*soyyy good!*

Happy Saturday friends!

Today we woke up to weather in the mid 40’s here in the D.C. area, I must say it’s quite LOVELY!! 🙂 I personally LOVE this weather, hubby on the other hand is a Texas boy at heart and doesn’t enjoy the colder weather much at all. I can’t believe OCTOBER is here already!! Seems like just yesterday it was beginning to feel like summer was right around the corner and now HALLOWEEN is but a few weeks away. I love October because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and it’s so nice to see all the NFL teams and players supporting the cause with there cute pink football gear. I can definitely respect a man wearing pink to support such a great cause! 😉



With the new month I’ve also decided that to make a few goals for October, just to keep me motivated! Goals include:

1. Incorporating YOGA into my workout routine

2. Stretching before and after working out (I’m lazy post workout and NEVER do this but I know of the many benefits of stretching)

3. Plan weekly meals and STICK to it. (I started off planning each week, then a slowly quit sticking to it after a couple of weeks…)

4. Create a more structured workout schedule (Lately, I’ve been going with the flow and I’d just think I’d benefit more from my workouts if they were more structured and focused)

5. Have another *GIRLS* day!!

6. Take tons of pics to create memories for us and baby, especially when we go home to visit the Fam<3!

7. Eat more VEGGIES, I’m pretty good at the fruit part, but I need to include a daily amount of veggies into my diet for me and baby!

That’s my OCTOBER goal list and I don’t think I’ll have a problem meeting them, some will be harder than others, like the Yoga one, bc I’m not a yoga expert, but it’ll definitely challenge me to be more creative with my workouts.

So Hubby and I have this little food tradition, it’s something we do every Saturday and we both look forward to it because we don’t get to eat breakfast together during the week. We have *BREAKFAST TACO SATURDAY’S* every Saturday! Lately it has consisted of potato and egg tacos. He could literally eat them EVERYDAY and never get tired of them. Me on the other hand….NOT so much…I love having a variety, especially when it comes to food! So inspired by our taco tradition, we came across a new to us product: Trader Joes Soy Chorizo.

(source) {Sorry I had to borrow this image bc I didn’t take a pic of it before hubby opened the pkg}

We’ve always eaten regular chorizo before, our families both ate it, so we grew up eating it on the regular. Since being in D.C., we’ve haven’t found the kind of chorizo we prefer, so our chorizo and egg taco days haven’t existed since moving to the new casa….that is until we found TJ’s soy chorizo!! At first, I wasn’t sure if it would meet the mark, not that I’m doubting TJ’s at all, I LOVE the place and their products, but once you’ve had “the real deal” other substitutes don’t always meet one’s expectation.

So this morning I was eager to try our this new product and I must say……..

IT WAS *OH SO YUMMY*!!!!! No joke, I think I like it BETTER than regular chorizo!!! 😀 And that makes me HAPPY!!!!

{My taco with yummy green salsa and louisiana hot sauce on the side! I love the adding an extra kick of spicy-ness to my food! ;-)}

{Hubby’s creation of both potato & egg and soy chorizo & egg}

The texture was the same, except it had NO GREASE (*happy dance*) which was pretty amazing if you’ve ever cooked with the real stuff. Surprisingly hubby loved it too-which is always good! So our taco Saturday will now include SOY CHORIZO TACOS!!! 😀

I must say, this is the start of a wonderful weekend in our house! 😉 We’re off to the gym, and then later we’ll be watching the *HORNS* play ball with from friends.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Got any new to you products that you’re loving??

What are some of your family food traditions??

❤ Alicia



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10 responses to “*soyyy good!*

  1. kaliesthoughts

    yummmmmmy how you feeling?

  2. Cute tradition! We usually make pancakes…when i’m not feeling lazy 🙂

  3. jessgobananas

    In my family, every Sunday we all gather at my aunt’s house and eat a pot-luck-ish dinner! And we are not even italian! lol

  4. ooh chorizo soy sausage? never heard of it! i love trader joes; i’ll have to check it out this week!

    as far as my traditions, since i can remember we’ve always gone to my grandma’s on Sundays to eat a big Italian dinner with every food imaginable! pizza to start…then minestrone soup, pasta and meatballs, chicken cacciatore, fish, salad, and of course a huge fruit platter before dessert! we’ve stopped going lately since my grandma is getting older and doesnt need the stress of cooking that much but how i miss those days!

    • yes! it’s AMAZING!! I’ve seen a few cool recipes for adding it to homemade pizza! 😀
      Family traditions are wonderful! All of that yummy food sounds delish! *drool*

  5. Love the traditions! Glad to hear you’re feeling better 🙂
    I’ve heard good things about the soy chorizo.. time for me to hop on the blog train!

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