Well duhh!!

July 2, 2011

Later that day I got to thinking of all the strange things that I had been feeling that totally could have given me hints that I was preggers.


1. Metallic taste

I had the weirdest taste in my mouth throughout the day several days before, but I had no clue what it meant. After reading about pregnancy symptoms later on, I found out what that awful taste concluded….hello first trimester!


2. Sore Boobs

You betcha, I got them way before I found out and I just assumed it was PMS, but the girls were really trying to tell me “Hey missy, you’ve got a bun in the oven!!”


3. Hair Loss

I was losing GOBS AND GOBS of hair. For a while there I thought I was so stressed out about the casa search that it was causing me to lose my hair. I even had a hairdresser tell me: “Oh honey, you’re just in a growing stage where your losing so much hair because you have so much new hair coming in.” Or….I was really in a “growing stage” because I’m GROWING A BABY !! 😉


4. Acne

While I had been fortunate enough not to have acne issues throughout my teenage years, I was so shocked when I woke up one morning looking like zit face. Those hormones were really working their magic on my cheeks, I guess it’s like chickenpox, don’t ever say you’ve “never” had them because they’ll show up one day and getcha!


5. Nausea

Now a girl knows her body better than anyone else, (or so I thought..?) and I knew all my tummy issues before and could easily recognize them the instant they appeared, but I had no idea what this feeling of stomach trouble was, it wasn’t painful by any means and I know painful. It was just weird and not pleasant…Oh hello Nausea, nice to meet you!


6.  Shortness of breath after a workout

I’ve always been super competitive, whether with someone next to me or if no one was around I’d challenge myself. Lately I had been on a sprint interval kick on the treadmill, as much as I hated it, I loved the feeling I got afterwards of complete accomplishment, a total kick ass feeling that made me fabulous while being drenched in sweat. Ohhh I loved it! However, on one particular day at the gym I realized during the workout that I was struggling…like really struggling. Not the kind of laziness struggle where your brain takes over your body and says “I give up, I can’t do this anymore!”. Like really struggling, as in “I’m almost out of breath I need to stop”. So once again the competitor in me tells myself to shrug it off because I am half way there and I know it’s my body trying to be weak in a vulnerable state of being.  So I continue on trekking through that hideous interval until I finish it. Yay!! Or not so yay….I walked over to the hubby afterwards because he was doing weights and I felt like I was having trouble breathing, it was so weird. I attempted to do some weights, but lifting was clearly impossible when my body was struggling to breath just for my brain to function. I had never felt so disoriented after a workout in my life, all I keep thinking was “Wow, I know I’ve missed a few workouts but can I be this out of shape already?”


7. Couldn’t suck it in

This should have been a total no-brainer but I wasn’t. I again told myself it was all due to my lack of keeping a consistent vigorous workout schedule. I could not however, for the life of me, hold my stomach in any longer. I don’t me sucking it in so much that your ribs stick out; I’m talking about the general tightness that appears when you tighten your lower abdomen. Little did I know there was a miraculous event occurring in my abdomen at the time….



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2 responses to “Well duhh!!

  1. How wonderful for you that you’re just starting this journey! Hopefully you’ll put up weekly belly pics and do all kinds of fun preggers posts 😉

    • Aww thanks girl! I do plan on posting pics & pregnancy stats and such for sure! I’m still a total newbie at blogging but I’m loving every bit of it so far, especially meeting new awesome blogs like yours! 🙂

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