worries and stress…welcome to the beginning of parenthood!

The fears of parenthood are only BEGINNING.

I recently had an extra ultrasound appointment because there was some clarifications that the doctor wanted to make regarding baby’s progress. At first, when I got the news that this extra prodedure needed to be done I was BEYOND upset. I was confused and worried about all the possible outcomes. (hence the previous post about “worries and what ifs”) I never realized how I could go from being OVER JOYED one moment to being MORTIFIED the next. I took the info from the doctor hard because I couldn’t help but wonder and worry if everything was ok. It was then that it hit me that: I’m not going to be first to experience this, nor am I going to be the last. I also realized that the EXACT moment I got pregnant, my life would FOREVER change. I would not longer be worried solely about myself and my husband (and our adorable furbabies), I would now be challenged with the worries of MOTHERHOOD. Wow! Talk about a lot to endure at once. Through prayer and talking about the situation with my sweet mother, I was able to feel a bit less tense about the upcoming ultrasound test day. Thankfully, all came out looking good! There is no way of explaining the sigh of relief I got afterwards and how THANKFUL and BLESSED I felt. After reflecting upon it, I realized, right now baby is in my tummy all safe and sound, what happens when baby is walking and crawling? Or when my little one tries to be independent and runs away from me in the store? :-O Even more scary, what happens with I’m asked by my child to spend the night at a friends house, who’s parent’s I don’t even know? *STRESS OVERLOAD* While I know I’ll be dealing with the terrible two’s before this happens, it just goes to show that I will worry FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE because that’s part of parenting. So with my hubby by my side and the support of my lovely family & the love from our gracious God, I know no matter what challenges or worries come my way, I’ll be able to face them because that’s what parents do.

It is funny because I’ve always referred to myself as a “furbaby mommy”, as in I’m “Lucas & Lexie’s mommy” but the thought of being a REAL mommy is surreal and exciting all at once! I seriously can’t believe it and I look forward to hearing that sweet name come from my child’s lips someday (God willing). 😀

I am so lucky to surrounded by such an amazing and supportive group of family and friends, I can honestly say there is nothing more beautiful in life than having such wonderful blessings! I know that baby will definitely be LOVED by many sweet family members and friends for sure. I whisper to him/her at night “Even though you aren’t here yet, you are LOVED by SO MANY already!!”

The love has been shared already because Baby got his/her first CROSSWORD PUZZLE!! I got it in the mail from a close friend of the family, she is such a doll and used to make these for *ME* when I was kid. I LOVED them and always looked forward to getting mail from her because she was AWESOME! She always remembered my birthday and would send sweet birthday cards with tons of stickers, crossword puzzle, and $ 🙂 So maybe I was a little *spoiled rotten* but that’s what makes childhood SOOOO much fun! 😉

This is baby’s first anything, which I can’t wait to frame and put in the nursery! (Thanks Susie, you are wonderful!)

{Baby’s first crossword puzzle!!}

[Neutral colored b/c we don’t know what baby’s sex is yet…well ya’ll don’t…but I might! 😉 hehe]

Inspired by:

{My crossword puzzle from Sept. 1996}

Along with being SUPER busy with school, I can’t help but be EXCITED about doing our *Gender Party* with family & friends soon!! We will hopefully being visiting in about 2 weeks and I haven’t done any planning yet besides getting basic ideas…but today I’ve stumbled upon the CUTEST ideas for our party! 😀 😀 😀 I cannot wait!! Hubby doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, but I DOOO!!! I think it’s just one of those things, I wanna enjoy EVERY bit of pregnancy and CELEBRATE each chapter of it with family. The announcement was SOOO much fun and I was so glad we were able to execute it the way we did. I’m definitely looking forward to the gender reveal because I’ve got tons of people anxious to know what team we are on…BLUE or PINK?. 🙂

This is some of what I’ve gathered so far:

Fun Party Idea #1: Have a party cake made that is secretly pink or blue inside to reveal the baby’s gender. The most widespread announcement idea (also used by Josh and Anna Duggar), but also a load of fun. Have a family member or friend deliver the sealed envelope to a local baker, where they can secretly create a color-tinted cake, covered in neutral frosting, to be cut during the reveal party. As an alternative, cupcakes can be made with pink or blue M&Ms or gumballs baked inside.

Fun Party Idea #2: Have attendees cast votes for the baby’s sex during the party, with prizes awarded. Party guests can write their guesses on slips of paper and stick in baskets, baby bottles, or boys and girls shoes. After the reveal, prizes will be awarded to those with the right guess.

Fun Party Idea #3: Have party guests choose their ‘side’ or ‘team’ by wearing a pink or blue shirt (or hat). Guests can be asked to make a guess before the party and show up wearing pink or blue, or the party hosts can provide pink or blue socks, hats, armbands or t-shirts for attendees to put on as they come in the door.

Fun Party Idea #4: Invite guests to submit a list of potential names for the gender they are guessing. When the sex is revealed, pick one name as baby’s nickname for the party. Alternatively, have guests write their chosen names on stickers and place on Mom’s belly throughout the party.

Fun Party Idea #5: Include the gender-reveal as part of a baby shower. Rather than hosting two parties, include the baby’s sex announcement during your baby shower. As well as being an exciting party event, this can ensure that gifts will be of a neutral gender. (no thanks! We like to *PARTY*:-P)

Fun Party Idea #6: Have pink or blue helium balloons stuffed in a box, to be opened at the party and reveal the gender. Have a friend or family member visit a party supply store and purchase the appropriate balloons, which are then stuffed into boxes. At a pivotal moment during the party, open the box and let the pink or blue balloons escape and reveal the sex.

Fun Party Idea #7: Wrap up a pink or blue baby onesie in a gift box, and let the parents open it during the party. Have a trusted friend purchase a onesie that announces the sex, and wrap it up securely in a gift box. Party guests will gather around as the present is opened, making the big announcement!

Fun Party Idea #8: For party food and decorations, have an assortment of pink and blue M&Ms, pink and blue soda, pink vs. blue decorations, all neutral yellow and green decorations, or have a “question mark” be the decorating motif.

Fun Party Idea #9: Fill a pinata with pink or blue candy. Have party guests take a turn hitting the pinata for a fun activity to see who will reveal the gender.

Fun Party Idea #10: Have a florist deliver pink or blue carnations during the party. These should be wrapped up securely to keep the secret, then opened with all the party guests around.

(Party ideas source)

With all of these sweet ideas I am TOTALLY inspired to get my party planning on! 😀

Any ideas or suggestions for the gender party?

❤ Alicia


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  1. kaliesthoughts

    I love your ideas! glad everything is okay!

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