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worries and stress…welcome to the beginning of parenthood!

The fears of parenthood are only BEGINNING.

I recently had an extra ultrasound appointment because there was some clarifications that the doctor wanted to make regarding baby’s progress. At first, when I got the news that this extra prodedure needed to be done I was BEYOND upset. I was confused and worried about all the possible outcomes. (hence the previous post about “worries and what ifs”) I never realized how I could go from being OVER JOYED one moment to being MORTIFIED the next. I took the info from the doctor hard because I couldn’t help but wonder and worry if everything was ok. It was then that it hit me that: I’m not going to be first to experience this, nor am I going to be the last. I also realized that the EXACT moment I got pregnant, my life would FOREVER change. I would not longer be worried solely about myself and my husband (and our adorable furbabies), I would now be challenged with the worries of MOTHERHOOD. Wow! Talk about a lot to endure at once. Through prayer and talking about the situation with my sweet mother, I was able to feel a bit less tense about the upcoming ultrasound test day. Thankfully, all came out looking good! There is no way of explaining the sigh of relief I got afterwards and how THANKFUL and BLESSED I felt. After reflecting upon it, I realized, right now baby is in my tummy all safe and sound, what happens when baby is walking and crawling? Or when my little one tries to be independent and runs away from me in the store? :-O Even more scary, what happens with I’m asked by my child to spend the night at a friends house, who’s parent’s I don’t even know? *STRESS OVERLOAD* While I know I’ll be dealing with the terrible two’s before this happens, it just goes to show that I will worry FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE because that’s part of parenting. So with my hubby by my side and the support of my lovely family & the love from our gracious God, I know no matter what challenges or worries come my way, I’ll be able to face them because that’s what parents do.

It is funny because I’ve always referred to myself as a “furbaby mommy”, as in I’m “Lucas & Lexie’s mommy” but the thought of being a REAL mommy is surreal and exciting all at once! I seriously can’t believe it and I look forward to hearing that sweet name come from my child’s lips someday (God willing). 😀

I am so lucky to surrounded by such an amazing and supportive group of family and friends, I can honestly say there is nothing more beautiful in life than having such wonderful blessings! I know that baby will definitely be LOVED by many sweet family members and friends for sure. I whisper to him/her at night “Even though you aren’t here yet, you are LOVED by SO MANY already!!”

The love has been shared already because Baby got his/her first CROSSWORD PUZZLE!! I got it in the mail from a close friend of the family, she is such a doll and used to make these for *ME* when I was kid. I LOVED them and always looked forward to getting mail from her because she was AWESOME! She always remembered my birthday and would send sweet birthday cards with tons of stickers, crossword puzzle, and $ 🙂 So maybe I was a little *spoiled rotten* but that’s what makes childhood SOOOO much fun! 😉

This is baby’s first anything, which I can’t wait to frame and put in the nursery! (Thanks Susie, you are wonderful!)

{Baby’s first crossword puzzle!!}

[Neutral colored b/c we don’t know what baby’s sex is yet…well ya’ll don’t…but I might! 😉 hehe]

Inspired by:

{My crossword puzzle from Sept. 1996}

Along with being SUPER busy with school, I can’t help but be EXCITED about doing our *Gender Party* with family & friends soon!! We will hopefully being visiting in about 2 weeks and I haven’t done any planning yet besides getting basic ideas…but today I’ve stumbled upon the CUTEST ideas for our party! 😀 😀 😀 I cannot wait!! Hubby doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, but I DOOO!!! I think it’s just one of those things, I wanna enjoy EVERY bit of pregnancy and CELEBRATE each chapter of it with family. The announcement was SOOO much fun and I was so glad we were able to execute it the way we did. I’m definitely looking forward to the gender reveal because I’ve got tons of people anxious to know what team we are on…BLUE or PINK?. 🙂

This is some of what I’ve gathered so far:

Fun Party Idea #1Have a party cake made that is secretly pink or blue inside to reveal the baby’s gender. The most widespread announcement idea (also used by Josh and Anna Duggar), but also a load of fun. Have a family member or friend deliver the sealed envelope to a local baker, where they can secretly create a color-tinted cake, covered in neutral frosting, to be cut during the reveal party. As an alternative, cupcakes can be made with pink or blue M&Ms or gumballs baked inside.

