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Aiden 7 months….what?

So it’s almost Halloween and I completely forgot to post Aiden’s 7 months update…

7 months?! Holy moly! I seriously feel that 6 months + is FLYING by, I remember thinking “I can’t wait to get to 6 months” (since that was my first breastfeeding goal..) Then it came and now here we are at 7 months & then some almost * 8 months* already! WOWZA!! 😀

So at 7 months Aiden…

-Can sit up by himself 70% of the time,…he’s still working on balance and often throws himself back, which is why I have to keep a pillow behind.

-He is doing LOTS of baby talk, “Da da da” “La la la” and “Ba ba ba” no “ma ma ma” yet, but we are working on it 😉

-He found his thumb and sucks/chews on it ALL THE TIME.

-Refuses to sit down sometimes, (gets that from Daddy who used to do the same when he was tiny tot) he straightens his legs and stiffens himseld completely so that he can’t be forced to sit down.

-Has become more adventurous, tries to move more and more by launching himself from a seated postion.

-It tolerating tummy time a bit more, trying to move but still has yet to crawl. He does however love to reach for non-toy itmes, such as mommy’s highlighters, books, and pens.

-Pulls himself up to a seated position when he’s laying down. (he’s gonna have some killer abs he keeps this up! )

-LOVES the mesh feeder, ate watermelon one day and could not get enough!

-Likes to EAT, gets sooo excited when I sign and say the word EAT.

-Loves the Boba carrier

-Has started to RUN in his exersaucer/bouncy, it’s so cute, instead of bounching, he lifts up one leg at a time as if running. It’s adorable.

-Favorite napping spot is still in mommy’s arms.

-Wears his shades like a pro, doesn’t take them off because he’s cool like that. 😉

-LOVES to facetime and talk on the phone, especially with his Grandma (Momo) and Grandpa (Popo)!

-Swung on a big kid swing for the first time, though he didn’t seem too excited about it, he tolerated it but it wasn’t as fun as I had hoped it might be for him.

-LOVES the library and is always so great when we go.

We flew home to visit the fam and Aiden was GREAT on the plane, he did REALLY GOOD, I was sooo happy and impressed with my little traveler. 🙂 Though I will say flying with a 7 month old compared to a 3 month old requires a lot more work. He was so busy, looking at others on the plane, peaking through the seats and passengers behind us, banging on the foldable tray, and laughing at random. 🙂 He got lots of compliments from people as we got off the plane too.

We’re enjoying TEXAS, getting lots of homework done and enjoying our lovely family.

Can’t believe my little Mr. is 7 almost 8 months already!! 😀

(Playing with the pool pass is sooo much fun!)

(Rocking the shades, in the carrier like a pro 🙂 <3)

(Tasty thumb)

(Ready for winter! Bring on the SNOW :-D)

(“You don’t need your homework mommy!”)


(Early morning smiles)

My beautiful *7 months old* little darling! ❤



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