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Learning how to bend

That mom…yeah that’s the kind of mom I am…completely paranoid and worried about every little thing. I tell myself it’s got be “first time mommy syndrome” right? I mean that’s what everyone says, that with the first baby you’re so paranoid about everything but by the second kiddo your sooo much more relaxed and easy going.

Well there are several things that have really gotten to me since having my little guy.

#1 My milk supply

This was one of my biggest fears from even before I had him, during my pregnancy I was constantly wondering if I’d even be able to breastfeed in the first place and then if I could keep up my milk supply. I joined a support group on FB for women to share tips and advice during their BFing experience, which has really helped, but has also led me to the dreaded comparison factor. Seeing these women pump tons of milk on a daily basis made me feel so intimidated because I felt like I couldn’t even compare to them, thus meaning perhaps I wasn’t making enough milk for my little guy.

Believe me I did tons of google searches to help ease my worries, but even then other demons took over my brain, things such as thrush, mastitis, baby’s preferring one breast over the other..…you name it I thought I had it. (So maybe WebMD isn’t so fabulous after all?!)

While I still sometimes wonder if things are going well, there are few things that I’ve tried to incorporate in my diet to help boost my milk supply..(or so they’ve been said to..)

Hello oatmeal, you’re my best friend!

LOTS & LOTS of oatmeal, if it works great, if not it’s fine I’m at least eating something healthy and that’s really all that matters.


Brewers Yeast…taste AWFUL but worth it if it works…if not…it’s bound to have some health benefits right? Lol

P.s. I totally loved this site because it helped me stay sane when my worries about milk supply kept attacking my little exhausted brain.

#2 Holding him “too much”

There’s this thing in our Hispanic cultural that if you hold babies too much they’ll become accustomed to it so much that they become fussy little monsters when you put them down…..Ok so maybe not “monsters’ per se, but you will definitely have a hard time with your little bundle of joy if they become “embracilado” or spoiled from being held too much. The problem is no one tells you how much is “too much”?? ( where’s the newborn manual for parents?) I feel as though I can read my little guy a  lot better than my husband can, (duh! I’m at home with him all day and hubby isn’t) So it gets to me when my hubby holds the baby from the minute he gets home til bedtime. I get it, they need to bond, but I also feel that hubby needs to learn to read baby’s different cries and then act accordingly. I guess I’m asking him to be more mom-like early on, and instead I just need let him take his time to get to know the baby more and quit worrying that little guy will be embracilado. I felt that we were both on two seperate pages and we need to get it together and both be on the same one.  Honestly, after much consideration and actually thinking about it instead of worrying so much, I don’t care really how much is “too much,” because in the end, a happy held baby is better than a crying unheld baby in our book. I have to stop worrying about trying to be perfect parents and hold baby Aiden whenever he needs it.

#3 Germs are everywhere and I’ve got to sanitize everything.

I was NEVER a germ-a-phobe before…not the slightest bit. However, since having Mr. Aiden, the thought of his blanket touching a nasty grocery cart full of millions of germs FREAKS ME OUT! :-/  Pet hair on baby’s stuff…. Oye! Between that and the millions of germs, let’s just say my washing machine gets daily use sometimes…(Ugh! & the thought of the germs IN the washer & dryer…ahhh!) So call me CRAZYY!  Yes, I know…I can’t protect him for everything, and that if I over-sanitize I’ll end up doing more harm then good, so I’m slowly trying to let loose and not be so paranoid for his sake and mine.

#4 Feeling guilty for taking some “me” time..

This one is the strangest for me because my “me” time has always consisted of being active, working out, going to the gym, etc…I always told myself prior having my little guy that I would HAVE to make some time for myself to workout for my mental, physical and emotional health. The only thing I didn’t consider was that that whole concept is a lot easier said than done. I’m not saying I can’t go literally…my issue is that I don’t want to go because I feel guilty leaving him just to have some selfish “me” time. Only in reality, it isn’t selfish at all, in fact it’s something I SHOULD do, not just for me, but for my husband and my sweet baby boy.

