Aiden @ 3 months

Baby Aiden turned 3 months while in TEXAS with his grandparents 🙂

At *3 months* Aiden…

…gets fuller cheeks every day that mommy just loves to kiss all the time!

…loves to smile and laugh

…has started to sprout cute little curls 🙂

…kicks and dances all the time

…loves snuggling

…began drooling a lot and always has his hands in his mouth.

…STILL loves that paci

…nurses 2-3 times at night

…still has yet to nursing in public, but that’s ok, we improvise and get the job done in the truck. (it’s intimidating when you hawk eyes on ya 90% of the time…)

…loves car rides especially when his music is jamming.

…loves loves loves morning time

…also loves bath time, but especially loves using his legs to push and move around in the little sling.

…enjoys snuggling in the Moby wrap

…likes his play mat, but still doesn’t like tummy time.

…uses his abs to sit himself up when he’s laying reclined on a pillow or the boppy

…rode in an airplane for the first time and did a GREAT JOB!

…is ALL about his hands

…began rolling over again {on May 22}, he had rolled over early on then went on a rolling over hiatus, but is now back at it rolling from tummy to his back.

…is still swaddled at night and sleeping in his pack & play next to mommy & daddy’s bed.

However while in Texas….

…we began to nurse laying down….and well….he LOVED it and prefers it now bc he likes to fall asleep afterwards and sleep with mommy & daddy.

…was held ALL THE TIME and got little tummy time due to his immense popularity 😉

…tried a teeny tiny taste of ice cream given to him by his Popo 😛 (Mom said NO, but grandparents insisted it was no big deal)

…didn’t have much a set bed time or a wake up time bc we partied like rockstars while on vacation

…oh and he didn’t want to be swaddled at night while being in TX, guess he became a *big boy* while in the lonestar state 🙂

…had lots of fun in the sun while in Texas, he attended his first HS championship baseball game, and spent lots of family time by Popo’s pool.

On Mother’s Day {May 13} Mr. Aiden slept for almost 8 hours straight, sleeping from 7 pm til 2:30 am. 😀 So mommy got a GREAT gift of some good sleep! 🙂 & Daddy & him also got me a sweet charm bracelet. {<3 James Avery}

Little man is growing soo fast and we are loving seeing the person he is becoming with each passing day. ❤

{Mr. Cool with his shades on!}

{Mommy’s NEW man!}

{Cutie cutie!}

{he loved it!}

{all about the hands!}

{love those curls}

{my snuggle bunny!}

{mommy’s little sailor}

{handsome baby}

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home *happier*, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for

P.s. Again, sorry this is late but we’ve been sooo busy!

❤ Alicia & Aiden



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4 responses to “Aiden @ 3 months

  1. HE IS SO SWEET! I love the pic of him rocking the shades, so cute!

    Glad to hear you and the family are doing great! ❤

  2. His eyes are just so adorable!!! And his little curls! AHH!

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