with green tea, but it sounds yummy!!}

Healthy Smoothie Recipes via FitSugar

What are your FAVORITE smoothie recipes? Do you stick to measurements or just “wing-it”?

❤ Alicia



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