sweet november!

This weekend was a nice one, lots of hanging out with friends, prepping the casa for baby and sending lots of birthday wishes to my sweet mama on Saturday! 🙂

Friday hubby got into the “baby prep” mode and decided it was FINALLY time to paint the nursery. We have honestly both been total slackers and we knew that painting the room was the first step to get the ball rolling on the nursery. We’ve mostly been researching baby products, mainly the big items just to make sure we know what we want to get for little man.

{Color BEFORE}



{I really like it! I think it’s the perfect neutral color for our little guy!}

Since hubby decided to paint, I of course stayed with a good friend of mine, who is also pregnant! 😀 TWO pregnant girls together is ALWAYS fun! 😉 It was actually very funny because that night we were both stretched out on the floor in her living room in the most awkward postitions in an attempt to alleviate lower back pain we’ve both been feeling. She’s 2 weeks ahead of me but we were both agonizing over the severe back pain. We laughed at the thought of the way we looked, I’m sure our husbands would have laughed had they have walked in the site. 😛


{I wouldn’t say we feel THIS awful, but the back pain has definitely been pretty icky!}

Saturday in the morning we headed off to a girls day for mani-pedis and some eye brow waxing…I was totally in need of perking up my ultra fuzzy eyebrows..lol Pregnancy causing me to be a bit of slacker in the plucking department…you betcha! It’s nice to finally have *pretty eyebrows* again! 🙂

Saturday was also my *Mom’s* Birthday!! I called to wish her a happy happy birthday and we chatted on the phone for a while which is always awesome. Any type of chat with her is always wonderful!! LOVE YOU *MOM*!!!

{Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman in the world, my Mom<3!}

Saturday night we went over to our friends’ house and BBQed with them, the guys were in charge of the meal and it turned out super yummy! Us pregnant girls made cupcakes, my friend actually made them, I just helped with the icing part. 😉 The cupcakes were to celebrate the beginning of her *3rd Trimester*!!! 😀 We made a bunch without icing because the boys aren’t big sweet fans, and left a few to be iced and decorated. I will say though that the icing she used was SUPER yummy, or maybe I haven’t eaten cake/cupcakes in a while, but it was the most tasty dessert I’ve had in a while! 🙂 I’m not usually a big sweets fan either, and the weird thing I don’t really like cake (especially STORE bought cake) I actually/strangely prefer the kinda that comes out of a Betty Crocker box. 🙂 So I say….LET *THEM* (all preggers girls) EAT CAKE! ;-D

{We did PINK & BLUE cupcakes to represent our little blessings! :-)}


Sunday Sunday….a very lazy one to say the least. We ate breakfast, watched football and relaxed. Randomly, hubby said to me “Can you just imagine in a few months you’re gonna have a little guy cooing and crying here and there.” The quiet silence will yes indeed be broken, but I’m sure it’s a sound that I will only grow to love. ❤

I We have yet to see Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, I’m kinda hesitant to watch it because I know it’ll make me just even MORE eager to watch the next one..lol Have any of you seen it?! I’ve heard such great thing about it!


I cannot believe THANKSGIVING is THIS week!!! WOW! Where has the time gone?! Hope you all have a great week prepping for TURKEY DAY!!

{HAD to add this because it’s SO DARN CUTE!}


XOXO Alicia



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3 responses to “sweet november!

  1. I saw Breaking Dawn at the midnight screening and I was disappointed 😦 But I think I was only disappointed because I wanted to watch the next one *now* and I couldn’t!! Oh well!! Suck it up.

    Yay for prepping the casa for baby 🙂 How exciting!!

  2. HI Alicia, thanks or stopping by! Congrats on the little on one the way! loved reading all of your pregnancy posts, I look forward to reading more. 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. Alicia F.

    I know, I finally saw it last night and I felt the exact SAME WAY! 🙂 It was sooo good!! Happy Thanksgiving girl!

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