Aiden {9 Months}

My *9 month old* is seriously becoming more and more of a toddler and less of a baby with each passing day..

Baby (almost BIG BOY) Aiden…

-Loves to EAT food; he shoves 2-3 puffs in his mouth all at once.

-Learned to drink from a straw cup (which only took about 2-3 days).

-Eats about 3 times a day of solid food and continues to nurse on demand.

-Has TWO TEETH now, his first one he got the day before Halloween and the second a week later.

-Likes to pull his big sister’s tail at any chance he gets, thankfully she’s come to really like him a lot since he tends to share his food with her ALL THE TIME. πŸ˜›

-Had his first encounter with the grouchy cat one morning and lets just say that the score is Lucas 1 Aiden 0…for now..

-He says “Ki-Ki” for cat and sometimes says “key-key”

-LOVES carbs like his momma…haha..He ate some whole wheat banana pancakes one Sunday for breakfast and had rice that same day for lunch and was SUPER HYPER afterwards…lesson learned: Don’t double up on carbs

-He “gobbled til he wobbled” on Thanksgiving and ended up taking a good 2 hour nap afterwards.

-Likes fruit like is momma, especially blueberries, strawberries, bananas, pears, peaches and *mandarine oranges*.

-He also loves yogurt, he’s been eating YoBaby Yogurt, but also likes all other types of yogurt as well (including fro-yo, again like his mommy).

-Loves his CD and has finally gotten used to listening to Christmas music, particularly Michael Buble’s Christmas album which mommy LOVES!

-Started moving from a seated position to his knees on Nov. 20th, and also began scooting on his bottom around in circles to. Also started to become more active while on his tummy, which he hated to be on for such a long time.

-Began crawling by kicking his lower body and rolling, (you could tell it took a lot of strenuous work because he would constantly grunt and take breaks throughout his mini journeys) but after a while he figured out how to make it easier and began to really crawl in a special way by using one leg in the typical crawling position Β and keeping the other leg straight while crawling.

-GRUNTS to tell us stuff esepcially when implying “MORE”

-Can SIGN “leche” πŸ˜€ (leche= milk). I can ask him to sign “leche” and he’ll sign it to me and I can sign it to him and he smiles and gets all giddy.

-Knows the sign “all done” and understands it but has yet to use it.

-Blinks his eyes several times (otherwise known as “ojitos”) and enjoys getting a great applause from everyone.

-Still only says “Da-da” and “Ba-Ba”

-Likes his jumperoo but prefers to be on the floor able to move and crawl around.

-He enjoys his toys but prefers non-kid friendly toys such as, the remote, mom and dad’s cell, the computer cord, pretty much anything that he isn’t supposed to get his hands on. πŸ˜›

-He loves bath time and has finally gotten into a “bedtime schedule.”

-Loves the Christmas tree & looks at it everytime I say “tree”

-Has been all about the pretty gifts under the tree and has unwrapped a few of them with great joy! So we are very to excited to see his reaction on Christmas morning!

-He has also found the drawers on our TV stand and gleefully crawls to them the minute he/s put on the ground.

-He loves to throw stuff, especially his toy balls, golf balls dad practices with and his toy rings.

-He has also started to nap & sleep in his crib πŸ˜€ which was a big step for us! (I’ll post more about this later)*

-He wants to STAND & pull himself up to STANDING all the time, especially when in the bath tub! lol

-He shakes his head NO to EVERYTHING! I’ll ask “Aiden is that yummy?!” then he shakes his head Nooooo but then opens his mouth for me to feed him more. lol

He is seriously becoming so independent and more mobile by the minute…my friend told me that once little boys get moving, they don’t stop and it leaves mommy exhausted. While I love seeing him grow, I can’t help but think what happened to my little baby…he’s not a baby anymore he’s becoming a toddler. :-/

I haven’t gotten an accuract account of how much little Mr. weighs and how tall he is, because his 9 month check up isn’t until after the holidays. So I’ll have to update that later. All I know he’s getting a happy, healthy and loving baby and that’s all that matters to me!

Fun fact: Dad loves to sing “Hey diddle diddle, the cat in the MIDDLE…” instead of the “the cat and the fiddle” πŸ˜› Such a silly Daddy!

Aiden Ojitos

{Cutie pie doing “ojitos”}

A standing up

{Cool new tricks!}

A crawling

{On the GO!}

A felt tree

{Felt tree fun}

A and Scout

{A & his best friend Scout}

A and golf ball

{“You want this ball!?!}

A presents

{“Let me see…which one is mine?!”}

Mommy & A


“Before you were born, I dreamed of you, I imagined you, I prayed for you. Now that you’re here I hope for you, I love you and I thank God for you”

❀ Alicia



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4 responses to “Aiden {9 Months}

  1. He is growing up SO fast!!! Love his beautiful head of hair too! So adorable he is!!

  2. It’s so fun to read your monthly notes. I laughed about his answer being “no” to everything. Haha. So funny how “no” always comes before “yes”. And the crawling with one leg… My cousin did that too. It’s too funny!
    Glad to see he’s growing so well, and so alert. πŸ™‚

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