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Yesterday at the gym I couldn’t help but think to myself how fabulous it feels to change up the workout routine and keep it exciting. I think many people get confused when they notice they no longer see results after training with the same routine over and over again. If there is one thing for sure, it is that: variety is always better. Having a variety of workouts not only gives your body the physical differentiation it needs, it also gives your brain a change as well. I know for me the same workout over and over again gets old and  becomes soooo boring. Each time I continue to do that workout I notice myself putting LESS effort into it because it is flat out boring and has completely lost my interest. Therefore, in order to keep from wasting 3o minutes of your time just going through the motions, make a change and be spontaneous with your routine!! 😀 I’m telling ya, FUN workouts=GREATER results and we all know that GREATER results=A HAPPIER YOU!!!

Some of my FAVORITE cardio workouts:

Music Intervals: Put your iPod on and GO! (Whether it be Running/Jogging/Walking) As each song changes, you change what your doing. If your walking, start to jog. If your jogging, pick up the pace and run a bit faster. Or change the incline-walk at a low incline for the first song, then go to a higher incline for the next song. As each songs changes, you change and repeat. Do this for as long as you like, 20 mins, 30 mins. However long you would normally do a cardio workout.

Track Intervals: At the track, (or even on a treadmill that measures distance on a track outline) jog the straight way of the track and run the curves. If you can, do a run/sprint version of this, go for it!! The point is to add intervals by changing your pace and getting your heart rate up by using the curves and straightways of the track to pace you. Remember 4 laps= 1 miles so push yourself to do whatever you are capable of doing.

1:2 Sprint Interval: Sprint for 1 minute, then recover/slow jog for 2 minutes. Then REPEAT: 1 minute sprint then 2 minute recover. Do each 1:2 Interval 10 times= 30 minutes of a killer workout!! 😉

HIIT workout:(similar to the above workout, just with a shorter sprint time!)

Time Intensity/Speed Perceived Exertion
5 min. Warm up at an easy-moderate pace 4-5
5 min. Baseline: Increase speed gradually to a comfortable, moderate pace 5
30 seconds Sprint all out as fast as you can 9
4.5 min Reduce speed to a comfortable pace to fully recover 4-5
30 seconds Sprint all out as fast as you can 9
4.5 min Reduce speed to a comfortable pace to fully recover 4-5
30 seconds Sprint all out as fast as you can 9
4.5 min Reduce speed to a comfortable pace to fully recover 4-5
30 seconds Sprint all out as fast as you can 9
4.5 min Cool down at an easy pace 3-4
Total : 30 Minutes

(HIIT source)

Lastly, anything Zumba related! Whether a DVD or a live class, GO FOR IT! I promise no one is watching or critiquing you-SO HAVE FUN AND SHAKE IT!!!!




I am always eager to find new fabulous workout routines, whether cardio or weights based. So what are some of your favorite workouts??




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4 responses to “favorite workouts+motivation

  1. Girl ! Work it! Loving the HIIT, I think HIIT is great, especially when you do not like long cardio sessions, like me! I like short ; )

    Hope your day is great ! Yay for twitter friends now too! xoxo

  2. I love hot yoga!! SOO challenging, and I’ve never sweat so much in my natural life.

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