peppermint mocha fail

During the holidays I kept seeing ads everywhere for the oh so lovely skinny peppermint mocha. Even though I’m not a really adventurous type when it comes to coffee I decided to give it a try. It was definitely one of those “everyone is doing it so I HAVE to too!” Because I mean, nothing says “Christmas” like a steamy peppermint mocha…right?!



{tis the season….but not for a skinny peppermint mocha}

I took one sip and…..BLEH! It was AWFUL. (granted this is just my opinion obviously, so please don’t take it personal you peppermint mocha lovas!) I decided to take another sip in hopes of magically transforming my taste buds into a peppermint mocha fan…and NOPE, still awful. I proceeded to walk around Target with my lovely red Starbucks cup full of steaming hot, but not so awesome coffee and acted like it was no big deal. Then my hubby turned towards me and asked “So how do you like it!?!!!” Since he of course knew I was dying to trying this wonderful cup of joe because I had been talking about it nonstop the days before. “It’s ok….” I said…and instantly he knew.  He said “Really?!” then I confessed “Actually……it’s horrible.” He immediately laughed and said “then take it back and ask them to remake it or buy another one.” But I shook my head no and decided to just suck it up and take it as a loss….until I took another *hopeful* drink….BLEH! once again. So being the shy person that I am, I creeped up towards the sweet starbucks barista and explained the situation and how much I looked forward this oh-so-awesome drink that was not as oh-so-awesome as I had hoped and that it was not the way she made the drink but the actual drink itself and how I would gladly pay for the next drink if I could just get another one made in place of this one. (Could you tell I was nervous?!)  Thankfully, the lady said “If you like, I can remake this one and make it less mocha-y if you want at no charge at all!” I would have loved this but I think decreasing the mocha-ness would not have helped so I just opted for a plain nonfat vanilla latte and she reassured me that it was no problem at all. With that I walked away with a new larger and completely satisfying drink that I could enjoy without an extra charge. Talk about awesome customer service!

Moral of the story: Just because everyone LOVES something doesn’t mean you will too. 😉

Factoid of the story: Regardless of any opinions people may have about Starbucks…you gotta admit, they are pretty awesome.

Recently while browsing the web for various starbucks drinks I found some awesome links to finding ways to get cheaper, better drinks aren’t often advertised! 🙂 I never knew about a cafe misto drink, or the real difference between a latte, a cappucino and a carmel macchiato. Check out this awesome link if you a coffee novice like me!

Plus, you know that they have that secret menu thing too…and it sounds pretty sweet if your into that kinda caffeine craziness! Snickers Frappuccino…Whatt!?

With all this new Starbucks enlightenment, I decided to try these alternative drink options and though I didn’t get it at the cheapest price (bc I didn’t bother to get a starbucks card) I have to say I REALLY REALLY liked the drink! So hello café mistos, you are now my latte replacement!! Not only is it super good, it also has some super nutritional stats as well…which is a total win-win in my book!

stbcks misto

nutriotional stats cafe misto

So, tell me…what are your favorite starbucks drinks/drink combos??

❤ Alicia



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14 responses to “peppermint mocha fail

  1. I’ve never heard of a secret menu at S-bucks, but now I want to try ordering some of them! I’m a little scared the barista will have no idea what I’m talking about though 🙂

  2. healthydivaeats

    I love a regular blonde roast coffee, lately I love a good iced latte! Yesterday I saw a sign for a blonde vanilla roast and I am intrigued, so I am headed there today I hope to try it! Want to see what it is! Sounds good!

    Happy Wednesday love!

  3. I, too, fell victim to the skinny peppermint mocha and had the same reaction you did…unfortunately I’m a chicken and just gave it to my husband instead of asking the barista to remake it.

  4. I personally love it 🙂 But to each their own, right?!

  5. I’m so glad they remade your drink for you! I’m not a huge peppermint fan, but my husband loves the peppermint mocha. Definitely to each their own. 🙂

    • Yeah, it was super awesome of her to remake it! I can handle peppermint, but I think it was the combo with mocha that threw me off. Glad you hubby likes it!! 🙂

  6. Totally agree, I don’t like it either! i like peppermint and I like mocha but not together….

  7. How funny, I had the same reaction to the Peppermint as well.

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