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Five Things FRIDAY!

Yes I’m still here & still blogging..my apologize friends, I’ve been swamped with school and my designated blogging time has been taken over by extreme studying for the upcoming teacher licensure exams that I’m required to take. wahhh! 😦

So here is just a little update on whats been going on with me:

1. Not only has blogging been the last thing on my mind with all the exam prep I’ve been doing, I’ve also lost touch with many of you on Instagram because….I decided to “unplug for Lent” in an attempt to manage time better and get rid of extra distractors during this Lenten season. Not only did I decide to give up Instagram (which I adore), I also gave up……(take a breathe…) PINTEREST!! *sigh* Yes! I know, CRAZY!!..but again, I wanted to really challenge myself and I’ve come to realize that I waste tons of time on each of these social media platforms. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been TOUGH..super TOUGH in fact, especially with Pinterest because it became my go-to website for everything. (especially with planning somebunny’s *1st birthday party*!!!) While I’m losing touch we awesome friends and family via Instagram and missing out on amazing pins……I know I’ll LIVE! If anything, I’ve noticed my lack of plugging into these two has forced me to become more active on Twitter! 😀 Though thankfully FB and Twitter don’t do as much damage as ALL FOUR social medias together. 😉

(whoaaa! that was long…! Still reading?! *THANKS* You’re AWESOME!)

2. I’ve been working out more this week…YAY! I’ve gotten in some fabulous runs and even did some KETTLEBELL weight training!! Now I’m ready to strengthen & tone my bootay!! In fact, (thanks to twitter) I found this site that has a collection of amazing treadmill workouts!!

3. A is WALKING, like really on the go, walking everywhere! He started taking 2-3 steps the weekend he turned 11 months and within a week he was taking 6-7 and now he’s walking from one side of the room to another! It’s truly INSANE seeing him move around with such ease like a pro. My baby is not a baby anymore…AND will be *1* in A WEEK!! :*( *TEAR*

4.We had a fan-tab-ulous VALENTINE’S DAY!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Last year I posted how SWEET it was, but I must say this year was just as lovely, if not way MORE gratifying since I had *TWO handsome, adorable and SUPER sweet Valentines* ❤ <3!! We had a Valentine’s Day lunch together as a family and then afterwards Daddy & Mommy went to the MOVIES {for the FIRST time since we had our little blessing)! We watched Identity Theft and loved it, even though I was texting my friend throughout it just to check in my little munchkin. Funny thing is, it was as though he didn’t even realize I was gone, when we got back, he gave me a look like “Hey Mom, you were gone!?” haha

A Valentines Day

{Mommy’s wittle Valentine<3}

Valentines Day A

my Valentines

{My Sweethearts ❤ <3}

my loves 2013

5. I have a new favorite veggie that I’m completely obsessed with, hello green & red peppers! I’ve never been a big pepper fan, in fact, for the longest time I thought they were super spicy. However, recently after having them with fajitas that the hubby made, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH of them! I’ve been adding peppers to EVERYTHING, eggs, omelets, tacos, taco salads, spaghetti sauce….you name it I’m ALL ABOUT IT. I think the hubby thinks this pepper frenzy is a bit much, but guess what…. he has even started to like them! 😀 The creation below: Egg greenies!! {Not only is Daddy liking green peppers, my little Mister has also started to eat more greens toooo!!! YAY!!}


{Egg scramble with broccoli, spinach…and you guessed it…GREEN peppers!!}

What foods have you been lovin’ lately!?

Happy Friday friends! Hope your weekend is WONDERFUL!!




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