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8 months

8 months….(almost *9* already too…) Ahhh! Where has the time gone??

My little 8 month old…

became very independent while visiting family at home he…

-went on his first trip without Mom, with his grandma and grandpa and did GREAT (even though Mom missed him like crazy,I was glad she could do some homework while he was out & about!)

-learned to sit up in the bath tub all by himself with a bit of assistance of course

-learned to say “bye-bye” with his hands which was SOOO CUTE! My dad told him “Let’s go bye-bye baby!” and A looked at him eagerly and waved “bye-bye”

-learned to DRIVE 😉 thanks to his Popo for teaching him to it’s done

-ate tons of yummy foods, including, rice, beans, ice cream, pie……

-was spoiled rotten with lots of toys, goodies, and attention 24/7… how could anyone resist a sweet face like his? 🙂

-got his first pair COWBOY BOOTS

-went to see a bunch of cute little baby goats

-watched his aunt Mia play volleyball every weekend

-also got to experience his first at home band concert by his aunt Mia on the clarinet and his uncle Danny on the trombone. Needless to say, A was super shocked when he heard them playing their tunes.

-starting to become an expert at using his little pinchers to pick up foods

-he mostly enjoyed all the loving and affection he got from EVERY ONE in the family! ❤

When we got back home he…

-began turning over more often, mostly from back to tummy (which he hated to be on) in an attempt to reach for toys

-started turning 360 degrees when on his tummy

-started throwing things; anything and everything he can grab, toys, his paci, rings,bouncy balls

-started to move from a seated position to his hands and knees

-rocks back and forth while on hands and knees and looks as though he is going to crawl, but then decides at the last moment to sit right back down. (SOO cute to watch)

-after a while of rocking back and forth, and sitting back down, he finally got the courage to just dive forward only to land on his tummy!

-since visiting the family and seeing many other faces he has become more aware of others and even allows new people to hold him without getting upset the moment Mommy walks out of the room.

-he is completely aware of his little furbaby siblings and loves to see them run around the house, it totally cracks him up.

-enjoys going to the library and is always such a good boy

-became a little pumpkin, literally..(see photo below)

-was a MONKEY for Halloween and enjoyed seeing all the kiddos trick-or-treating

-has definitely LEARNED the “bye-bye” day I tried to put him in his crib for a nap and he cried the entire 10 mins…so being the mom that I am the fact that I cannot stand to hear him cry (yes I know many of you are shaking your heads at me…but hey this is my parenting style..), I proceeded to pick him up. As soon as I held him in his arms, he smiled, rubbed his face in my shoulder with glee, then turned to his crib and waved “bye-bye” then smothered his face in my shoulder once again and smiled the biggest smile in the world. ❤

{At his first LH Football game!}{Rocking his personalized hat that his GG made him}


{He slept throughout the entire football game. 🙂 Guess it was too boring for him?}

{Using those pinchers!}


{Getting lots of lovin’ from his big sister Lex}


{All about those hands!}

{Bundled up for the cold VA winter!}


{Halloween, our little GREAT PUMPKIN}



{His first Halloween, my wittle monkey boy!}

He seriously melts my heart all the time with the smallest things he does, he’s such a smart little cookie, I cannot kiss him and love him enough, it drives me bonkers! ❤



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Giving Thanks!

I wanted to give thanks for our many blessings, we may not have a huge mansion, a brand spanking new luxury car, an enormous amount of clothes and shoes but we DO HAVE things that are much more enjoyable and gratifying. 

We’ve got love, real love with all it’s dimensions.

We’ve got an adorable, healthy, spunky, smart baby boy who makes us smile, laugh, and sometimes cry 24/7.

We’ve got family, a wonderfully sweet family, who love and care for us immensely.

We’ve got friends, amazing friends who make up for the fact that we don’t live close to family and make us feel as though we are apart of their family.

We’ve got crazy yet loving furbabies which drive us nuts but also fill our home with joy.

We’ve got our health, which is the greatest luxury one could ask for.

We’ve got a lovely home, which suits our little family perfectly and even has room for friends and family. 😉

We’ve got sweet memories that remind us how far we’ve come and how truly blessed we are.

