Giving Thanks!

I wanted to give thanks for our many blessings, we may not have a huge mansion, a brand spanking new luxury car, an enormous amount of clothes and shoes but we DO HAVE things that are much more enjoyable and gratifying. 

We’ve got love, real love with all it’s dimensions.

We’ve got an adorable, healthy, spunky, smart baby boy who makes us smile, laugh, and sometimes cry 24/7.

We’ve got family, a wonderfully sweet family, who love and care for us immensely.

We’ve got friends, amazing friends who make up for the fact that we don’t live close to family and make us feel as though we are apart of their family.

We’ve got crazy yet loving furbabies which drive us nuts but also fill our home with joy.

We’ve got our health, which is the greatest luxury one could ask for.

We’ve got a lovely home, which suits our little family perfectly and even has room for friends and family. 😉

We’ve got sweet memories that remind us how far we’ve come and how truly blessed we are.

We’ve got each other, a real relationship that takes hard work and is not fake for the sake of others, but is REAL for ourselves.

Most importantly, We’ve got a loving, forgiving, always accepting God, who loves us through our faults, forgives our sins and embraces us without hesitation regardless how often we seek him. Without him, none of the others blessings would be possible.

Today and everyday, I’m am truly THANKFUL.

❤ Alicia



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5 responses to “Giving Thanks!

  1. Hope you had a terrific holiday! What wonderful things to be thankful for 🙂

  2. Ginger

    Very well said!!! Amen!
    We taught you well huh?!
    So proud of the lady, friend and Mother you have turned out to be!
    Xoxoxo Mom

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