an ode to writing..

(…and a toast to cute artistic journals of the past and the digital ones of the future!!) 

What is it about writing that just soothes the mind? I’ve never been interested in really pursuing writing as a profession; my grammar has always pretty horrible to say the least. I did however always feel great relief when I had a journal to write whatever emotions and feelings I was going through that day. I think journals kept me sane sometimes when I was dealing teenage issues, heartache and all those other fun parts of growing up. As I got older, I sort of neglected this mode of expression because I simply didn’t have time to jot a note to myself or vent all of emotions on a piece of paper. For a while there I would vent by going to the gym or going for a jog, nothing was more peaceful and soothing to me than focusing my mind on something other than the current stressful situation. Many times I was using this technique as a distraction. I’d distract my mental wellbeing by challenging my physical body in an effort to avoid and forget about my stresses and worries. (Believe me I definitely had many times of sheer escape from the world by sweating my thoughts out, or so that’s what I thought was doing) While I do think it was a great escape tool for me to utilize at the time, I wonder what lessons I would have attained if I had simply written some of those thoughts down. I think there is something deeply enlightening about reflection. It gives us the ability to learn from these hectic little dwellings that encompass our soul. I think if we hold on to these stressful states of mind they continue to eat at us like plague. However, if we have a collection of these circumstances and are able to look back on them and rethink them through reflection, we can learn something that otherwise could never have be attained. When I look back on old writings or journals, I feel like I’m looking back into a time capsule because I am immediately flooded with the emotions and feelings I had at the time. With that I am able to appreciate everything I have been through, where I have come from and I am even more sure of where I want to be in the future. My reason for writing may not be super interesting or eye catching and that doesn’t matter, because the reason I write is for ME and that’s really all that truly matters.

So from the who girl who once carried around a pen and notepad everywhere she went, embrace your passions and WRITE! 🙂


(I love these two cute graphics and HAD to add them!)

So now that I begin pursuing writing again I wonder, what motivates you to write?

In what ways do you get those nagging thoughts out of your head when you need to just let it out and VENT?

with love,



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