So though things have clearly changed in the last couple of months, in the end I’ve realized that although I will worry about every little thing from now until forever, I can’t let all of these little things get to me and I’ve got to learn to adapt….and I will it’s just a matter of working at. 😉

Sorry for the long post, and my lack of recent posting, I’ve been too busy killing germs, raising a beautiful baby boy! 🙂

❤ Alicia

By the way….who wouldn’t want to hold this sweet little face ALL day??….I mean really!! Embracilado? WHO CARES!! 😛 haha



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Baby Aiden: 1 month old

Aiden is ONE month old already! I seriously can’t believe it; everyone tells you “enjoy it because they grow up so fast!”-that is sooo sooo unbelieveably true!

Sometimes I catch myself watching the TLC show  A Baby Story and I think to myself how much I miss being pregnant and how I want to have another baby since my baby isn’t a newborn anymore.. (Then reality hits me and I snap out of it!) haha But really, if I were to have another baby soon, it would totally be a blessing…a bit hectic, but most definitely a blessing nonetheless. ❤

Right now my baby is becoming such a big boy! At one month old, his personality is gleaming each and every day. He smiles more and coos here and there. It’s seriously the sweetest thing!

I love seeing his sweet little eyes follow me, or even when he simply stares at me with this look in his eyes like “that’s mommy…I like her!” ❤

He loves taking a bath (as long as he isn’t hungry, then he hates it).

He loves the swing, but could care less about the little lounger chair of his.

He loves to be swaddled, but also like to break out of it sometimes just so he can move his little hands.

He moves his hands when he’s mad or frustrated which happens mostly when mommy is taking too long to feed him.

He loves his play mat, but HATES tummy time. He’ll last a couple of minutes but then CRIES his head off afterwards. At the beginning of practicing tummy time, he’d just pass out since he likes sleeping on his tummy. There would be times when he’d be having tummy time with his girlfriend and she’d be all about it, raising her head and looking around like a pro, while Aiden would just be laying next to her asleep. {UPDATE!!: He turned over yesterday for the first time!! 😀 It happened once, then I decided to record him to see if he’d do it again or it was just by chance that he had turned and sure enough he ROLLED OVER two more times!!}

He likes the paci, but would prefer to use mommy as a paci instead. 😛

He loves lullaby music & of course good old country music as well. He also likes his spanish sing-a-long kids songs that his Grandma sent him. I guess simply put, he loves music like his mommy & daddy!

He’s a talker; every time I’m on the phone he’s making some kind of noise and has even started to “coo” a lot as well!

He’s also discovered his tongue, he sticks it out, smacks his lips with it, even licks me after it’s the silliest yet cutest thing ever.

Thus far his schedule is pretty simple, he sleeps, eats, stays awake for a short time sometimes, then sleeps again and repeats. So our days are pretty relaxed so far, I look forward to being able to attend mommy & me dates in the future.

I absolutely love it when he’s asleep in my arms and he opens his eyes for a brief second and looks up at me, as if trying to make sure I’m still holding him, then snuggles up against me and goes right back to sleep. ❤

& I cannot take enough photos of him, I’m always snapping away with my iPhone just because it’s the easiest thing to grab, especially at 2 AM sometimes.

Aiden is such a happy little guy, it’s a treasure to see his personality blossom with each passing day. His smile truly melts my heart; I swear I’ve never been more in love with anyone as I am with him! ❤

{When it’s awake, he’s soo alert 🙂 }

{Watching TV with Daddy!}

{I LOVE those sweet cheeks!}

{Cute wittle feet}

{There’s that tongue! lol}

{All smiles after his first story time!}

{My sweet baby <3}

Can’t believe how fast he has grown, but I’m loving every bit of it!

❤ Alicia


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Aiden’s nursery!

I haven’t done a lot of wall decor yet, but I’m planning on adding photos and such later!

He hasn’t slept in his room yet, he’s been sleeping in our room in the bassinet part of his Pack-N-Play.

Now if only our room could stay this clean everyday! 😛

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

❤ Alicia


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