Zumba-love& Baby steps

The day of my 6 week post-baby check up, after getting the clear to workout, I hit the ground running by joining my gal pal at a Zumba class. I instantly fell in love with Zumba all over again, even though my legs were like noodles and my hips completely forgot how to shake it. 😛


One thing I noticed was that my stamina was super low; it was as though I had forgotten how to breathe during a workout. I could tell that my body would need some time to start up again and I couldn’t just push myself over the top during workouts like I did before.

The hardest thing about getting back into the workout groove for me was letting go of being on mommy duty and just working out for ME without feeling guilty. Working out has always been a big stress reliever and a mind clearing therapy for me. I’d go to the gym when I was upset, stressed, overwhelmed, or flat out furious. Sweating helped me release all of those worries and I could breathe yet again and go on happily with my day 100% better. But now as a mommy, I couldn’t help but feel like I was being selfish for taking time for myself when I had a newborn baby to look after. It got so bad that I would find any little excuse to not go to the gym, so that I didn’t have to worry about being away from my little guy while there. With that I started to workout at home, though I still felt a bit worried, I knew I needed to have my time and also let Daddy bond with Aiden. This totally worked at first, but the minute I’d hear the slightest cry, my focus would break and I’d run upstairs to make sure everything was ok. :-/

Thankfully with practice it got better and eventually I  just had to learn to let daddy handle things during this time. I will say that being 10 seconds away from baby instead of 15-20 mins is much much more relieving for me. (It’s all about baby steps!)

Zumba and weights were all that I stuck to in the beginning. I kept telling myself I wanted to start running but the minute I’d see the treadmill, I’d shiver with fear. I don’t know why because before I was preggers the treadmill was my best friend. Each day, I’d tell myself “I’m going to run today!!” Then I’d put my shoes on and go downstairs….and then I’d think “Nah! I’ll Zumba instead…”


Finally, I worked up the courage and I did it! I blared the Fit Radio app and jumped on the treadmill without hesitation. I didn’t run 5 miles, nor did I run super fast. I simply did an interval walk/run jog for 30 mins and it was GREAT yet super super TOUGH. I literally felt like I had 10000 bricks on my chest the whole time, it was as though my lungs were having trouble opening and letting the air in. WEIRD! Guess they haven’t had to open up that much in a while…??

In all actuality, it wasn’t bad at all. All that I needed was that first step and though it was tough, I got that post-workout high that I love which remined me of how much I enjoy running and how the hard work pays off. Plus with good music anything is possible! 😉

{Love FitRadio!}

{hello old friend!}

Speaking of music, I totally have to create a new workout playlist. I swear every playlist that I have holds sooo many memories and I can pinpoint where I was and how I felt during the workouts. This new one will have to be my *new mommy playlist!* ;-D

What’s your favorite workout? Cardio or Weights? 

Favorite workout song right now?

❤ Alicia



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3 responses to “Zumba-love& Baby steps

  1. I LOVE zumba!!! It is such a fun way to workout!

  2. I really want to try Zumba!

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