Fun Party Idea #2Have attendees cast votes for the baby’s sex during the party, with prizes awarded. Party guests can write their guesses on slips of paper and stick in baskets, baby bottles, or boys and girls shoes. After the reveal, prizes will be awarded to those with the right guess.

Fun Party Idea #3Have party guests choose their ‘side’ or ‘team’ by wearing a pink or blue shirt (or hat). Guests can be asked to make a guess before the party and show up wearing pink or blue, or the party hosts can provide pink or blue socks, hats, armbands or t-shirts for attendees to put on as they come in the door.

Fun Party Idea #4Invite guests to submit a list of potential names for the gender they are guessing. When the sex is revealed, pick one name as baby’s nickname for the party. Alternatively, have guests write their chosen names on stickers and place on Mom’s belly throughout the party.

Fun Party Idea #5Include the gender-reveal as part of a baby shower. Rather than hosting two parties, include the baby’s sex announcement during your baby shower. As well as being an exciting party event, this can ensure that gifts will be of a neutral gender. (no thanks! We like to *PARTY*:-P)

Fun Party Idea #6Have pink or blue helium balloons stuffed in a box, to be opened at the party and reveal the gender. Have a friend or family member visit a party supply store and purchase the appropriate balloons, which are then stuffed into boxes. At a pivotal moment during the party, open the box and let the pink or blue balloons escape and reveal the sex.

Fun Party Idea #7Wrap up a pink or blue baby onesie in a gift box, and let the parents open it during the party. Have a trusted friend purchase a onesie that announces the sex, and wrap it up securely in a gift box. Party guests will gather around as the present is opened, making the big announcement!

Fun Party Idea #8For party food and decorations, have an assortment of pink and blue M&Ms, pink and blue soda, pink vs. blue decorations, all neutral yellow and green decorations, or have a “question mark” be the decorating motif.

Fun Party Idea #9Fill a pinata with pink or blue candy. Have party guests take a turn hitting the pinata for a fun activity to see who will reveal the gender.

Fun Party Idea #10Have a florist deliver pink or blue carnations during the party. These should be wrapped up securely to keep the secret, then opened with all the party guests around.

(Party ideas source)

With all of these sweet ideas I am TOTALLY inspired to get my party planning on! 😀

Any ideas or suggestions for the gender party?

❤ Alicia


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HOPE: Have Only Positive Expectations.

How was your weekend??

Mine was pretty fabulous, which was much needed due to a certain event that occurred towards the end of the week. I had a great Friday with my hubby and a sweet friend of mine. There is nothing like surrounding yourself around those who make you HAPPY*! Having a loving and supportive group of family and friends are by far life’s greatest treasures.

(source) {This is definitely one of my favorite quotes!}

Then on Saturday I had a *girl’s day* by spending the day getting pampered with a pedicure and shopping with two lovely ladies! YAY for GIRL’S DAYS!!! We’ve decided that we need to do these things much more often, so I’m totally looking forward to future girlie get togethers! Until baby comes, then it’ll be baby dates! 😀


No football today or yesterday, but my little brother totally ROCKED at his game on Friday. He totally sacked the QB-Woo-hoo!!..that’s my brother! 😉 The *COWBOYS* play tomorrow against the Redskins (BOO!!! *thumbs down*), hoping my boys can pull off another win like last week.

A certain event this week got me thinking how easily things can be shaken and unexpected in life. I know everything happens for a reason, so I got to thinking about how these occurances affect our lives and why they exist. I’m no expert, but I feel that they are sort of like reminders from the good man from upstairs that his presence is always needed throughout our lives. We cannot get wrapped up in our daily lives and neglect to acknowledge him, because if it wasn’t for him, we’d be nothing. I also think that he provides us with these subtle hints to say: “Hello there, don’t forget about me! I know your so independent but you will always need me so don’t forget that even when times are tough, I will be there to carry you through it.” So instead of dwelling on all of the “what if’s” and seeing things “half empty,” I’ve decided to have a little more faith and be optimistic with whatever life brings my way.


