Marvelous Monday {#3} & bunny lovin’

Happy {Marvelous} Monday Friends (Thanks Katie for hosting)!! ❀


We had a fabulous weekend especially since my little man finally started to feel much better! πŸ™‚ A happy, healthy baby makes for a happy & blessed mommy! ❀

We hung out with our sweet friends all weekend and even strolled the mall some to let the babies practice walking. By the end of the day A was a mall walking pro & shopping expert. πŸ˜‰

We had initially planned on just taking them to the kid’s play area, but quickly realized that our brave little 1 year olds wouldn’t stand a chance there since it was full of walkers, runners, and super hyperactive kiddos of ALL ages. :-/ So instead, we just let the two babes walk around the not-so-crowded area of the mall.

A LOVED it! He walked all over the place…he even walked himself into ONE store in particular….BUILD-A-BEAR! πŸ™‚ It was too funny, of all the stores to choose from..(thanks GG for introducing him to the world of Build-A-Bear workshop!) He merrily walked around the store looking around and observing everything and then immediately went straight for a shelf of mini stuffed animals, grabbed a tye-dye bunny and walked off.

After walking around some more with his little bunny in hand, he headed straight for the EXIT…..(the entire time he was walking, the hubby and I were 3 feet or so away from him at all times) so we stopped him and proceeded to put the bunny back on the shelf before we left. As we attempted to grab the bunny from him….he SCREAMED! After a few seconds of embarressment, we tried it again. AGAIN he SCREAMED! After exchanging several confused looks at one another, the hubby and I laughed and tried it one more time. Sure enough, he screamed and began to whine some and then proceeded to walk around again like a big boy or better yet, a little man on a mission!

While all of this was going on the workers at Build-A-Bear laughed and said he was so cute. Finally, after several minutes of trying to redirect A, the hubby just figured it would be easier to just purchase the bunny so we could leave.

And just like we realized: A had us wrapped around his little finger.

Before leaving, we asked A to choose the bunny he wanted and after showing him a brown one (instead of the tye-dye one) he immediately grabbed it and joyfully walked out of the store like a champ, leaving daddy in charge of paying for it. πŸ˜‰ Thanks dad!

bunny bunny

BAB Aiden

A bunny loving

Aiden bunny

Apparently, throwing a tantrum works…just ask our little Mr.

Score: Aiden 1 Mommy & Daddy 0

Afterwards the hubby and I spoke about it and agreed we couldn’t let him do this on a regular basis, obviously. Though it was CUTE this time around, we know we need to be more stern in the future. We both also just laughed about it because it was TOTALLY UNEXPECTED! How on earth did he KNOW to do that? It just further verifies the fact that KIDS ARE JUST SOOOOO SMART.

Honestly, I’m just happy to see that he’s feeling so much better. Fit or no fit, it was great to see him walking around exploring his surroundings. πŸ™‚

Oh & I just had to share this one too..

SO fluffy

{“it SO FLUFFY!!!” Despicable Me}

Besides this weekend being completely wonderful, this week is absolutely MARVELOUS because it is *SPRING BREAK*!!! πŸ˜€ Timing wise, it couldn’t be any better!! πŸ™‚

This week I’m planning on:

Doing lots of Spring cleaning

Meal planning/menu planning

Working on A’s photo books/scrapbook

Reading for fun


oh & studying for my last teacher exam

πŸ™‚ Talk about a fun-filled week!! Hope you guys have a great one as well!





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6 responses to “Marvelous Monday {#3} & bunny lovin’

  1. OMG too cute are the pics with the bunny and suck stuffed animals! He does have you guys wrapped around his finger, as Baby G will too over here for us!

    Glad he got the bunny, I am sure it would of been hard to not be able to buy it since he was not so keen on it being taken away, haha! Oh I remember those days with Anthony πŸ™‚

    Happy Monday love!

    • Lol I thought the pics totally articulated his adoration for the little bunny! πŸ™‚
      We had originally seen the duck at another store and had considered getting it for him but my husband was like “Oh no! he doesn’t want that!!” so then we went to the mall afterwards and that’s when Aiden found BAB workshop and decided he NEEDED the bunny. LOL
      Yep! Baby G is going to have all of you guys wrapped around his precious little finger! πŸ˜€

  2. Ginger

    You are so welcome! I loved introducing Baby A to Build-a-Bear!! I thought it was so cute that that’s the one store he walked right into. I bet he said in his mind, hey I’ve been here before with GG!!

  3. Haha! Kids are so funny like that. It’s weird how they know just the right button to push, haha! The pictures of him with the bunnies are really precious, though!

  4. Yay for spring break!! And he is a baby on a mission!! At least it looks like a small one that wasn’t AS expensive as the big ones πŸ™‚ He is so cute, he deserved it for sure hehe

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