Be awesome!

Heyy there…so I know it’s been almost a MONTH. geez, where has the time gone?

I’m not deliberately not posting or updating, I’ve just been well…SWAMPED. Not in a bad way, just in a super crazy, busy kinda way. I’m a full time mommy by day and grad student by night. Though I do love both dearly, I haven’t been able to find extra time for the bloggy. Between socratic seminars, dirty diapers, children’s book critiques, baby food making, essays, baths….{you get the picture}…I’m still working on a schedule, but honestly we just go with the flow here. 🙂 Every day is a different day and we’re just enjoying the sheer randomness. 😉 I will say, a sweet glass of wine has been my best friend after a super busy night. {I may actually become a wine-o, for real!}

This is what my schedule has been like lately:

Get the picture? {P.s. I just had to add my favorite sticker…we must KEEP CALM & CARRY ON! 😉 always!}

So almost OCTOBER! YAY! Bring on the cooler weather, scarfs, beautiful fall leaves and boots! I’m ready for it ALL…however I’m hoping is stays warmer here and the fall transition delays itself a bit since I will be going home for a couple of weeks. So looking forward to seeing the fam, and mostly seeing Little Man’s reaction to everyone. He is currently on a “I only want mommy” phase, mixed in with a bit of seperation anxiety, so it should be exciting to see how he adjusts to new people. & Mommy is looking forward to extra arms to hold my sweet pumpkin.

My classes have been going well, 2 classes is TOUGH, but I’m managing it well. I’ve been doing A LOT, I mean A LOT of reading, lots of kids/young adult books and novels. I enjoy the reading but hate doing critiques on them…but that’s ok. I’ll get better at it with more practice.

Speaking of reading, I found an awesome FREE book mark printable, that I just have to share. Nothing like FREE, cute, awesome stuff right?! Download, print and get to READING! 😀

{“Be awesome! Be a book nut!” -Dr. Seuss}

What are your favorite NEW reads? OR what have you been reading lately?!

Confession:-I’ve totally been slacking on Fifty Shades of Grey….school reading has taken up all of my reading time these days and to be honest…..I can’t read these lovely children’s books and novels and then switch over to read a risque book that makes blush like CRAZAYY!! 😛 haha So Mr. Grey will just have to wait a while..or until this semester is over unfortunately.

Have a great day friends!

<;3 Alicia



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2 responses to “Be awesome!

  1. I know how you feel with the busy schedule! Just gotta keep pushing through 🙂

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