Today was just me and my love bunny; we relaxed at home and had a movie date-which we used to do on the regular back at our old place but since moving to our new casa we hadn’t had the opportunity to go as much as we’d like. We had planned on watching “The Lion King” in 3D, but tickets were sold out :-/ so we opted for the Taylor Laughtner movie “Abduction”. It was good, sort of predictable, but good still. I can’t help but still see him as that one famous werewolf man that he his..Mr. Jacob Black from the Twilight series. Speaking of that wonderful series, the one movie that I am totally looking forward to….

Let the countdown begin!! {I’ve already told hubby, I’ll be rocking my bump with all those SCREAMING teeny-bopper girls around me at the theatre, NO DOUBT!! 😛 }

(yahoo source)

Off to enjoy the rest of the evening before bedtime. Thankful for a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to this upcoming week. Hope you all had a nice weekend as well!

What do you do to relax and unwind?

Any other twilight fans our there?

Lots of <3,



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First trimester joy!

First Trimester stats:

Feelings: Great other than the occasional headaches here and there. No morning sickness or anything thankfully. Just pure JOY!

Cravings: Chicken nuggets (except for the McDonalds kind) & Chicken tenders. Crazy since I’ve never been a big chicken nugget/tender fan at all.  {which is why my mom, GG, calls baby her “lil’ Nugget”}

Indulgences: Oh yes,  Aug. 12, 2011 First pregnancy craving splurge…a HUGE cinnamon roll from Ikea. I swear it was the most delicious 99 cents I’ve ever spent. The greatest part, no food regrets afterwards, it was complete satisfaction. Cinnamon roll=one happy little mama 😉

Prior to me actually “knowing” I was preggers, JJ took me Menchies three times in one week! Crazy no? I was totally loving it….and then one day…I couldn’t stand it anymore. Hello pregnancy hormones! hehe

Favorite places to eat: Panera Bread & the food bar at Wegman’s & Menchies Frozen Yogurt

Baby items bought: Pregnancy books galore! & The most amazing pillow ever, a Snoogle, I couldn’t resist! The reviews were great and I was one uncomfortable momma to be so we took the plunge and got one. Needless to say, I think hubby is glad that I’m not tossing and turning all night as much!


-Being extremely hungry every 2-3 hours.

-My awesome VS sports bras no longer fit properly, I wish I would have bought a size bigger but I was completely clueless at the time that the girls would be growing in the near future!!! 🙂

-Random crying? You betcha!…especially over the silliest things, like spilled paint and the thought of getting lost in our new surroundings.

-Definite change in hair growth and sprouts of baby hair at the front of my hairline.

-Small pooch in lower abdomen 😀

-lovely super strong nails! woo hoo!

Special events:

-Our big announcement to the family!!

-Getting the keys to our the NEW CASA!!! 😀

-JJ painting almost all of the rooms in the house, while I was the color coordinator and inspector after it was all complete 😉

-Getting our FIRST ultrasound pic of little nugget!!!!

-The announcement to the rest of the world via FB.

*Sweet stuff*:

July 18, 2011

There is nothing sweeter than JJ falling asleep with his hand on my tummy. I’ve never felt more important in my life than at this exact moment. I literally want to quote an artist I never thought I’d be a fan of, but I am…“Wish that I could have this moment for life”

Aug 3, 2011

While at the gym… first pregnancy pooch comment:

We’re at the gym lifting weights, and I’m feeling good while eagerly lifting on the shoulder press machine when JJ says, “Nice belly! I can tell haven’t been working out!” 😛 It was the funniest yet sweetest thing ever. Never had I thought a “non-compliment” would be soooo complimentary and rewarding. I was smiling ear to ear as I looked at myself in the mirror rocking the pregnancy pooch with 110% confidence.

 An assortment of pics:

{Daily Bible Verse from June 18…subtle hints maybe? :-)}

{First *unofficial* baby bump pic…taken July 22 @ around 8 weeks}

{Lexie saying: “Mommy, I know your secret…”}

{“…but I’m ready to be a Big Sister.”}

{My Fro-Yo LOVE}

{this made me happy…temporarily! :-P}

{Baby-daddy getting his paint on!}

{After our first real appointment. Taken at Target!}

{First OFFICIAL bump photo}

{All because two people fell in love}


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Manic monday!

Ok, so maybe not necessarily a “manic” monday, but definitely a busy one!

This weekend we hung out with friends and watched TONS of *football*!! Our two teams won this weekend!! Yay Horns!!! & How about them Cowboys!?! 😀 All the excitement of the weekend caused today to be a busy homework-filled day for this girl.

