Baby Aiden: 1 month old

Aiden is ONE month old already! I seriously can’t believe it; everyone tells you “enjoy it because they grow up so fast!”-that is sooo sooo unbelieveably true!

Sometimes I catch myself watching the TLC show  A Baby Story and I think to myself how much I miss being pregnant and how I want to have another baby since my baby isn’t a newborn anymore.. (Then reality hits me and I snap out of it!) haha But really, if I were to have another baby soon, it would totally be a blessing…a bit hectic, but most definitely a blessing nonetheless. ❤

Right now my baby is becoming such a big boy! At one month old, his personality is gleaming each and every day. He smiles more and coos here and there. It’s seriously the sweetest thing!

I love seeing his sweet little eyes follow me, or even when he simply stares at me with this look in his eyes like “that’s mommy…I like her!” ❤

He loves taking a bath (as long as he isn’t hungry, then he hates it).

He loves the swing, but could care less about the little lounger chair of his.

He loves to be swaddled, but also like to break out of it sometimes just so he can move his little hands.

He moves his hands when he’s mad or frustrated which happens mostly when mommy is taking too long to feed him.

He loves his play mat, but HATES tummy time. He’ll last a couple of minutes but then CRIES his head off afterwards. At the beginning of practicing tummy time, he’d just pass out since he likes sleeping on his tummy. There would be times when he’d be having tummy time with his girlfriend and she’d be all about it, raising her head and looking around like a pro, while Aiden would just be laying next to her asleep. {UPDATE!!: He turned over yesterday for the first time!! 😀 It happened once, then I decided to record him to see if he’d do it again or it was just by chance that he had turned and sure enough he ROLLED OVER two more times!!}

He likes the paci, but would prefer to use mommy as a paci instead. 😛

He loves lullaby music & of course good old country music as well. He also likes his spanish sing-a-long kids songs that his Grandma sent him. I guess simply put, he loves music like his mommy & daddy!

He’s a talker; every time I’m on the phone he’s making some kind of noise and has even started to “coo” a lot as well!

He’s also discovered his tongue, he sticks it out, smacks his lips with it, even licks me after it’s the silliest yet cutest thing ever.

Thus far his schedule is pretty simple, he sleeps, eats, stays awake for a short time sometimes, then sleeps again and repeats. So our days are pretty relaxed so far, I look forward to being able to attend mommy & me dates in the future.

I absolutely love it when he’s asleep in my arms and he opens his eyes for a brief second and looks up at me, as if trying to make sure I’m still holding him, then snuggles up against me and goes right back to sleep. ❤

& I cannot take enough photos of him, I’m always snapping away with my iPhone just because it’s the easiest thing to grab, especially at 2 AM sometimes.

Aiden is such a happy little guy, it’s a treasure to see his personality blossom with each passing day. His smile truly melts my heart; I swear I’ve never been more in love with anyone as I am with him! ❤

{When it’s awake, he’s soo alert 🙂 }

{Watching TV with Daddy!}

{I LOVE those sweet cheeks!}

{Cute wittle feet}

{There’s that tongue! lol}

{All smiles after his first story time!}

{My sweet baby <3}

Can’t believe how fast he has grown, but I’m loving every bit of it!

❤ Alicia



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8 responses to “Baby Aiden: 1 month old

  1. Wow!! I can’t believe it’s already been a month! What a lucky mommy 🙂 His eyes are adorable! So inquisitive and heart-melting!

  2. He is SO precious! You are truly blessed! I can not believe he is a month already!

    Love his sleeper outfit!!! ❤

  3. What a sweet little peanut! Love the baby updates!!! They make me so excited for our little one to come… and honestly I love reading what new moms really go through so I know what to expect! Glad you two are doing so well!!! Love the pics 🙂 xo

  4. Aiden is such a cutie pie! I can hardly stand it! Doesn’t time go by super quickly? I have the same thoughts as you about another baby and then need to check myself, although I wouldn’t mind if we had another one soon. I honestly really miss being pregnant and carrying around Cameryn all day long. There is something so special about being pregnant that you miss once the babes is here. Cameryn turns three months tomorrow and I have no clue where time is going, but do know she is growing like a weed! It is crazy how much they change over just a weeks time! Enjoy!

    • Yess! I swear I feel like just yesterday we were in the hospital and he was teenie tiny! Our babies are growing soooo fast it’s insane! 🙂 I seriously have to remind myself to take in every little moment because he is changing sooo fast already! Being a mommy is definitely the coolest and best thing ever!

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