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Five things FriDaY!

1. I’m absolutely in LOVE with ZEVIA drinks…I’m not a big soda person, bc of all the sugar/artificial sweetners they have but sometimes you just gotta have a nice fizzy drink…thus these babies do the trick. So far Ginger Root Beer is my FAVORITE! ❀

2. I’ve been secretly indulging in this current read… Yep, I finally decided to jump on the 50 Shades band wagon. I’m trying to just enjoy a fun novel for now since starting next week textbooks will be a major part of my reading agenda…

3. Speaking of school…I’m so excited yet so nervous about taking more Grad classes this semester especially with my sweet little munchkin. I’m just praying that I can balance being a mommy with all the homework/studying involved with school Wish me luck friends! *But I must admit I LOVE LOVE LOVE the start of a new school year…the school supplies section at Wally & Target always make me completely euphoric! πŸ™‚ Β Yeah, I’m that girl! πŸ˜‰



4. K.I.S.S. has become my newest mommy motto…I’ve really just been overthinking so many things and have been extra sensitive to “the rights and wrongs of parenting”…(remember that whole thing?) so I’ve just been reminding myself to just: *Keep It Simple Sista!* hehe πŸ™‚


5. This little guy makes me swoon with delight. As tough as being a mommy can be sometimes, all I have to do is look at him and see his adorable smile and every single worry of mine go away in an instant. Love you lots baby cakes!

Happy FRIDAY friends…hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!! XOXO



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Motivational Monday!!

Motivational Monday inspired by my friend KatieΒ and her Monday Motivation posts! πŸ™‚ Happy Monday, make it fabulous!


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MY way. {learning how to bend part 2}

I’m an education major, (yes, the smell of crayons makes me completely blissful) and I’ve always been really scholarly about my studies and successes in life. I’m the type of person who wants to know the instructions, does them precisely and expects to get an A+, after all I’ve done EXACTLY what I was told to do and in doing so I expect to be successful. I’ve always felt that working hard and *following the directions* always pays off in many aspects of life….that is until parenthood came along.

Remember when I told you I was a bag of worries in the beginning?

Well add to that the lack of *directions* or a step-by-step manual on “how to be a great parent and raise a wonderful baby “that I have been so accusomed to in all of my life. Let’s just say overwhelmed is an understatement.

Whenever I have a question, I’m used to researching it and finding an answer. Simple no? However, whenever I have a question regarding my little bundle of joy, I’ve become completely overwhelmed with not one answer but several, and in every situation there are TWO sides (most of which are completely opposite of the other) to every scenerio.

Whether it be: clothe diapers vs. disposable, formula vs. breast milk, letting baby cry it out (CIO) vs. the dangers of CIO, starting solids vs. exclusively breastfeeding, the benefits of co-sleeping vs. the dangers co-sleeping….the questions are endless and the answers are even more infinite and confusing (especially for a first time mommy liek me).

Needless to say, the girl who is so used to having a question, doing research, and finding AN ANSWER, has been on roller coaster of emotions lately all in effort to *do it right* and achieve that A+ that I’ve never ceased to achieve.

Though the points on each side of the spectrum regarding all of these concepts seem very valid and full of truth,..they still do not answer MY questions and I’ve started to realize that Sir Google and it’s endless amount of info from other parents via forums and message boards has led to fully believe that…

There is no ONE answer nor is there an *one size fits all* when it comes to babies and parenting.

What I have realized is that MY baby is different than that other baby….so my baby’s needs are different AND THAT’S OKAY. (I’m 100% guilty of being the comparision lady, always comparing this to that…that too must end.)

In the last couple of day’s I’ve realized that to be the best parent and have a happy baby I must just listen to my baby and respond according to how I see fit. So if my little guy is sleeping in our room because he refuses to sleep anywhere else then so be it. He’s sleeping, he’s happy and that’s all that really matters. (Plus, we all know that a happy baby makes everyone else happy. πŸ™‚ wouldn’t you agree?)

I also do know that I’m NOT going to be perfect. I’m going to make mistakes, plenty in fact, but I will also learn from them and be better because of it in the end.

So from the girl who is used to doing things a particular way, here’s to new challenges, a new mindset regarding those challeges and most importantly an incredible amount of rewards in return simply by just doing things MY WAY.

Lastly, society is so eager for babies to be so independent and sleep through the night, soothe themselves, not be dependent on mommy or daddy….but in such regards I feel that babies are only babies for a small amount of time, they soon grow up (all too fast) and they DO become independent…so until then I’m going to baby my baby as much as he needs it because before I know it he’ll be all grown up and I’ll be missing the days when all he needed was his mommy.

Until then, I’m off to cuddle with my little man, let him nap in the moby wrap instead of in his crib because he’s a baby and more importantly he is MY baby and that’s just how things are done around here.

P.s. if anyone has a problem with that….Aiden says..

…he WILL punch you!

{Little man @ 7 weeks old!}



*I am in no way intending to judge others who choose to do things differently. I respect their choices as I hope they would respect mine. I’m also not trying to bash anyone’s beliefs on parenting, I have just personally been under a cloud of sadness regarding the controversial sides of each of these aspects of parenting choices and have finally decided to let it go and live my life the way I see fit. Thank you! πŸ™‚




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oh yes! :-)

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Aiden @5 months

My oh my, hard to believe little man is already *5 months* old! Ahh!! Seriously, seems like yesterday I was preggers and just day dreaming about my little nugget! πŸ™‚

{Me-38 Weeks pregnant & Baby Aiden a week old!}

A LOT has changed lately with my little sweetheart. He is really growing so fast and revealing a little bit of his personality every single day.