We’ve got each other, a real relationship that takes hard work and is not fake for the sake of others, but is REAL for ourselves.

Most importantly, We’ve got a loving, forgiving, always accepting God, who loves us through our faults, forgives our sins and embraces us without hesitation regardless how often we seek him. Without him, none of the others blessings would be possible.

Today and everyday, I’m am truly THANKFUL.

❤ Alicia


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Happy birthday Mama!

Happy birthday to my wonderful Mom!
Thank you for being such an amazing mother, friend and grandma! Words can not describe how much you mean to us! Love you lots! Xoxox


& as Mr. 305 would say…
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, que no pare la fiesta
Don’t stop the party!!!”

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Confessions of a full time mommy, wife and grad student..

1. I desperately want to blog more regularly,..but school is just consuming all of my extra time right now. Any time I think “oh I should blog this”…..the perfect little student in me says “no, you should be reading, doing an assignment, or getting ahead somehow.” Obviously, we know all know who always wins this battle.

2. Every time I think of putting A in daycare, while I greatly love the setting itself from an educational standpoint, I HATE it from my mommy/parenting perspective. NO ONE can ever care for him the way I can…the thought of someone else watching not watching him properly FREAKS ME OUT.

3. I have not been meal planning whatsoever, we have literally been just going with the flow and sadly, I’m not liking it. I need to get with it and meal plan and stick with those plans.

4. Along with lack of meal planning, I also…{& I HATE admitting this one}…I have not been working out, at all. I seriously am so swamped with these two grad courses that working out is the last thing on my mind.

5. What is is every more frustratingly weird about my lack of maintaining a workout ethic, is that I’m actually OK with this, I’m not saying I’m HAPPY about it, because I’m obviously NOT, but I’m not STRESSING MYSELF about it. Before becoming a mommy, I would workout regularly for my sanity, and if I missed a workout, it affected me drastically, I’d be consumed with *guilt guilt guilt*. {how healthy is that?!} Thankfully, becoming a mommy has taught me SOO much, and one thing I’m glad it’s helped me with is dealing with my emotions and that nasty one: guilt. When I was preggers, I SWORE I would workout out daily, in an attempt to make time for *ME*, but little did I know that also becoming a mommy changes your prorities (not to say that having me time is a bad thing, it’s a good thing, this I KNOW.) I’m just saying it’s A LOT easier said than done, it’s easy to say “I’m doing this for me..” but when it comes down to it, other things are more fun, like watching my adorable little man play, throw toys, and attempt to crawl. So, while working out and fitness is a great passion of mine….being a good mommy is in fact a greater one.

6. If I’m not working out, do you think my house is absolutely spotless? HA! Try again. Thankfully, I have amazing friends who could care less about how tidy my casa is, as well as an AWESOME hubby who helps me out at much as posible around the house (usually when we’re expecting company. lol)

7. Speaking of *expecting*……….

JK!! LOL, but, true confession: I sometimes look at A and think “OMG! he’s not a baby anymore”  I miss having a baby baby, a wittle bitty baby, and the fact that my little guy is growing so much makes me want another baby, so I can have a baby baby, you know since A is already a toddler-baby almost. {& if this happens every time we have a little one around 8-9 months…LOOK OUT 19 Kids & Counting! HAHA! jk jk…or not! :-P}

8. Fro-yo from Sweet Frog has become a regular part of my weekend routine, and this needs to STOP. *just after ONE more trip though. 😛

9. These two grad classes are really time-consuming and TOUGH…..but I secretly LOVE it. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with school, but I’ve always had more LOVE for it because the pressure it places upon me is….thrilling! What a thrill-seeker huh?  Maybe now I’ll go skydiving, or get a tatoo……or not. I’ll stick with my schooling to give me that RUSH! 😉

10. While I greatly enjoy what I’m studying and adore my career field, I’m SOOO looking forward to Christmas break so that I can devote all of my free time to just doing absolutely NOTHING with my darling hubby and adorably sweet little blessing. ❤

Happy Tuesday Friends! I’m off to do some cleaning, more reading!



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motivational monday!


Happy Motivational Monday friends! Link up: Motivational Monday 🙂



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