Mommyhood 101: Do not neglect yourself

March 1, 2012 was the sweetest, most life-changing, memorable, exhilarating and simply joyous day of my life. I never imagined that I could love someone so much and devote every second of every moment afterwards thinking of him continously. Motherhood clearly changes your way of life as well as your outlook on life in every single way. No book, manual, user’s guide can prepare you for the the highs and lows of parenting. (Even I though somedays I feel like still I desperately neeed one, so in case you know about something that I don’t-fill me in!) After devoting myself completely and whole heartedly to my son for a full year, always placing him as my number one throughout the day and putting myself on the back-burner in more ways than one…I’ve finally realized ONE thing that I wish I had realized months ago…I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. His needs were my top priority, non-stop everyday, day and night for 365 days +. After a full year of mommyhood, I see that though I’m still learning, I’ve done a good job at being a mommy, but I’ve done a crummy job at taking care of ME.

I seriously looked in the mirror one morning and thought “YIKES!!” My makeup-less face felt dull and super dry; I felt flat out exhausted even after a good ole’ cup of joe, my head hurt and of course, I was grumpy because I knew I should have felt rejuvienated and joyful but I didn’t. That’s when I knew I needed something for ME. I needed to spruce things up so that I could feel better about myself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. (Thankfully, the hubby is always giving me compliments, even on days when I’m braless, in my Pjs with morning breathe at 2 pm in the afternoon (hey! it happens, don’t judge, you know have those days too!) The point is that I didn’t feel happy, therefore I wasn’t happy.

So what did I do? I went straight to Sephora and let the makeup connoisseurs fill me in on all the necessary makeup, moisturizers, cleansers and utensils that would suit MY needs. In that hour, I learned more about makeup products, brands, applicators and tips and tricks than I could have ever imagined. I left happily with a perfectly matched foundation color, an applicator brush and a sweet eye makeup palate, oh yeah AND a completely new perspective on taking time for myself as well as a new bright expression on my face because I looked an

What I learned was that sometimes, some brief moments of time when I’m not being Super Mommy, (keeping the house safe from monstrous diapers) I need to acknowledge  ME and do something for myself, for my mental, physical and emotional health.

love yourself

The dry skin, the never-ending headache, the grumpiness, bags under my eyes (oh yeah I for to mention that one earlier..) were all because I let myself get that way. My mental, emotional and physical self had all be neglected and it was evident.

What I’m saying is TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! & I’m not just us mommies, you hard-working women, you college students, whomever you are, do something for YOU every once in a while. Get a mani/pedi, get those highlights you’ve been dying for, buy that dress you love, whatever it is…JUST DO IT! 🙂 You’ll thank me for telling you and then you’ll thank yourself later! 😉

take time

P.s. I’m such a makeup novice, NO JOKE, and now that I’ve been submersed into the wonderful world the amazing products at Sephora, I can’t get enough! lol Thankfully I’m conservative and my pocketbook isn’t crying! Well, not yet at least! ;-P JK

What ways do you like to self-indulge or just do something for yourself?

❤ Alicia



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4 responses to “Mommyhood 101: Do not neglect yourself

  1. Alicia, you are such an unbelievable woman; wife & mom ❤ I'm so glad you didn't let motherhood take over your life, and you were able to find YOU again & just make yourself feel like the beautiful person you are!

    • Thank you SO much Jessie for that sweet sweet comment; you are such a doll my friend! ❤ Thank you for being so kind-hearted, sweet and absolutely inspiring!

  2. Remind me of this when I have a little one! I like to think that I will be good about taking care of myself too, but I think it’s easy to get sucked in to the mommy-only role. I’m so glad you make time for yourself. I think it makes for a better mommy!

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