2 months!

{I know this it late, but better late than never! 😉 right?!}

My baby is growing up soooo too fast!

He recently had his 2 month appointment and now weighs 9 lbs 5 oz 😀 and is 22 inches long. He almost doubled his birth weight! Apparently mommy’s leche is doing GOOD! 😉 YAY!

At *2 Months*…..

He loves bath time and is so alert and happy when Daddy gets him ready for the bath. It’s soo cute! During the bath he likes the push himself down deeper into the water while I’m always trying to set him up higher so he doesn’t get water in his ears. I think he might be a little fish like his auntie Mia. ;-P

He’s completely 100% a morning person, he is always soooo happy and cheerful in the morning.

He has been pushing his feedings to every 4 hours now! YAY!

He loves riding in the car, as long as someone is there to help him out when he loses his paci.

His favorite song from the CD his GG gave him is: Estrellita (which in English is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

He is finally wearing size 1 diapers!!

He’s a dancer!! He loves to kick and move his arms around.

Dad says his song is “I’m sexy and I know it” because every time he dances dad says he’s saying “I work out!! Girl look at that body!”  🙂 {We’re silly & we know it!}

He also loves it when mommy sings and dances around, he laughs, smiles and coos as if saying “you’re crazy mom!”

He talks A LOT! I was telling my friend about him getting his shots and he was cooing the whole time as if telling us all about it from his perspective.

He still dislikes tummy time STILL and would rather just take a nap or cry until someone picks him up.

He has learned to make bubbles with his spit…lol It’s soo cute!

He has started to chew on his hands & arm and makes the funniest noises while sucking on them. It’s as if he never gets fed. lol

He drinks from the bottle well even though daddy has only fed him two times so far.

Baby Aiden went to his first movie now that he’s a big boy! It was his first “parent supervised movie date” with his girlfriend Maya. 😉 {We went to a Baby & Me matinee sponsored by TheBump.com and watched The Lucky One}

He’s also such a tough guy and didn’t cry after his 2-month shots. Of course the initial prick of the shots caused him to cry for a couple of seconds, but literally as I walked into the room to console my beautiful baby boy, he stopped crying. I was seriously expecting the worst and had to step out of the room just to make sure I didn’t cry…but apparently mom was completely mistaken because little man handled it like a pro. 🙂

I’m seriously snapping pics of him ALL the time, but I can’t help that he’s just soooo darn cute! 🙂

{Love those cheeks!!}

{2 months old!}

{My super baby!}

{Little Mr. at the movies…apparently The Vow was too boring for him! lol}

{My Dad ROCKS!!}

{Our little Longhorn!}

I can’t get over how much he is changing and I love seeing his sweet personality develop with each and every day. He truly is such a sweet little blessing!

❤ Alicia



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2 responses to “2 months!

  1. Too freaking cute! I hope you had a fantastic first Mother’s Day! 🙂

  2. Alicia, he is so cute! I love all his hair! I love him in the superman onesie! I’m not brave enough to take Cameryn to the movies, my luck she would cry the entire time!

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly they change? I saw a four day old baby the other day who was bigger then Cameryn and I honestly couldn’t believe she was ever that small! Keep taking lots of pictures, they are so fun to look back on!

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