Birth story part 2

…continued from previous post….

There I was slowly progressing yet still not progressing fast enough. The emotions in the room were so intense, I had two doctors, one midwife and my nurse all in the room checking the monitors throughout every single contraction. Everyone was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop…

My husband was right by my side the whole time holding my hand telling me that everything would work out that I had done great so far and that hopefully soon we would meet our sweet little boy.

Though he was so sweet and endearing throughout all of this, all that I really focused on was the faces of each of the doctors and midwife who were monitoring us. I could see it plain as day, there was clearly not denying it…The doctor finally looked over to me and said that something wasn’t right and he did not like the look of the way things were going. I was finally about a 6-7 cm but Baby A’s head was still too high which he said could mean issues with the cord…

It was already almost 10PM… it had been 15 hours since my water had broken and though I made some progress the doctor did not like the way baby’s heart rate kept dropping so with that he finally made a decision…I was going to have to have a C-section.

Nurses filled my room and began prepping me for the operating room. I remember signing paper work and thinking “this can’t be happening” but it clearly was. As much as I wanted to cry about the situation, I had to remind myself that all that mattered was the safety of my sweet baby. During this time, my husband reminded me that Baby A would indeed been born on March 1, like I had always imagined.

After being prepped to go, I was rolled into a bright room where I was hit with an overwhelming rush of emotions….I think I started to have a small anxiety attack because I was feeling so many different things all at once and I wasn’t sure I could handle it all. Not only did I feel nauseous, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, like I had a ton of bricks on my chest. (I distinctly remember telling the anesthesiologist this and he said that that feeling was normal and would go away shortly.) I must note that the anestheisologist was wonderful, he was so kind and kept me very informed throughout the whole process. Thankfully after being prepped, my husband was able to come into the room and though I felt a little less fearful, I was still in complete disbelief about everything. I seriously never imagined this scenerio and still could not believe that this was really happening to me. I was really going to have a C-section.

I remember hearing different people talk and just felt completely awake yet completely muddled with reality all at the same time.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the doctor tell my husband “Do you want to see your baby being born?” and without hesitation he stood up and looked over the curtain. That’s when I felt a lot of pressure and heard everyone scurrying about. Upon pulling out the baby from my tummy, the doctor confirmed what he had initially suspected was the reason for the baby’s issue with the pitocin….the cord was  in fact wrapped around his neck.

(My hubsand was very skeptical when the doctor had previously mentioned the possible issue with the cord while just reviewing my contractions but was in complete amazement when he found out that the doctor really knew what was wrong and acted completely accordingly. We are both so thankful for the doctor’s great wisdom and feel completely blessed that everything turned out alright.)

I couldn’t believe it. He was here! 🙂 My sweet little blessing had been born, though not how I ever expected, he was here and everything was ok. Then I heard him cry and it really hit me!…I was a mommy!

My husband then came over to me with the nurses who held my sweet baby and let me hold him skin to skin on my chest. He was beautiful! I looked at him and could not believe my eyes…I immediately saw my grandmother. It must have been the light raditating off of him and the glow that surround his body that made me immediatly think of her and all I could do was smile because he was perfect.

Baby Aiden not only has his great-grandmother in heaven above watching over him, but also my beautiful cousin Natalie with whom he now shares a birthday with. ❤ I always told myself that Natalie (who I admired like a sister) would be my “spirtual doula” and help me throughout my labor spirtually. I truly felt that she was there with me throughout it all. It’s even more special that Aiden was born on her birthday. Two beautiful people born on the 1st of March. ❤

Though both my husband and I were completely shocked that he was a mere 5 lbs 6 oz, Mr. Aiden, though little bitty, radiated an immense amount of love. He was also completely alert and wide-eyed after being born; it was as though he was taking everything in and it was so sweet to see him so calm, so happy and so completely beautiful. He truly is perfect and we are completely blessed and blissful. ❤

Welcome Baby Aiden 🙂 my life never really began until I held you in my arms. XOXO Mommy



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11 responses to “Birth story part 2

  1. Brandi :)

    😦 OH MY GOD…this story gave me the chills and made me cry, WHICH IS totally ok. 🙂 I love it! Take care prima and your beautiful baby boy is truly a blessing, perfect, and precious! ((((HUGS)))) to you, JJ, and Aiden and GOD bless your little family now and always!

  2. AWWW! So happy for you! Congrats!
    And welcome to the world, Baby Aiden! (Love that name.)

    The cord was wrapped around my neck too. My mother realized there was no movement, and the doctor figured things out. Glad it worked out for you too. 🙂

  3. Another beautiful post about an absolutely beautiful baby boy! I am sure you will love to read back over these from time to time as he grows up!

  4. Amanda

    Leece, you made me cry again 🙂 I am so proud of you 😉 He is beautiful! It is amazing that he was born on Natalie’s birthday! I remember everything that you said about how amazing your cousin was and it is incredible that Aiden was born then same day. I am so glad that everything worked out, it does not always happen the way you want it to, God knows that. But it always happens the way that is best. Hearing that cry…… I wish I could have been there to hear his cry just like you heard my daughter’s first cry. I love you so much Leece! Take care of you little man and enjoy the first few weeks, well the rest of your life 😉

    • Aww! 🙂 I didn’t mean to make ya cry, but glad you enjoyed the story. Wish you could have been there too! I know it’s amazing how things work out that way, it means the world to me that he shares his special day with her. ❤ Thanks for your sweet words of kindness, can't wait for you to meet him! Hurry home girl, your a missed immensely here in the states! 🙂

  5. beautiful birth story girlie!! Glad everything turned out well even tho it didn’t go as planned… he is here safe and sound and thats all that matters 🙂
    Congrats a million times over!! He is a beautiful little guy!! xoxx

  6. Ginger

    Ok, I know I’m late in reading your blogs – but I’ve been kinda busy with something called tax season. My goodness, I was doing just fine reading this story until the part where you saw my madresita in Aiden the first time you layed eyes on him! And the fact, that Natalie and Momo were in the operating room with you that day! I lost control and bawled my eyes out! I do believe they were there with you watching over you and Aiden. You are truly blessed to have such wonderful angels watching over you.
    Im so happy to have Aiden as my first grandbaby! I love you guys so much!
    xoxoxox GG

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