Aiden LOVES going on walks in our stroller, we’ve gone a few times just before bedtime and he loves it. {Nature is definitely calming for the soul.}

He has also realized how cool it is to actually hold himself up more while on tummy time, thanks to seeing others master this trick at Baby and Me class.

He’s just recently started to babble and baby talk. He also moves his mouth as if talking but says nothing.

Prior to talking we started off by making noises with our mouth…noises such as spitting and blowing raspberries. It’s the funniest thing, he does it and just laughs at himself. {Mommy even caught him on camera}

Aiden has mastered pulling out his paci but has yet to master putting it back in. {He continues to STILL *LOVE* the paci….someone takes after daddy in deed!}

He LOVES books, and always wants to turn the pages. He particularly loves flip up and pop up books. {*Hint hint* GG & Popo}

His favorite toy is still his stuffed Monkey.

He loves to kick kick kick, especially when on his play mat.

He loves bath time still and loves to splash around with his legs.

Speaking of legs, he’s discovered how to use his feet to bring dangling toys closer to him to grab.

Socks don’t stand a chance anymore, we’ve mastered tugging and pulling at them at all times.

He also sits up *assistedly*, not by himself yet. Though he does like the bumbo chair! πŸ™‚

He’s finally started to take notice of Lexie and Lucas and will stare them down when they are on the move. {He’s probably saying “Enjoy your space will you can, because I’ll be invading it soon! ;-P hehe}

He smiles and laughs ALL THE TIME, especially when someone is talking to him {particularly mommy!}.

He’s begun to get distracted by mommy getting up or leaving the room. He can be perfectly content by himself playing and if mom gets up and doesn’t acknowledge him he cries in an effort to get picked up.

He knows his name and responds to it well. He usually hears it, turns and then smiles. ❀

Though he shouldn’t, he loves the Olympics, all that action catches his attention more often than not.

He is also all about his exersaucer/jumperoo now, before it was tolerable and but now he greatly enjoys it and has mastered all parts of it.

Aiden is also all about his hands, he reaches for EVERYTHING now, especially toys, cups and bowls. He also likes to grab mommy’s face while nursing, forcefully stick his fingers in my mouth, pinch me, and then sweetly rub my face and chest afterwards.

He also likes to talk while nursing, with his mouth full he talks away making funny little sounds.

He has also starting teething, or some stage of it, even though no teeth have made their appearance, the signs tells us that some may be on the there way sooner than later.

He concentrates a lot when reaching for things. It’s so cute to seem him thinking and getting those wheels turning!

Aiden is super active but has yet to roll from his back to his tummy. He’s gotten close several times but is still working at it.

He has one strong grasp and his new thing is grabbing on to the back of mommy’s hair forcefully without letting go. Β :-/

Lately we’ve been fighting our sleep and it’s really the only time Mr. Sunshine is a complete grouch. He doesn’t want to be put down when he falls asleep, with mostly happens in mommy’s arms. The minute he is placed down he wakes up eagerly and cries if we try to soothe him while he’s laying down. He WANTS to be in my arms, or in the moby wrap close to mommy. Someone is definitely a snuggle bunny! πŸ™‚

{handsome baby! (even with a shirt full of drool! πŸ˜‰ lol) }

{breaking out of the swaddle}

{new tricks!}

{Smiles {& spit) galore!}

5 months already, and enjoying every bit of it! πŸ™‚

❀ Alicia


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Aiden @ 4 months

Aiden at 4 months…

-is such a happy baby who loves to smile and laugh at everything

-he kicks and smiles big when he seems mommy

-recognizes mommy and daddy instantly and greets us with a great big smile that seems to say “Hey you!”

-doesn’t do much tummy time these days because when placed on his tummy he IMMEDIATELY rolls over.

-loves to play football with his monkey with Aunt Mia

-has the sweetest giggle

-got his first cold and was a trooper throughout the week & a half of awfulness.

-has tons of hair that completely does it’s own thing, it curls and goes wild all the time.

-has discovered his feet and loves to grab them

-tolerates the exersaucer but it’s not his favorite thing yet.

-likes to kick and whine to get mommy’s attention when wanting to be picked up.

-takes his shots like a pro, cries with the inital prick then stops once he is picked up. He’s such a tough guy!

-has begun to use his big boy seat on the stroller and LOVES it since he can see everything and everyone now! πŸ™‚ Β Though sometimes mommy has to face him out (instead of in towards mommy) because after a while he prefers to just whine so that mommy will pick him up. {Smart boy!}

-loves the pool and is so relaxed in the water. πŸ™‚

-has begun to give “besitos” {kisses in spanish} with his mouth wide open full of drool.

At Target one day I SWORE he said “Apple”…it was more like “ahh-poool” but still. It was the cutest thing, and as soon as I pulled out my phone to record him, he just giggled and baby talked, but wouldn’t repeat it. πŸ˜›

Aiden also gave mommy a super sweet birthday card and make her day extra special by giving me drooly kisses. ❀

{Fun in the sun!}

{New tricks!}

{4 months & sweeter than ever!}

{Smiling baby!}

{Hook ’em horns!}

{Baby Whisperer Aunt Mia}

{Workin’ hard!}

Little Mr. is growing up so fast and getting cuter by the minute! πŸ™‚

Feeling truly blessed to be this little guy’s momma!

❀ Alicia

P.s. This post is a month behind…his 5 month update will be posted shortly as well. I’m awful I know, but I’m too busy being a super mommy & all πŸ˜‰

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