I started the day off with some lovely oats! Gotta have fuel to get me through the busy day! 😉

After breakfast I had this motivating me:

There is something about checklists that really help me stay focused on what I need to get done.

I was so tempted to just read awesome blogs all day, but with in front of me, I had no choice but stay on task.

Thankfully, I really enjoy my major and the courses that I am taking this semester, so the work isn’t bad at all. I definitely feel that it’s important to do what you love, and teaching is one thing I feel so much passion for! I can’t wait to have a classroom so that I can apply everything I’ve learned and create an awesome learning environment for my students one day.

For lunch I had a new to me product:

I’ve always been a big fan of Annie’s other variations of mac& cheese but this one was a newbie for me. I do not have a gluten intolerance, but I do have stomach issues from time to time so I like to change it up a bit and use various products to help my tummy troubles. I wasn’t sure how great this would taste, but I was very impressed; it was super yummy and I couldn’t even tell the difference with the rice pasta. Definitely a thumbs up here!

I cooked it as instructed and added some smoked tuna at the bottom of the bowl to mix in it. It’s my new thing, smoked tuna, I’ve been experimenting with it a lot and I love it! 🙂 Tasted very good, so I was very pleased with the overall outcome.

The stats of the Annie’s gluten free mac weren’t so bad either which is a double plus in my book! 😉

After tons of reading and homework I started to feel like this:


{Excuse the crazy fly-aways & frizzies, homework was the sole focus of the day, my looks and hair were the LAST things on my priority list :-P. hehe }

So as a pick me up, (and to calm the roaring lion in my tummy) I made a tasty smoothie! 🙂

A strawberry-sunflower seed butter smoothie 🙂

1 banana

4 frozen strawberries

1 tsp of agave nectar

1/4 to 1/2 cup of almond milk {add more or less if you choose}

1 cup of ice

1 tbsp of sunflower seed butter

1/2 scoop of protein powder

BLENDED & topped with chia seeds!

Ohhh CHIA SEEDS & smoothie joy!! It was totally the BOOST that I needed. 😀

This cute little spoon assisted me in enjoying my wonderful smoothie. Any one recognize it? It’s a MENCHIES spoon! Menchies is a frozen yogurt shop that is FABULOUS and one of my favorites! Have you ever had menchies Fro-yo before?

After finishing my long list of homework tasks, I went for a jog around the neighborhood with my honey bun! We ran for 30 mins and it felt great. I also did a short pilates video from one of my new FAVORITE workout video bloggers: Cassey from POP Pilates

I’m not kidding, your butt will FEEL it during AND after the workout!

Yay for fun butt-kicking (literally) workouts and getting through a manic monday!

Now I’m off to relax and bit with my sweet hubster and unwind with the DWTS season premiere tonight!!

Are any of you DWTS fans??

What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes? Link away my friends!

❤ Alicia


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Aim to be happy!

Hey guys, hope your having a great weekend!

Yesterday I came across the cutest Fall themed dinnerware to add to the Fall festivities of the season! I couldn’t resist the purchase, PLUS they were only $3.99 a piece! 😀 This girl LOVES a good bargain!! Momma taught me well! 😉

a cute Fall bowl and mug<3<3!!

an up close view of it! 🙂 I can’t wait to eat some savory oats in this cute little jewel!

My friend got a set of four plates and a serving platter which were all equally adorable!

Yay for sweet finds with awesome new {preggers} pals!

It’s the coolest thing, we are exactly 2 weeks apart! {She’s 18 and I’m 16}

I think it’s pretty neat how you meet people during certain chapters of your life that seem so perfectly planned. I think God is amazing in making these connections happen. He truly is an amazing God!

Speaking of God and his wonderful powers, I rarely ever use apps on Facebook, but there is one that I refer to constantly, which is the  “Message from God” app. I swear it just seems to resonate with me on such a deep level, so much so that words cannot describe how accurate and precisely applicable the messages can be sometimes.

