Confessions of a full time mommy, wife and grad student..

1. I desperately want to blog more regularly,..but school is just consuming all of my extra time right now. Any time I think “oh I should blog this”…..the perfect little student in me says “no, you should be reading, doing an assignment, or getting ahead somehow.” Obviously, we know all know who always wins this battle.

2. Every time I think of putting A in daycare, while I greatly love the setting itself from an educational standpoint, I HATE it from my mommy/parenting perspective. NO ONE can ever care for him the way I can…the thought of someone else watching not watching him properly FREAKS ME OUT.

3. I have not been meal planning whatsoever, we have literally been just going with the flow and sadly, I’m not liking it. I need to get with it and meal plan and stick with those plans.

4. Along with lack of meal planning, I also…{& I HATE admitting this one}…I have not been working out, at all. I seriously am so swamped with these two grad courses that working out is the last thing on my mind.

5. What is is every more frustratingly weird about my lack of maintaining a workout ethic, is that I’m actually OK with this, I’m not saying I’m HAPPY about it, because I’m obviously NOT, but I’m not STRESSING MYSELF about it. Before becoming a mommy, I would workout regularly for my sanity, and if I missed a workout, it affected me drastically, I’d be consumed with *guilt guilt guilt*. {how healthy is that?!} Thankfully, becoming a mommy has taught me SOO much, and one thing I’m glad it’s helped me with is dealing with my emotions and that nasty one: guilt. When I was preggers, I SWORE I would workout out daily, in an attempt to make time for *ME*, but little did I know that also becoming a mommy changes your prorities (not to say that having me time is a bad thing, it’s a good thing, this I KNOW.) I’m just saying it’s A LOT easier said than done, it’s easy to say “I’m doing this for me..” but when it comes down to it, other things are more fun, like watching my adorable little man play, throw toys, and attempt to crawl. So, while working out and fitness is a great passion of mine….being a good mommy is in fact a greater one.

6. If I’m not working out, do you think my house is absolutely spotless? HA! Try again. Thankfully, I have amazing friends who could care less about how tidy my casa is, as well as an AWESOME hubby who helps me out at much as posible around the house (usually when we’re expecting company. lol)

7. Speaking of *expecting*……….

JK!! LOL, but, true confession: I sometimes look at A and think “OMG! he’s not a baby anymore”  I miss having a baby baby, a wittle bitty baby, and the fact that my little guy is growing so much makes me want another baby, so I can have a baby baby, you know since A is already a toddler-baby almost. {& if this happens every time we have a little one around 8-9 months…LOOK OUT 19 Kids & Counting! HAHA! jk jk…or not! :-P}

8. Fro-yo from Sweet Frog has become a regular part of my weekend routine, and this needs to STOP. *just after ONE more trip though. 😛

9. These two grad classes are really time-consuming and TOUGH…..but I secretly LOVE it. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with school, but I’ve always had more LOVE for it because the pressure it places upon me is….thrilling! What a thrill-seeker huh?  Maybe now I’ll go skydiving, or get a tatoo……or not. I’ll stick with my schooling to give me that RUSH! 😉

10. While I greatly enjoy what I’m studying and adore my career field, I’m SOOO looking forward to Christmas break so that I can devote all of my free time to just doing absolutely NOTHING with my darling hubby and adorably sweet little blessing. ❤

Happy Tuesday Friends! I’m off to do some cleaning, more reading!





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9 responses to “Confessions of a full time mommy, wife and grad student..

  1. Amanda

    You will find your own routine and balance with school and family life. Good luck with school. I am starting my Grad classes in January and I am taking 3 at a time so I will be in the same boat as you. You just have to make time for yourself and do what best suits you and your family. IT will be hard to put Aiden in daycare, but whenever you are ready you will know. We love and miss yall.

    • Thanks, I know I kept thinking we’d have a “schedule” by now with A, but it’s not that easy, everyday is a different day. It will just take time as you said. Good Luck with you classes too, I’m sure you’ll do well! 🙂 Keep me posted on what classes you are taking! Where do you guys plan on moving back to? Florida? Missouri? Love and miss you guys too! ❤

  2. Finding the right balance takes time. I’m glad you seem to be going easy on yourself. Things will sort of fall into place at some point. You may have to give them a little nudge, but it’ll work!
    Right now I have fulltime work, NaNoWriMo, a short story collection to work on, and flag football. My yoga and 5k training have sort of slipped out of the equation. I’m telling myself December will be better. 🙂

    • I hear ya! Balance is definitely key! I just gotta take it one day at a time and try to squeeze in whatever workout/me time I can whenever possible. Sounds like you’re super busy too, good luck with all your endeavors! I’m saying the same, but I’m putting it off til January..hehehe January will be better! 😀

  3. Ginger

    Ok….love the blog…..but you almost gave your Mom a heart attack about the “expecting” part!!! Don’t you love me?!?!!! When I was reading it I thought, “OMGoodness, is this how she will tell is about baby #2?” Aaauuurrggghhh!!! Breath… Just breath! LOL!!
    Love reading your blogs!!
    Xoxoxo Mom ❤

  4. I give you major props! You have so much going on, and so much to enjoy with the little one! I don’t know how you do it!

  5. Jenny Gomez

    okay, your are def super mom. just breath and if you need a little break im just a call/ text away. love you and i love your blog. 🙂

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