Aiden {10 months}

Aiden at 10 months…… ❤

-Stands with assistance. He uses an object (a toy, my leg, his bouncy) to help him pull himself up.

-Walks by pushing his little sit-to-stand learning walker.

-Pushes everything he can, including his activity table, as well his little tikes drum.

-Loves GREEN smoothies

-Throws EVERYTHING and then waits for the applause afterwards. 😉

-Has started to become a bit of a picky eater (like *ahem* someone else I know…*DADDY*!!). He prefers fruits over most veggies.. :-/ but we’re working on incorporating veggies as much as possible.

-Has become such a big boy by sleeping in his crib! Sleeps from bedtime til midnight, then wakes up for a feeding and comes to bed with us. (Okay okay, so maybe he could sleep the whole night in his bed, but we still enjoy the cuddles and snuggles with him in our room, so we’re partially there…we’ll get there soon enough!)

-Has become super independent, wanting to push his toy by himself without any assistance. We try to help him turn around because he gets stuck a lot and he’ll push our hand away from the toy as if to say “I got this!” 😛 He also tries to push the toy one handed sometimes or prefers to look at his audience instead of where he is going…hence making him crash into the couch and needing assistance.

-Signs MORE occasionally when he really wants something, as well as the sign LECHE when he thristy.

-Stands up all the time but has yet to take any steps unless he’s by the couch, he’ll sometimes try to reach for it and walk towards it but usually just sticks to standing and holding his balance.

-Knows the words, tree, book, dad, puppy, and cat. I’ll say “where is the tree?” and he’ll look at it or I’ll ask him to get me a book and he’ll find one.

-Is a total tech savvy little guy ALREADY! He smiles and giggles everytime the phone rings; he assumes it’s a video call and becomes giddy with excitement. He also LOVES cell phones, remotes, computers, anything electronic basically.

-Snuggles to be *sweet.* He will lay his head on my nap or on my shoulder (and even the ground..anywhere really) just to hear us tell him “Ohhh!! How sweet! What a sweet baby!!” He LOVES the praise and will do it over and over again!

-Threw his first temper tantrum/fit when we made him share his favorite walking toy with a friend. He got mad that we were letting her have a turn and he threw himself back onto the ground and cried.

-He sweetly & unexpectedly woke Daddy up on Christmas morning. He usually just focuses on waking Mommy up, but that morning after waking me up he immediately whe nover to Dada to bug him until he got up. I thought it was absolutely adorable, such a little smartie!

-He loves when we read to him, he chooses his books every night and often times chooses the same one.

-Likes to throw share his food with Lexie (the pup) and even saves some scraps for the cat too, but Luke of course isn’t interested in human food, so Lexie and A are BEST BUDS now! 😉

-Toddler-tude (toddler attitude) has indeed begun; he’s very demanding when he wants something lately. The other day he did NOT want to sit in his high chair after breakfast while mommy straightend up the kitchen. Instead of sitting contently like he usually does, he huffed and puffed and grunted with all his might to try to push the tray off so he could get down.  😦 My baby knows what HE wants apparently….and isn’t so much of a baby anymore..

-He’s also very intrigued by other people and is such a little flirt! He smiles at people ALL the time, especially cute little girls…Uh-oh…I’ve got a little ladies man on my hands for sure…lol

-I definitely see him changings a lot these days..he’s doing so much, both independently and with others. It’s soo sweet to see him discover and explore the world around him. ❤

10 months old(Love that sweet smile!)


IMG_3623(Mr. Push-a-lot)

A Oijitos(*Ojitos*)

Puppy A(Cutest puppy ever!)

I love pancakes A(Mmm…Mommy makes the best pancakes ever!)

A saying Hey(Hey! I didn’t see you there!)

A being sweet(Little Mr. being a sweetie <3)

Hard to believe he’s 10 (10.5 today) months already…can’t believe we are already starting to plan for his *1st* birthday, seriously where has the time gone?!

twinkle twinkle
little boy
how you fill my heart
with joy.

❤ Alicia



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8 responses to “Aiden {10 months}

  1. healthydivaeats

    Time is flying, soon he will be smashing his face in a first birthday cake! So so sweet he is!

    Happy weekend love! ❤

  2. Ginger

    Awww! I love this blog! But there was no mention of ME “the Grandma”! 😦 Just kidding beautiful. Love you all!

  3. Too cute! I love reading these little updates. They make me smile. Some of them make me laugh out loud, imagining them. He likes green smoothies?! And you’re worrying about getting the veggies in? I think you found the perfect way. Haha.

    • Aww, I’m glad! 😀 Haha I didn’t even think about it, he sure does love those green smoothies, maybe I should make them for him on a more regular basis. I just wish he’d chomp down on some steamed brocolli & mixed veggies the way he tackles *paranoid/overl-worried mom over here* haha 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness! That PUPPY HAT! Too cute! He is adorable 🙂

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