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What We’re Reading {#3}

Even though A wanted to continue to read Olivia all week (clearly it has become his favorite!), we had to convince him to try something new and this sweet little book fit the bill perfectly!

little blue truck

“Neigh!” said a horse.
“Quack!” said a duck.
“Beep!” said the friendly
Little Blue Truck.

This story about the Little Blue Truck  is so sweet and sincere. It provides the perfect example of how much a little act of help can go a long way, as well the importance of friendships.

The literary elements of onomatopoeia, rhyming and personification are spot on and make the text completely engaging and enjoyable.

LBT truck

Of course the illustrations are wonderfully detailed and help complete this adorable story.

toad LBT

{Isn’t he just the cutest little flexing frog!?}


{Isn’t this little guy just the cutest, most adorable little book worm you’ve ever seen?!!!}

A Books

So tell us, what are YOU reading!?!?



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peppermint mocha fail

During the holidays I kept seeing ads everywhere for the oh so lovely skinny peppermint mocha. Even though I’m not a really adventurous type when it comes to coffee I decided to give it a try. It was definitely one of those “everyone is doing it so I HAVE to too!” Because I mean, nothing says “Christmas” like a steamy peppermint mocha…right?!



{tis the season….but not for a skinny peppermint mocha}

I took one sip and…..BLEH! It was AWFUL. (granted this is just my opinion obviously, so please don’t take it personal you peppermint mocha lovas!) I decided to take another sip in hopes of magically transforming my taste buds into a peppermint mocha fan…and NOPE, still awful. I proceeded to walk around Target with my lovely red Starbucks cup full of steaming hot, but not so awesome coffee and acted like it was no big deal. Then my hubby turned towards me and asked “So how do you like it!?!!!” Since he of course knew I was dying to trying this wonderful cup of joe because I had been talking about it nonstop the days before. “It’s ok….” I said…and instantly he knew.  He said “Really?!” then I confessed “Actually……it’s horrible.” He immediately laughed and said “then take it back and ask them to remake it or buy another one.” But I shook my head no and decided to just suck it up and take it as a loss….until I took another *hopeful* drink….BLEH! once again. So being the shy person that I am, I creeped up towards the sweet starbucks barista and explained the situation and how much I looked forward this oh-so-awesome drink that was not as oh-so-awesome as I had hoped and that it was not the way she made the drink but the actual drink itself and how I would gladly pay for the next drink if I could just get another one made in place of this one. (Could you tell I was nervous?!)  Thankfully, the lady said “If you like, I can remake this one and make it less mocha-y if you want at no charge at all!” I would have loved this but I think decreasing the mocha-ness would not have helped so I just opted for a plain nonfat vanilla latte and she reassured me that it was no problem at all. With that I walked away with a new larger and completely satisfying drink that I could enjoy without an extra charge. Talk about awesome customer service!

Moral of the story: Just because everyone LOVES something doesn’t mean you will too. 😉

Factoid of the story: Regardless of any opinions people may have about Starbucks…you gotta admit, they are pretty awesome.

Recently while browsing the web for various starbucks drinks I found some awesome links to finding ways to get cheaper, better drinks aren’t often advertised! 🙂 I never knew about a cafe misto drink, or the real difference between a latte, a cappucino and a carmel macchiato. Check out this awesome link if you a coffee novice like me!

Plus, you know that they have that secret menu thing too…and it sounds pretty sweet if your into that kinda caffeine craziness! Snickers Frappuccino…Whatt!?

With all this new Starbucks enlightenment, I decided to try these alternative drink options and though I didn’t get it at the cheapest price (bc I didn’t bother to get a starbucks card) I have to say I REALLY REALLY liked the drink! So hello café mistos, you are now my latte replacement!! Not only is it super good, it also has some super nutritional stats as well…which is a total win-win in my book!

stbcks misto

nutriotional stats cafe misto

So, tell me…what are your favorite starbucks drinks/drink combos??

❤ Alicia


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What we’re Reading {#2}

This past week A has been loving this one particular book and each time we give him an option between 3-4 books he ALWAYS chooses this one. Needless to say, this is indeed his favorite book right now and I can’t lie, I love it too! 😉


(Falconer, Ian. Olivia. New York: Atheneum for Young Readers, 2000. Print.)

Olivia is cute, bold and fiesty little lady who loves the beach, the museum and reading books but not napping!  Check out her website: Olivia the Piglet

What I LOVE about the book: The drawings and of course the witty text.  Both elements are adorable as well as hilarious…


“ Olivia has to be firm.” 😛

I love it! & So does little Mr.

There are particular words and phrases that he really likes, maybe its the way his daddy and I emphasize these words or something, but he seriously laughs and smiles as if he *knows* what we are reading. It’s the cutest thing EVER!



olivia3Like Mother like son! 😉


What book(s) have you been reading lately?!!