A recent message stated this:

After reflecting on it I really got to thinking how ACCURATE this was…I am the type of person who really cares so much about what others think, since I was a teeny little tot I was always doing things to make others happy, to make others proud, or to simply impress them. Throughout my adolescence and even now I’ve always so worried about being as perfect as possible and pleasing others over myself. Why have I always been this way?? I know it is partially due to my personality type and perhaps because ofsome the insecurities that I have. Seeing this message really hit me and made me thing, it’s exactly true, I need to STOP worrying SO MUCH about everyone else and what they think about me and every little thing that I do, and I just need to LIVE happily and fully because although I am not perfect (no one is) I have several reasons to be happy because of the many blessings I have been given! So goodbye to those who make made me “a bag of worries” (like my Dad calls me) and hello to the new happy and carefree *ME*!!!



Do any of you read your horoscope or daily bible verse messages likes these that really influence you?

Any instances that have helped you realize that you need to just let go and BE HAPPY!?!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

❤ Alicia


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All things *FALL*

Happy Friday!! 

I don’t know about where you are but here in the D.C. area it’s be soooo lovely! Yesterday a nice little cold breeze came in and it TOTALLY felt like *FALL*!!! We went outside late last night to walk the pup and I had to put on my Texas sweater because it was SOOO COLD! The one thing I absolutely LOVE about Virginia is the fact that we get to experience ALL FOUR seasons here. I love Texas to the extreme, but I hate missing out on my favorite season ever: FALL.

The above pic pretty much says it all…but I thought I’d give you more specifics as to why I LOVE FALL:

1. The cool weather means….oh yes…FOOTBALL season!


2. Cooler weather also means all things *PUMPKIN*!! I especially love the oh so glorious Pumpkin spice coffee!! (decaf of course!)



3. Cooler weather also means, cute snuggle bunnies to cozy up with…(the Hubby of course 😉 and my sweet little furbabies!!)

[Isn’t this pic TOO cute?! I had to add it!] (source)

My sweet princess Lexie on Halloween!


My workout buddy Lucas!

&& of course my super sweet & (sexy) hubby [& “baby-daddy” :-P]

4. Fall means changes in the foliage, which I LOVE! When I first moved here, I was completely taken back by the fact that the leaves do indeed change color here, unlike in Texas where they just simply fall without any color change whatsoever. I love seeing the beautiful foliage all along the highway, it’s simply beautiful.



5. Cooler weather also means lovely sweaters and super comfy boots! (I am one sweater/jacket fanatic!..& it drives hubby crazy, BUT I swear you can never have too many! 😉 Wouldn’t you agree!?)


6. Best of all, FALL means…..the HOLIDAYS are near and holidays are always great for spending time with wonderful *family & friends*!!! 😀

So what is your FAVORITE season and why do you love it so much?

❤ Alicia


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Fun filled Tuesday!


We had our third appointment with the doctor. I still cannot get over hearing baby’s sweet heartbeat. The doctor pointed out that unlike her (lazy) twins (she said it, not, our baby was FULLY active and moving around like crazy! 😀 I almost wanted to snatch the little heart rate measuring gadget so that I could listen to baby all the time. [insert evil laugh here.] 😛


Afterwards, we went to Target because we ALWAYS go to Target for something or another. We also always go in looking for one thing and come out with a billion other things….


I love that there is a Panera next to our Target so I got to sip on this lovely creation: *Chi Tea* while browsing through unnecessary yet awesome sale items. 😛 hehe

Came home to do an awesome arm routine that totally kicked my preggers bootay! 🙂

While working out I jammed out to booty shaking music and loved every second of it! Music is definitely a motivator for me!!! My faves: Don Omar & Wisin y Yandel are always blaring on my iPod.


Afterwards, I decided that I’m loving my new workout partner…Hello bump!

Then the day concluded with a fabulous Naan pizza!!!!



Hubby likes his with mushrooms and lots of cheese (he totally a cheesy-kinda guy!)

I on the other hand, wanted to change it up a bit and try something totally new. So I created a pesto-alfredo chicken & spinach pizza! I was easy on the alfredo and it turned out WONDERFUL!! The combo of pesto and alfredo was divine!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take step-by-step pics of the process, but I’m sure I’ll be making it again soon and will definitely post the recipe because it’s super easy to make and tastes heavenly!

The day concluded with dinner a movie with this handsome sweetheart! 🙂 [this one of my favorite pics of us!!]

Hope you had a GREAT day, ours was definitely a fab one for sure! 😉

❤ Alicia


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