MiMM #2


Marvelous in my Monday {Brought to us by the super sweet and lovely Katie!} for me has to be the fact that…

While I’ve felt absolutely AWFUL with a severe headache and other nasty symptoms since yesterday, it’s truly amazing how wonderful it is to have a guy take care of me and my sweet little baby.

A and Daddy
J & A


Seeing him bathe, feed, change A non-stop since yesterday is seriously the most endearing thing EVER.

Even though we may  sometimes drive each other crazy, its moments like these that I look at him and FALL IN LOVE all over again and think to myself, “that’s why I married that man!”

best things are gree



Another side note that has made my day week…I found out my classes don’t start until the 12th when I originally thought they started today. *{sick & sappy} happy dance*

Hate to cut it short but I have a cute little munckin that I have to keep my eye on while daddy is at work for it a bit!  Hope you have a more marvelous monday than I my friends! ❤ Alicia



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4 responses to “MiMM #2

  1. So glad you had a great weekend! He is so adorable, love his bear outfit!! Too cute!

    Happy Monday love!

  2. Oh my heavens,, this post just made my heart melt & smile. Such precious and beautiful photos.

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