Anyone else ever read from the Olivia series? 

I also want to get Olivia Counts, Olivia Opposites and many others.

Check out what we READ last week!

❤ Alicia


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Aiden {10 months}

Aiden at 10 months…… ❤

-Stands with assistance. He uses an object (a toy, my leg, his bouncy) to help him pull himself up.

-Walks by pushing his little sit-to-stand learning walker.

-Pushes everything he can, including his activity table, as well his little tikes drum.

-Loves GREEN smoothies

-Throws EVERYTHING and then waits for the applause afterwards. 😉

-Has started to become a bit of a picky eater (like *ahem* someone else I know…*DADDY*!!). He prefers fruits over most veggies.. :-/ but we’re working on incorporating veggies as much as possible.

-Has become such a big boy by sleeping in his crib! Sleeps from bedtime til midnight, then wakes up for a feeding and comes to bed with us. (Okay okay, so maybe he could sleep the whole night in his bed, but we still enjoy the cuddles and snuggles with him in our room, so we’re partially there…we’ll get there soon enough!)

-Has become super independent, wanting to push his toy by himself without any assistance. We try to help him turn around because he gets stuck a lot and he’ll push our hand away from the toy as if to say “I got this!” 😛 He also tries to push the toy one handed sometimes or prefers to look at his audience instead of where he is going…hence making him crash into the couch and needing assistance.

-Signs MORE occasionally when he really wants something, as well as the sign LECHE when he thristy.

-Stands up all the time but has yet to take any steps unless he’s by the couch, he’ll sometimes try to reach for it and walk towards it but usually just sticks to standing and holding his balance.

-Knows the words, tree, book, dad, puppy, and cat. I’ll say “where is the tree?” and he’ll look at it or I’ll ask him to get me a book and he’ll find one.

-Is a total tech savvy little guy ALREADY! He smiles and giggles everytime the phone rings; he assumes it’s a video call and becomes giddy with excitement. He also LOVES cell phones, remotes, computers, anything electronic basically.

-Snuggles to be *sweet.* He will lay his head on my nap or on my shoulder (and even the ground..anywhere really) just to hear us tell him “Ohhh!! How sweet! What a sweet baby!!” He LOVES the praise and will do it over and over again!

-Threw his first temper tantrum/fit when we made him share his favorite walking toy with a friend. He got mad that we were letting her have a turn and he threw himself back onto the ground and cried.

-He sweetly & unexpectedly woke Daddy up on Christmas morning. He usually just focuses on waking Mommy up, but that morning after waking me up he immediately whe nover to Dada to bug him until he got up. I thought it was absolutely adorable, such a little smartie!

-He loves when we read to him, he chooses his books every night and often times chooses the same one.

-Likes to throw share his food with Lexie (the pup) and even saves some scraps for the cat too, but Luke of course isn’t interested in human food, so Lexie and A are BEST BUDS now! 😉

-Toddler-tude (toddler attitude) has indeed begun; he’s very demanding when he wants something lately. The other day he did NOT want to sit in his high chair after breakfast while mommy straightend up the kitchen. Instead of sitting contently like he usually does, he huffed and puffed and grunted with all his might to try to push the tray off so he could get down.  😦 My baby knows what HE wants apparently….and isn’t so much of a baby anymore..

-He’s also very intrigued by other people and is such a little flirt! He smiles at people ALL the time, especially cute little girls…Uh-oh…I’ve got a little ladies man on my hands for sure…lol

-I definitely see him changings a lot these days..he’s doing so much, both independently and with others. It’s soo sweet to see him discover and explore the world around him. ❤

10 months old(Love that sweet smile!)


IMG_3623(Mr. Push-a-lot)

A Oijitos(*Ojitos*)

Puppy A(Cutest puppy ever!)

I love pancakes A(Mmm…Mommy makes the best pancakes ever!)

A saying Hey(Hey! I didn’t see you there!)

A being sweet(Little Mr. being a sweetie <3)

Hard to believe he’s 10 (10.5 today) months already…can’t believe we are already starting to plan for his *1st* birthday, seriously where has the time gone?!

twinkle twinkle
little boy
how you fill my heart
with joy.

❤ Alicia


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A double munchkin meal win kind of Monday

Happy Monday ya’ll! I swear the weekend comes and goes SO quickly and Monday creeps up on us all the time.

Although, the semester “technically” started on Saturday, I finally opened up my textbook and read through each of my syllabi today….and you know what…I’m pretty EXCITED!! While I must say I greatly enjoyed the winter break, I immediately started to feel bored…I kept thinking to myself “what should I do now?!” lol I guess I’m just a busy body, or better put…. a *busy-brain,* always needing something on my mind to keep me challenged and focused.

