28 weeks!!

How I’m feeling: GREAT! My last appointment stated that all looks well, I’m gaining just the right amount and all is good with little man<3! I also took the glucose test at my last appointment last week, haven’t heard anything thus far so I’m hoping that no news=good news! 🙂

Exercise: Daily! ❤ I’ve noticed that doing some sort of daily cardio activity has IMMENSLEY helped my back ache, in fact since I started to do some type of daily exercise I’ve had ZERO lower back pain…(*fingers crossed* that it continues to be that way)

Food Cravings: SWEETS! The holidays have brought on my sweet tooth, I’ve been really wanting some PIE, (I didn’t get ANY during Thanksgiving….BOO!) and an assortment of holiday cookies. I baked a batch of cookies- they were healtified and yummy but there’s nothing like receiving holiday cookies from someone…(like the wonderful Connie) This time of year definitely makes me miss being home with the family to indulge in all of these wonderful goodies.

I did totally have a random craving for CEREAL…lol & I’m not a big cereal person…but I’m LOVING Raisin Bran.

Indulgences: None really, my taste buds are finally starting to be normal again though. Hubby & I did go to Cold Stone the other night for our favorite: Banana Caramel Crunch<3, but it was mostly *hubby* who was wanting it…lol Baby daddy gets cravings too ya know! 😉

Food faves: Eggs with spinach, peanut & almond butter, cottage cheese, bananas, tangerines and Raisin Bran cereal. A new to me product, which I HATED during the beginning of my pregnancy…Nutritional Yeast. Seriously, dunno what happened but I’m LOVING it now and find myself adding it to everything. Oh of course this girl is loving the SPICY things in life, HOT SAUCE is still my numero uno condiment of choice.

{Ever tried it? Is it a yay or nay?}

Baby Stuff bought: More clothes 😀 Daddy has actually been more excited because he’s fallen in love with the little Nike and Jordan booties. 🙂 It’s rather cute to say the least. & MORE BOOKS! 😀

{We LOVE books!}

{Our favorite: *Fox in sox* He kicks every time we read it!}

{More books from GG<3}

What I’m loving: ALL the kicks and movements. Little guy is ACTIVE, he wakes up around the same time every morning and gets his kick on. Sometimes I think he’s JUMPING because I feel kicks/punches on both sides of my tummy at the SAME time. 😛 It’s rather adorable.

I love that every night when we read, he’s always so active. He LOVES his story time that’s for sure.

I love the belly rubs I get from the hubby. I especially love that he talks to my belly more and enjoys reading to little man at night. ❤

I love seeing my belly grow, I find myself lifting up my shirt and just staring at it in disbelief sometimes. I really love seeing all the kicks and punches as well. 🙂

I can’t say it enough, all the movements, kicks and punches are the sweetest and most amazing feeling ever. Every little kick feels like the first and I can’t help but smile and love every second of it.

Special events:

Completing my 1st semester of Grad school! YAY!

Entering the *3rd Trimester!!*

Upcoming events: Belly photos 🙂 Can’t wait to take them!!

Baby Bootcamp! Can’t wait for Daddy to wear the pregnancy belly! hehe 😛 (Pics will be taken, no worries!)


{don’t mind the messy hair..lol}

{I love my sweating for two tank!}

{can barely see my toes…& little miss Lex had to get in on the action as usual! 😉 hehe}

P.S. Techically, I’m *29 weeks* this week, but with finals and such last week I never got around to writing this.

much love,




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12 responses to “28 weeks!!

  1. that workout shirt is so cute! did you buy those belly numbers or did you make them yourself? it will be fun to use similar ones once the baby is born for 1 week, 2 weeks, etc photo shoots!

    • Thanks 🙂 I bought them at a craft store in TX; the minute I saw them I had to get them! 🙂 I think about making little onesies with iron on of each month.

  2. LOVE nut yeast!! It took me a while to get to liking it too though. And oh my gosh, you look glowing and beautiful! My mom read to me when I was in her tummy too 🙂

    • Aww thanks girlie! 🙂 I have no idea when I started to love it, I just started sprinkling it on eggs and I was hooked! but it wasn’t that easy during my first trimester, I couldn’t get over the smell…now I’m oblivious to it. haha

  3. I love the tank! You are an adorable! 🙂

  4. You’re such an adorable soon to be mommy! 🙂 this is such a neat idea for a post, I’m sure your future baby will love looking back on this!

  5. Congrats on entering the 3rd trimester! Woohoo! You look fantastic!

  6. you’re SO cute! i love the “sweating for two” top you have. glad to hear everything is going well! 🙂

  7. Yes love your pink tank top!! Super cute!!! And now you have me craving coldstone! YUM!!!!

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