Let me spell it out for ya…

Telling the familia! 🙂

July 11, 2011

We were so anxious to tell the family about our exciting news. Everyone had been teasing us for the longest time that we needed to have a baby; we would always shrugged it off because we knew we’d be ready when the time was right. We never really told anyone that we were going to start “trying” except for my mom because I tell her EVERYTHING! (We’re just so close like that! 😉 plus, I’m not good a keeping secrets either! Hehe) So to keep this exciting announcement was super tough. My mom knew the stats of us trying and one day over the phone asked me if my period had come that month and if I had tested yet. Thankfully, my gracious husband prepped me for this ordeal and coached me perfectly onhow to lie not tell the truth. (LOL) So I smoothly told her I got my period and there was no luck that month, even though secretly I was dying to scream: YESSSS!! I’m PREGNANT!!! We didn’t want to tell everyone yet until we had it had been made official at the doctors office so the day we had our first appointment was the day we decided to spill the beans and inform the family. We strategized it perfectly, gathering both our families together to share this special moment. We decided to be creative with the announcement and bought wooden letters colored in soft baby themed colors to spell out the word BABY F. Since we weren’t sure of the sex, we figured it would be fitting to use the letter of our last name at the end. We put one letter in a gift bag and gave each pair a bag after dinner. My parents, his parents, his older sister and hubby, his younger sister, and my younger two brothers all got a gift bag. Everyone looked so confused and surprised as they all joked around about it being someone’s birthday but they didn’t know whom exactly. So we had planned to have a fabulous speech prior to them opening the bags, but our nerves got the best of us and instead just a few special words were said as then we told them to go ahead and open their bags. Immediately after the first letter was taken out my dad yells “They’re having a baby!!” 😀 It was the cutest thing ever. Everyone else was still processing the “gift” in the bag and then finally an overwhelming conclusion was drawn as the message hit everyone else all at one. My mom was ecstatic and a bit uncertain; she immediately looked at me and said “Are you really pregnant?” with great big tears in her eyes. Seeing the emotion, I began crying as I shook my head to confirm it for her. We embraced and she held me close with so much joy and excitement. 🙂 Afterward the initial shock and excitement wore off, we spent the next hour answering questions and clarifying every detail that we knew so far. It truly was one of the most exciting moments of our lives!



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2 responses to “Let me spell it out for ya…

  1. GG

    I still get emotional thinking about it all. I love the way you told us all – sometimes I kinda wish I could’ve been told secretly first. But I fully understand – and I think you two are so creative! That’s what I love about you both.
    So excited…..I can’t wait to meet my little nugget, God willing! 😀

  2. oh my gosh!! What a beautiful reaction from your family, and how wonderful to share that special moment with your mom!

    The journey ahead will be so rewarding 🙂 CONGRATS lady!

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