While the challenge this semester is definitely going to be juggling classes and keeping after little Mr., I’m still planning on being more accountable fitness wise as well. I need to get into a workout routine and stick to it. I’m trying, really trying to workout early in the morning as a jump-start to my day…but everytime my alarm goes off it is just SO much easier to hit the lovely snooze button over and over But, I know that by getting into a regular routine of working out in the morning will help allievate the anxiety I get towards the end of the day when I’m trying to cook dinner,  chase a cute little 10 month old, and converse with the hubby. I hate looking at the clock and seeing it’s dinner time and I haven’t even workout yet…that totally kills my motivation and makes me a total grump.

So….any tips for getting into a daily EARLY morning workout regime??


Now to the good stuff…my Monday was pretty stinking Marvelous because…

1. I actually read my first chapter for this week’s assignment earlier rather than later…(waiting til the last minute totally stinks…and I’ve promised myself to be more accountable this semester and read ahead/as early as possible!)

2. I got to *sleep in* this morning, thanks to my super sweet hubby! ❤ YAY for 9 am wake ups during the week!

3. I experimented with two of A’s meals today and they were both a hit! I made him blueberry oatmeal pancakes for breakfast & a mango-banana yogurt & oats smoothie for dinner. 😀 It was my first time making him a smoothie and he wouldn’t put the cup down! *insert proud mommy happy dance here*



(REAL MEN use their g/f’s pink cup! 🙂 lol)

4. I saw this awesome quote while browsing pinterest and HAD to share it!

live and learn

5. And last but not least….today is my brother’s *19th* birthday!! Happy Birthday Vince! ❤

vinny birthday



Hope you all have a *Marvelous Monday*!

❤ Alicia


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What we’re READING {#1}…


(the current view of our nightstand)

Sooo remember how I said one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to read more, well I also wanted to make myself accountable for reading a variety of books to my little  Cutie Pa-tootie too!  My goal is to read 1-2 new books to A every single week, which would then give him exposure to 52+ NEW works of literature a year! 😀

This week we’ve been reading…

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (a total classic in my opinion!)

I chose this book initally because we were reading If You Take a Mouse to the Movies all of December and A loved it, so I figured I’d give the original a whirl too. A also LOVES it; he laughs when I say the words “mouse” and “cookie,” {probably because I exaggerate the word cookie into “coooookie” lol but hey, whatever it takes!}

I love it because the illustrations are simply adorable and the format of the text is easy to read and which is especially great for beginning readers. (I certainly know my 10 month old is not a beginning reader, however, I do feel it’s great to read ALL sorts of books to him regardless of his age and age level of the text. So don’t be too hesitant to chose a book just because you feel it might be too complicated for your little one, remember continous exposure to good, qualitative literature teaches children vocabulary, social and linguist skills that are so beneficial for them! So READ READ READ!

more books

The second book we’ve been reading is Llama Llama Misses Mama, which comes from the Llama Llama series by Anna Dewdney.

Again, I must backtrack with this text, I first heard of this series when I stumbled across the book Llama Llama Red Pajama, and I instantly fell in love with it. In fact, I  was observing a group of preschoolers for a class and saw how much joy and attentiveness they had when read this text that I HAD to find it and read it to my little munchkin. (GET it, READ it and you’ll seriously LOVE it too! 😉

I have to say both A and I LOVE when Daddy reads this book, the characterization in his voice is so realistic and makes the book ever more engaging and enjoyable. I also love the message it teaches little ones about loving mama & school too.

This is what We’ve been reading…can’t wait to hear what YOU ALL have been reading!!

❤ Alicia

P.s. If you want some good reviews on books you could always check out Amazon, but I also recommend, it’s a social networking site about books where there are always TONS of great, helpful (sometimes VERY opinionated) reviews on all ALL works of literature.

Remember reading to your bump/baby/toddler/child/teen is SO SO SO beneficial for a variety of reasons and is seriously one the BEST things you can do for them!! So….KEEP CALM & READ ON!!

books are


Awesome articles on reading:

Scholastic: Why Babies Need Books

10 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your Kids


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MiMM #2


Marvelous in my Monday {Brought to us by the super sweet and lovely Katie!} for me has to be the fact that…

While I’ve felt absolutely AWFUL with a severe headache and other nasty symptoms since yesterday, it’s truly amazing how wonderful it is to have a guy take care of me and my sweet little baby.

A and Daddy
J & A


Seeing him bathe, feed, change A non-stop since yesterday is seriously the most endearing thing EVER.

Even though we may  sometimes drive each other crazy, its moments like these that I look at him and FALL IN LOVE all over again and think to myself, “that’s why I married that man!”

best things are gree



Another side note that has made my day week…I found out my classes don’t start until the 12th when I originally thought they started today. *{sick & sappy} happy dance*

Hate to cut it short but I have a cute little munckin that I have to keep my eye on while daddy is at work for it a bit!  Hope you have a more marvelous monday than I my friends! ❤ Alicia


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